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Devoted Hoarder

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 4:01 pm
Name: Sound Byte
Gender: Male
Type: Flutter, with fetlocks (??? is this a thing)
Build: I'd prefer his body be closer to the regular Phony build, if possible
Body: Swampy teal; tea green wings with golden hexagonal markings on them. Can he have the AJ-style freckles in gold, too? * U *
+ I'd really like if his hooves are gold, with a single red one QVQ I REALIZE THAT'S NON-NORMATIVE
Eyes: Dark red, an angry expression.
Hair: Honey-gold.
Cutie Mark 8D: Something resembling the youtube play button with three, uh, closed parenthesis coming out of the triangle as though it's a volume control!
Brief Character Description: A video blogger well-known for his quick thinking, prickly attitude and strong opinions - at least, on the things he cares about. That is, news and politics. He's well aware that he mostly gets views because he's pretty hilarious (and, er, filter-free) when he's upset, but he doesn't let that shake him, or influence his endless reservoirs of patience for young ones with political aspirations. Remember, if he's a little prickly, it's only because he wants you to succeed!
+ Ref pics where possible: hexagon markings for wings! here is a lazily-drawn ref!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Fireflight: The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due to different hoof colour [though note that he'd basically just be a heavy-set flutter, if that's fine with you - if you have any other spefs, please note them down and request QC again].

A heavy-set flutter is fine with me! C:  
PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:19 pm
User Image

Name: Tacks-onomy (SORRY)
Sex: Male
Type: ......carousel I'M SO SORRY
Build: I know I gave him a draft head in the ref but I'd prefer a build that resembles Zephyr Breeze if possible! You can find more on Google if necessary <_<
Body: "Liver chestnut" lmfao I'll get you a hex soon. Hooves are pale cream (he should just have normal fetlocks; I don't know how to draw them okay T__T ;; ). He has freckles in the same pale cream.
Eyes: Green.
Hair: "Chestnut" - this is the kind of effect I'm going for. His bangs split into two bouncy-looking tufts that frame his face, and the rest of his hair is a thick, lush mane with bouncy waves. He wears a red and black driver and ivy cap with some light red half-circles and a blue brim.
Cutie Mark 8D: 8D....see ref? His saddle/tack color scheme is black, with red accents and blue secondary accents. It's patterned with a lot of stylized Pokeballs concentric circle motifs in red/blue as applicable. He also has two saddle bags, to hold all his supplies (there's one on each side ok - so only one should actually be visible lmao). His neck pad resembles a very anime high-collared jacket, but only the collar part. If none of this makes sense, um, look at the ref pics 8D
Brief Character Description: Biodiversity is the name of Tacks' game. He travels across Phonyland (and even - gasp - sometimes outside of it!) to learn about the differences between all sorts of animals in different regions, and all their various strengths and abilities. He's a curious, effervescent fellow who's always carrying saddlebags stuffed with plenty of recording devices - a camera and a microphone, especially (it's hard to write with hooves) - so he can document the amazing life around him - including other Phonies, but especially Phony pets, who he thinks are often overlooked. You'll always find him looking for answers, or to complete his (in)dex - a photographic encyclopedia of all Gaian life forms, as well as all their cool natural abilities. Still, he's far from stand-offish, although he's very prone to rambling, because everyone just has to be fascinated by just how incredible life can be!

The Phony pets that Tacks keeps around are specifically trained to be good at fetching and holding things - it's not uncommon to find him surrounded by birds holding Polaroid photos by their beaks - or getting cameras into places that Tacks can't reach (he's no Mer!). Though he's terrified of introducing invasive species, he'll have to admit he's a sucker for the sorts of pets who have the ability to adapt themselves to suit their needs - whether that means physical changes, or just very clever use of the materials in the environment around him. Those sorts of specimen make up the rest of his, uh, team, and Tacks is always endlessly pleased at the opportunity to describe their unique abilities.

Frost Rotom - carries specimen or samples and keeps them cool. Someday he might even be a kawaii Pokedex...dreamy sigh.
Sawsbuck - more saddlebags!!!! The way Sawsbuck adapts to the changing seasons fascinates Tacks.
Grass Cloak Burmy - really small, can get into cracks and crevices with a pinhole camera. Tacks really admires her ability to camouflage into her surroundings, wherever she may be!
O Unown - ~**~symbolism~~* aka it looks like all the markings on his tack. Since it floats and is really bendy, it works well in tandem when wrapped around Sawsbuck, or just when Tacks needs to open his bags.
Barbaracle - he needed a Pokemon who could hold a camera underwater, and this one has seven hands with semi-independent thought, which makes it a really helpful assistant!
Slowking - the smart companion for all of your gossipy, nerdy, rubber duck debugging needs. An excellent example of symbiosis gone well.

(lmao i said he had birds but didn't end up picking any for the pokemon team.....good job, self......but i do like the guys he ended up with biggrin )

A friend gifted him a Monsoon Vivillon but he leaves it at home a lot of the time - it's already traveled so far!

He wants to catch a Hoopa really, really badly.
+ Ref pics where possible: Bigger ref here.  


Devoted Hoarder

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