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A random-based guild in which you may literally spam, chat, and do whatever you want. (Just follow the TOS and have fun!!!) 

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So crazy that I had to be cocky with our rules...

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Zombie Girl Ali

PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:48 am
So for like a week we had to have a mom stay with us with her 9 year old and 14 year old girls in stuff.

So one night today i had to be cocky with them where it was like 11pm and that we observed that the young 9 year old was all crying in the living room since the mom of her said that she was being weird and stuff and wanted her to go to bed.....but once I heard her cry in the living room where she sleeped in crap I was all like "OH HELL NO". I was glad her 14 year old sister comforted her during that time but we were all like OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah I literally had to confront her mom saying that "Why does she have to go to bed? She didn't do that on purpose, and like "NO she didn't really mean to do that." And so I was all like "Why should she have to go to bed soo soon? It's summer." So yeah. It ended weirdly. They didn't go to bed til like 2am.

Soo sad I had to talk to their mom for that since the 9 year old was crying i MEAN CMON. NO NEED FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come stay into our refridgerated house cuz we are ******** rich....where all the other ppl have broken airconditioners. So yeah.....I'm glad I stood up. I am awesome. They are awesome.

Their mom could say GO TO BED NOW, but if the 9 year old crys and hates that, I was all like "HEY NO NEED FOR THAT, IF YOU WANT TO WATCH TARZAN AND FAMILY MOVIES WITH US UNTIL 2am you can. Screw your mom." So yeah. What I did. That's what happened. So yeah, I was all like, you can do whatever you want, watch Tarzan with us with blankets in your couch, who cares what your moms says. If she says otherwise, then tell her YOU CAN ******** STAY WITH YOU AND YOUR SISTER at a ******** motel 6, instead of staying at the pagan hotel for free. stare ******** the mom. Especially since we are also housing their mom and 3 kittens for free to. So yeah, don't *#(%(*#(* with us.

Glad I got my way. Since I know we got freedom since we are 25, but they don't but I just got mad and so did Blaine. So yeah we made it happen. So yeah, I was like "Stay up as long as you like". So yeah, I ******** pay rent. The only one who can override me is my mom or dad, and my mom didn't care, she agreed with em. The b***h mom can say she wants them to go to bed but if we say otherwise, then she has no say. She is a guest, whatever we say goes. Don't want your 9 year old to stay up til 2am, THEN GO TO ******** MOTEL 6 OR A HOTEL. So yeah. I hate how we are like a free hotel for pagans, stupid. stare  
PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:55 am
Not to mention that anyone who buys anything from my mom or something she starts talking to them about our ******** life history in crap. Confidential crap in crap. It's like our 1433 Rockwood in Alamoogordo, nm is like a ******** free country area in crap. It sucks.  

Zombie Girl Ali

Zombie Girl Ali

PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:56 am
It's like anyone could come to 1433 Rockwood. Crazy in crap. My mom has lost her mind.  
PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:10 am
But yeah it's crazy that I had to stand up.

Once I started to stand up, the 9 and 14 year old started to love me much more. Their mom can say they have to go to bed, especially the 9 year old, but like I heard her cry and was like OH ******** NO!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah it happened, I allowed them to watch the movies with us with a promise to them to go to bed after it was over in stuff. I mean I talked to the mom in stuff, it was funny in crap, soo stupid. I am fed up with the restrictions so I was cocky. Glad it happened. I am more than happy to be the facilitator for the night.

I mean, their mom could say "THEY ARE GOING TO BED NOW" but we are like "YOU HAVE NO SAY HERE, YOU ARE GUESTS, WE MAKE THE LAWS HERE, AND IF THEY WANT TO STAY UP WITH US, YOU HAVE NO SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!" YOU WANNA BE COCKY THEN STAY AT A ******** BUDGET INN OR MOTEL 6. WE wi8ll not take any crap from you. It's ******** summer. No one cares. Kids don't care.  

Zombie Girl Ali

Zombie Girl Ali

PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:16 am
Yeah it's crazy. I am all like "If your kids don't want to go to bed but you do then we have no problme with you staying at a stupid hotel".

Yeah we are like a scary free country house. It's stupid. Talk to us and my mom will talk to you about our ******** life history cuz she is stupid and crazy. stare Hate her for that.

But yeah our house is like a free country.  
PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:09 pm
It's good for kids to sleep. especially someone as young as 9.

If a parent wants them to sleep you probably shouldn't get in the way.  


Buggy Glitch


PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 10:51 pm
Zombie Girl Ali
1433 Rockwood in Alamoogordo, nm is like a ******** free country

Sweet. I'll see you there.  
PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:52 am
god you're a ******** idiot. you have no right to tell a parent how to raise their child especially when it comes to bedtimes. two in the morning is NOT a reasonable time for a nine year old to go to bed. it doesn't matter if they're staying with you, you don't suddenly get to decide their life or how they deal with their kids especially to stroke your god awful ego. you're such a ******** a*****e i can't even  


Tipsy Darling

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