Hi everyone! biggrin my name is KozuHiroxD but you can call me Kozu or Hiro.
i was just recently promoted to VC lol i love you bob x'D.. anyways i feel like i should introduce myself to the guild.
I been a member of gaia since 09' but got my account hack and my items taken away from me. so now here i am with this account i created back in 2012. haha so if you're wondering. yes i do a lot of Charity/Donations. and if you want a estimate amount of gold that i had donated to my friend, to random strangers, or to those i see are trying hard to reach there goal let say the amount is over a couple bil. smile
Anyways to the new members of this guild. we love helping people out and donating gold. but when it comes to donations dont beg and beg and beg and than complain about how we dont care about you. honestly to me if you want to get a donation you have to as well work hard for it because not everyone going to donate to you. anyways i'll be donating and helping you guys out more once i save up some gold. but till now i hope we can become friends and i hope everyone enjoy this guild! thanks once again bob i love you x'D