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Fae Princess Euphie

PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2014 9:29 pm
Tales of Zeal
Lloyd Irving
Richard Windor w/Lambda the Zorua
Euphemia Hope Estheim w/Sūta the Serperior, Honō the Talonflame, Nami the Piplup, Maiagaru the Noivern, Yōsei the Sylveon, Kurai the Zoroark
PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 12:28 pm
Character Name: Euphemia Hope Estheim
Character Gender: Female
Character Age: 18
Race: Human
Occupation: Gym Leader, Artist
Protagonist or Antagonist?: Protagonist
Alignment: N/A
Main or Minor?: Main

User Image

Canon: Pokémon
Canon Point: Two years after the opening of her gym.
Means of Arrival: She was pushed through a vortex during a battle.

Class: Pokémon Trainer
Fighting Style: Euphemia is usually one to avoid close combat, preferring to stand at a distance to strike. She isn't afraid to get up close and personal, of course.
Weapon(s): TBA

Personality: Euphemia is a cheerful person. She's always smiling and optimistic, preferring to encourage rather than to put down. Though she isn't often angry or sad, Euphemia isn't immune to these feelings. She often grows sad when she thinks of her mother, or angry when she thinks of Pokémon being hurt for no reason. When she feels discouraged, she can be a bit of a downer, but these spells are often quickly recovered from.
Favorite Food Type: Fruits, vegetables, and berries. She will not eat meat.
Biography: Born and raised in Snowbelle Town, the clashing of two opposite forces is something she is well used to. She was raised near the Gym, and would often sneak peeks to watch the battles as a child. Doing so inspired her to become a Gym Leader, and she studied up on everything about it to try and become the best Gym Leader she could be. When she was eleven, her mother, who had always had a weak heart, caught a serious cold and died from the illness. Though young Euphemia was heartbroken from the loss, she didn't falter from her goal for even a second. It was her mother who encouraged her to become what she wanted, and she wasn't willing to disgrace her mother's efforts. For five years, Euphemia lived with her father. He was a clumsy man, yet his art was incredible despite his nature. When she wasn't learning about how to be a Gym Leader, she would paint with her father. Due to this, she knew almost immediately that she would be an artist-themed Gym Leader.

She began her journey in Unova, where she obtained her starter; a Snivy. From there, the trained and bonded with Snivy, and caught many wonderful Pokémon. As her journey progressed, Euphemia came to see many different trainers, yet there were only two types. Those who loved and adored their team, and those who were cruel and ignorant. This caused her to form a new goal. After all, anyone could win a common league gym, but the gym she began to construct in her head was different. It was a gym designed to test the love and trust between a Pokémon and it's trainer.

After her Pokémon journey, she began to construct the gym in Kalos. After it's completion, and the forging of her special, five-piece badge, the gym was open to the public. Over the course of two years, her gym has become a rather popular spot for trainers and coordinators alike from all regions. Though not an official league gym, visiting has become a bit of a tradition. Very few have completed the badge. This is where Euphemia and her Pokémon reside.
Other Notes: Though she has many Pokémon, she only has six she actually battles with. The others wander the grounds around the gym, protecting it from poachers and the occassional Team [insert team here] members that try to disturb the gym's peace.
Pokémon Team

Serperior :: Male :: Sutā
Sutā is a very patient creature, yet he is very fierce when it comes to the safety of Euphemia and his friends. He's distant, but don't mistake that for weakness. In reality, Sutā is always observing, ready to strike at any moment if he senses danger.
Leaf Tornado :: Leaf Blade :: Giga Drain :: Leaf Storm

Talonflame :: Male :: Honō
Quite different than his best friend, Sutā, Honō is very socialable. He adores making new friends and being among others. However, like the others, Honō is extremely faithful to Euphemia and his team. He is fearless in their defense, willing to sacrifice himself for any of them.
Fire Blitz :: Ember :: Acrobatics :: Brave Bird

Piplup :: Female :: Nami
If there was a word to describe Nami, it would be dedicated. She is devoted to her trainer. Unlike the others, Nami is devoted only to Euphemia. She could care less about the other Pokémon. Nami is also unique, being the only one of Euphemia's Pokémon to ingest the Everstone to prevent evolution.
Brine :: Whirlpool :: Drill Peck :: Hydro Pump

Noivern :: Female :: Maiagaru
Fierce, independent, loyal, and playful. These are the words others will use to describe Maiagaru. She is like a giant cat, preferring her independence yet remaining faithful to those close to her. She is by far the most fierce of Euphemia's team.
Air Slash :: Hurricane :: Dragon Pulse :: Boomburst

Sylveon :: Male :: Yōsei
Yōsei is an affectionate creature. He is the only one who, unless for battle, will not leave Euphemia's side. He even refuses his Poké Ball. Yōsei has a very short fuse, and will react in anger if something happens that doesn't please him or his trainer. Yōsei is also different in the aspect that he is attracted to male Pokémon, and his Attract move is sometimes successful against other males.
Disarming Voice :: Attract :: Draining Kiss :: Moonblast

Zoroark :: Female :: Kurai
Kurai, though Zoroark are usually very isolated Pokémon, is actually very social and playful. She adores using Illusion, often taking the form of Euphemia or a human she's fond of. Sometimes, though rarely, her eyes show the sad past she came from before meeting Euphemia. However, attempts to get the story from her usually ends with claw marks across the face.
Faint Attack :: Foul Play :: Night Slash :: Night Daze

Victory :: That was great, guys! [To Pokémon used] Thank you. You were great.
Low Health :: I've battled stronger.... [Will often return summoned Pokémon]
Repeat Battle :: Not very inspirational....
Downed :: Not...here...!
Revived :: Heehee! Thanks a ton!
Strong Enemy :: Be careful, everyone! [To summoned Pokémon] Don't overdo it.
Weak Enemy :: This is beginner's play.
Killing an Enemy :: I'm sorry, but I had no choice....
Fleeing :: I won't lose my team like this.

Fae Princess Euphie

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