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[PRP] Word from Graos Oma [Rapha and Gren]

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Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:00 pm
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Some could be forgiven for thinking that the Nergui had faded into the background these past few weeks. With fewer sightings and no rumours of massacres to inspire fear in their neighbours, the tension in the north had begun to ease. Perhaps the savages had moved on. Perhaps they were not as fierce as they had let on. Perhaps some other foe had defeated them. Certainly the naturally wary and suspicious individuals might suspect something, but for every wise lion there were ten more willing to turn their backs and pretend that everything was going to be okay.

And make no mistake, the Nergui were not done yet.

Gren-gra Groul's paw prints were shadowed by a resident shuko as she was escourted through the heart of their newest settlement. A rugged, ugly place, but tactically strong, with difficult terrain easily defended from any who might come to cause trouble. The Graos Oma would approve. The horde here had done well and, in just a few days, would do better still.

Behind her the shuko drew to a halt and she paused to look back at him. His steel-blue pelt was covered in dust. His eyes were wary.

"This is as far as I go."

She gave a gruff sound of affirmation and moved on, not bothering to watch him go. It seemed the Xakaav Oma was keeping her troops in line. Nothing like fear to quell any thoughts of trouble-making.

Stepping over a coil of thorns and ducking beneath a low branch, she saw the huge raven only when he gave a rasping caw. She smiled to see him there but it was not a friendly expression on a face such as hers.

Gren gra-Groul had always been an ugly thing, even as a cub. A huge, hulking beast that made her more fit for a mane than most males. Her thick neck was taut with muscle, her shoulders huge, her fur wiry and matted and dull as marsh water. Her pronounced under-bite gave her an almost permanent look of gruffness and yet she was a gentle giant (unless provoked). Her eyes were perhaps her only asset; as clear and fresh as an oasis if you chanced to look.

She drew to a slow halt before the one she had been brought to and bowed her head low, keeping her eyes averted.

"Xakaav Oma," her voice rumbled from deep inside her chest. She did not raise her head. "I am Gren gra-Groul. I bring word from Graos Oma." A pause, a glance to the raven and then; "I see his gift has already arrived."
PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:04 pm
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The quiescence had done nothing but simmer the Nergui's blood. It bubbled and turned, forcing warriors to pace, their teeth to itch and cry for something to crush. Even Rapha's paws desired the pleasant give of flesh underneath paw.

It was lucky for the raven that he should bring a message. Aside from their value, Rapha had an instinctive dislike of birds. They were often quiet, capable of hiding in small spaces, and were a mixed bunch in terms of loyalty. Those raised from birth might be reliable, but Rapha would not seek out an adult specimen. Entrusting it with information as valuable as this? Ugly though the face of Gren gra-Groul was, it pleased Rapha to see it.

And it was a hideous face, to perhaps any other lions. For the Nergui, her hulking figure, strong jaw, and robust teeth were to be envied. Lusted after. A female so large would produce males just as monstrous. In Gren's presence, Rapha felt physically lacking.

"He has," Rapha confirmed, her pale eyes moving towards the massive avian. They lingered there for a moment, before they returned to Gren gra-Groul. Though she vaguely recognized her--the figure would be challenging to forget--Rapha had been absorbed in visions and training and her new rank and had paid little attention to those beneath her. What she knew, and what was important, was Gren gra-Groul had not been Important when Rapha had left. To have earned her position, Rapha guessed she had killed. It had probably been easy.

"I would be honored to hear the rest of Graos Oma's words."


Liberal Streaker


Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:20 pm
Above them the raven edged slowly along his perch, turning his head curiously. Ever since arriving in these lands he had spoken in riddles and seemed delighted in seeing the fear that slowly crept across the lions' faces when he spoke of omens and death. Still, as much as he liked to play and taunt, there were certain individuals who he would not dare cross. Rapha had been one of them and Mchawi the other. The rest, however, were fair game save a few of the more vicious males.

"He is pleased with your progress," her words, as always, were spoken slowly, chewing on each one like gravel in her mouth. "Your horde are strong now. He has seen this." He saw a great many things, after all. "The raven, Qara, spoke to you of a target?"

The raven gave a shrill call. "Target, yes. Rainbows and snakes twisting gold beneath the sun. Yes. It comes."

Gren gra-Groul nodded solemnly. "Tra Ord Omak hungers and his sustenance lurks close by. The--" she paused to recall the newest name for the horde, "-- the Nergui are ready. Your target is Kulukadok."
PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:35 pm
The flattering comments caused the corners of Rapha's mouth to twitch. Attempting not to look overly pleased, the Xakaav furrowed her brows and thought of things that displeased her. Even so, a slight smile retained on the leader's features.

"Mmm," Rapha hummed in agreement. "He was most elaborate." Rapha flicked back an ear, protecting its delicate inner drum from the shrill cry of the raven.

The atmosphere took a dramatic shift when the target was directly stated. Rapha's paws shifted, weight moving to her front paws. Hear ears came forwards as well. The raven's words suddenly began to take an image.

"Close, you said?" The excitement warmed Rapha's cool voice.


Liberal Streaker


Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:50 pm
Gren gra-Groul, carefully ensuring not to make direct eye contact with the Xakaav Oma, gave a short nod. "Close and coming closer still. The Kulukadok comes north of its own accord, across plains and sand." The exact location, of course, could never be known. The seers that dwelled within the Crovrems Rurda had never been to this part of the land. They saw the terrain, they saw days come and go, skies bleed and turn to dark. But they had seen desert. They had seen the rarec flash beneath the sun. Something was drawing the false god and where so many flew out of reach of visions, this one had gleamed in the eyes of the kaar. A sign from Tra Ord Omak to be sure.

"There will be a hunt. The Kulukadok will fall. Must fall."

"No escape for the parasite," the raven jeered from above. "Eyes from above. Eyes from below."

The grim-faced female nodded again, "Qara knows what to look for. He will lead the xaado and lay out our path."

"The golden snakes dance," the raven agreed haughtily, "worms to be spotted by the keenest eyes."

"But the rest, Xakaav Oma, will be up to you and your 'Nergui'. They are ready and I shall follow."
PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2014 10:11 pm

Plains. Sand. These both stretched as far as the eye could see, further than a horde could walk. Yet, the kaar were strong, and the wisdom of Graos Oma stronger still.

Eyes from above: birds. Eyes from below: Lions. Perhaps snakes.

The eyes from above spoke, and Rapha nodded. "The kulukadok will fall." If the seers had forseen it, then so it would be. Great care, however, would need to be taken to not reduce their current horde. Gods were unpredictable, mysterious, and there was no telling how much of Tra Ord Omak's power this one had sapped for its own devices.

"You have traveled far," the Xakaav deviated. Perhaps the Nergui were ready for blood, but armies still took time to engage. "How many days would you rest before the hunt?"


Liberal Streaker


Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:40 am

The large female hesitated in her response as if she had not considered rest as an option open to her. Her head dipped lower in gratitude.

"When the horde is ready, I will follow. I would not wish to hold up our forces and risk us missing our target," she paused, the tip of her tail coming to rest against the dusty earth. "You need only give the word. In the meantime, I will familiarise myself with my other superiors." Particularly the worrurd hesr. After all, once they set out, they would be the ones organising the troops into battle formation and she fully intended on being useful.

"Uh..." Gren faltered for a moment, "there is one last subject to address." It was the last topic of discussion but arguably the most important - for her, anyway.

"This Kulukadok is in possession of a number of rarec." This, of course, was far from unusual. The parasites loved their magical trinkets and to find one void of them was most rare indeed. "There is one in particular that has garnered the interest of Graos Oma. Instead of burying it as is custom, he desires to study its power. He has bid me bring him this rarec once the job has been complete."

She knew of little else regarding the artifact and what made it so important that it should not be returned to Tra Ord Omak but Gren gra-Groul was in no position to argue or question the matter.
PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 10:40 pm

"Very well." Rapha's pale eyes landed on the raven. She shook her head, mane swishing around her ears and moved to leave. Gren's falter brought her paws to rest, and Rapha busied herself with watching the thick jaw shift and move around large teeth. The Visionary's tail flicked.

"What does this particular rarec look like?" Terrible be her to question the Graos Oma, but all intelligent beings wonder. Failure to return power to the Trad Ord Omak was laced with hypocrisy, uncertainty. But their faceless leader had yet lead him astray, and the Visionary produced his name often in the name of hunts and glory.

This questioning showed on her face in further furrowing brows, a quickening flick of her tail, and eyes that no longer focused on Gren's muzzle but on space beyond it.


Liberal Streaker


Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:50 am

(apologies for typos, I wrote this on my phone)

Gren faltered, almost lifting her eyes but failing at the last moment; focusing instead on her dusty, travel-worn paws. "Forgive me, Xakaav Oma but I do not know. He told me only that I should bring it and that... I would know it when I see it. Whatever it is must look quite different from anything else the parasite possesses."

She dipped her head lower still, apologetic.

"When the artifact is secured I can bring it to you for scrutiny." Gren could not guess at the value or power of such a thing, but perhaps Rapha would know. She was wiser by far and Graos Oma had not said that the Visionary could not cast an eye over it and make her own judgement.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:37 am

The Visionary was not convinced. Ears going back to her skull, Rapha's shoulders rose and tensed. The mission reeked more and more of impossible, and part of her mind considered that someone may be attempting to knock either she or Gren down the hierarchy.

"Bring all of them." No uncertainty traced her voice. She would hope, then, for a vision that would reveal the true object Graos Oma desired.

"We will bury the unwanted rarec here, underfoot, where they will be protected until Tra Ord Omak feasts."


Liberal Streaker


Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Sat Jun 14, 2014 5:09 am

Gren nodded, her head still dipped low. There would be no arguing with the Xakaav Oma and even if there was, the brute of a female would be the last one to do so. She was loyal and unquestioning and it made sense for the Visionary to want to try and decipher the means behind the actions.

"As you wish, Xakaav Oma."

Sensing their conversation had reached its end, the marsh-pelted lion took a step back as if to break away from their circle of communication.

The task ahead might be successful but it was not going to be easy.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 14, 2014 10:45 am

Gren stepped back and Rapha turned, releasing the behemoth female from their meeting. The Visionary's fur prickled on its edges--one part excitement, one part skepticism. She'd grown used to her group, commanding authority. Perhaps the nervousness in her gut was a product of having to follow orders. Or, more likely Tra Ord Omak himself was trying to tell her something.  


Liberal Streaker

[IC] Nergui Lands [IC]

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