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PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 1:26 pm
User ImageSummer time…Ugh. Anga huffed, barely. The heat blasted down and Anga could hardly handle the loss of energy. Seriously, how is it so freakin’ hot? Whatever. Anga shook his head causing his mane to fluff up and drift back down with a little breeze. Not enough to cool him, but just enough to remind him how badly he needed to retreat to some shade…and a nap. Yes, a nap sounded amazing.
He scanned the area in front of him and relief washed over his body. A forest! Ah, yes! His spirits perked, Anga trotted over to the edge of the shade. He made his way to the nearest tree and plopped down at the base, allowing a sigh to escape his lips. Now this was a lot better. His mood instantly turned for the better. No more rays scorching his back. Maybe when it gets cooler outside, he should head to the snow lands in the mountains? But wait a minute… wouldn’t that mean it was too cold? As much as he hated the heat, he hated being frozen to ice. Ugh, no thanks. Welp, I guess that left fall and spring time for traveling. Too bad he was usually busy in the spring. If you know what I mean~ Anga snickered at his own joke.
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“HIYAH!” Chaska rolled around the large tree root, striking at it with his paw. Spit sprayed around his mouth, bouncing on the large leafs from a nearby bush. He spun around a few more times to make sure his enemy was confused before pouncing on the root, yelling at the top of his lungs. A bird rustled above, startling Chaska. His ears folded down in anticipation to the scolding he was about to endure. His stupid siblings were always getting him in trouble with mommy and daddy. They didn’t like loud noises, but who cares! He can do whatever he wants. After a few heart beats, he spotted the bird. He cracked a grin and rolled on the ground, hugging his sides as laughter poured out of him with relief. Stupid bird! He thought it was mommy and was about to put on his best guilty face. Anything to keep from going back to the den. Because of his cleverness, Chaska was able to slip away while daddy was trying to break up his two brothers fighting. Mommy went out for a gathering, being important and all, so that left daddy to watch the cubs. Daddy was too easy. Chaska let out a whoop of pride at his sneaky accomplishment. Now… about that bird. Chaska rolled back onto his feet and shot after the fleeting bird. It weaved through the lower branches, heading to the thinning trees.  
PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 2:44 pm
Under the shade of the tree line, Anga didn't fight his eye lids when they began to close. No, he welcomed the on coming sleep. The dreams he would have of cool breezes, warm ladies, and delicious meats. His paradise was almost upon him when a holler jolted him awake. His ears swiveled towards the forest, straining to hear any on coming predators. Soft laughter could be heard a bit away from him. Anga huffed in annoyance and reasituated himself under the tree. What ever it was, the creature's constant giggles was keeping him from his dream land. "Knock it off!" Anga yelled. Silence greeted his ears. Smiling, Anga leaned back and his eye lids began to fall once again. Hopefully, what ever was making all that racket will take the hint and leave him alone. Go bother some other lion. Can't they see this one's trying to get his beauty nap? I mean, seriously. How rude. The sun is already torturing him, why take away his sleep on top of it? It's almost like the world itself was against Anga. The blaspheme. He should probably make some sacrifice to a god or something. No use pissing them off.

Chaska rolled around a few times around the tree root. Can't let the enemy catch you idle. There was no way his imaginary advisory was gonna get the jump on him! He laughed as fallen leaves and dirt were flung everywhere as he moved. A loud "Knock it off!" startled Chaska to a stop. He froze, his heart racing. He waited for more noise or something to happen. When nothing happened and no monster came barreling out of the brush to attack him, Caska cautiously stood up. He crept forward, heading towards the direction the shout came from. Chaska wasn't about to chicken out when something new was just up ahead. No harm in checking it out. Though if it was something super spooky, he could always make his escape through the trees. No stranger could catch a natural born Kizi cub.
Chaska could see a tuff of black fur at the base of a tree. He inched further around the tree, revealing a foreign lion. The stranger seemed to be trying to take sleep, though his face looked annoyed. Chaska smirked. As a lord of the Kizi he wasn't going to let some lame lion intimate him. Chaska stalked forward, though far enough away to dash back into the forest if the stranger lunged, before shouting, "Hey! What'chu doin' on my land?!"  



PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:08 pm
Anga's heart lurched before he shot up on all fours only to stumble in a heap as his legs were still slow from nap time. He shook his head before sighting the source of his almost heart attack. A pipsqueak, looking all the world like he owned the place, stood just out of reach of Anga's claws. "Your land?" Anga made a show of taking a deep breath. "I don't smell your scent on anything. Anga remained laying. No point in wasting even more energy. Besides what did he have to fear from this lil cub? "Now scram kid. Before I get up and show you who owns what."

Chaska suppressed a laugh as he watched the older lion flail about. Not so scary when you can't even stand right. He puffed out his chest a little more. "I don't need to spray stuff when I'm a lord and as a lord, I order you to leave."

Anga rolled his eyes. "Order? Boy, you can't order me to do squat." To prove his point, Anga rolled over and preceded to close his eyes. This kid wasn't going to do anything to him.

Taking that as a challenge, Chaska stepped forward. "If you don't get outta here, I'm gonna make you regret it!" Chaska un-sheathed his small claws and stalked forward. Careful to keep his eyes trained on the stranger's closed eyes. If they fluttered, he was gonna bolt.

Anga heard the shuffling of feet. The kid must be getting closer. Anga kept his eyes closed and waited. He may be a lazy creature, but he wasn't stupid. He waited till the cub was within his striking range before lashing out. Is front paw closest to the cub swiped the kid's flank. Anga kept his claws sheathed. He didn't want to kill the cub. Just scare him off.

Chaska inched closer still and lifted up his left front paw to smack the stranger on the nose. He leaned closer, eyes still trained on the enemy when he was sent flying, the breath knocked right out of him. He rolled to a stop, a few feet away from where he first left the safety of the forest. His side hurt. He took a big, shaky breath and tried to stand up. Nothing seemed to be broken.

Anga peaked open one eye. He didn't think he didn't think he hit the kid that bad. Though, from the look of things, he did manage to knock him pretty good. He felt a little bad, but the kid was asking for it. "Now go leave me alone. I'm gonna take a nap and when I'm done, I'll move on." He eyed the kid for another minute before sinking back into dream land.

Chaska huffed, but didn't get closer. He was embarrassed and his pride took a hit, but other than that... he was ok. He slunk back into the forest, leaving the strange lion behind.

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[IC] Kizingo'zaa Lands [IC]

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