Hi, I'm a new member in the guild. Nice to meet you all. I'm not sure if I should, but since I saw this creativity corner, I thought I might as well tell you guys I'm making a challenge called 'Nightmare in Kalos'. biggrin

This isn't the story of the game, and all the rules have been explained. I would rather not posted in here because I don't want to invalid any rules or cause any problem. If a crew member or moderator tells me it is okay to post it here, I will. 3nodding

Well, this is the link of the story so far: Nightmare in Kalos

Something else I should say, it is kind of dark, well, really dark. I put it on the description. It is my way to see pokemon, because, even though it is a cheerful world, once I started reading some of the pokemon entries, I realize pokemon can be a really dark place if the creators actually wanted it to be.

It is this potential that is hiding because it is for children, and as a scholar, I decided to give it a try. sweatdrop

These are my rules: (The only reason I didn't call it Nuzlocke, is because I'm free to catch any pokemon I want, hence, calling it a Nuzlocke without that core rule seemed wrong)

1. If a pokemon's HP reach zero, it is considered death and unable to be used again.
2. If your starter died, it is game over.
3. When you have a pokemon, you can only have one of a kind, no replicas (evolved version of the pokemon are considered replicas).
4. All pokemons must be nicknamed.
5. Due to short supply of electricity, Pokemon Centers can only be used 4 times per city, except the one in the Pokemon League.
6. No healing items allowed, not even berries.
7. Once you entered a gym, you can't leave until you defeat the gym leader.
8. When a situation occurred, you are force to continue for the sake of storytelling. It is illogical than (for example) you run into a secret Team Flare base and you can leave and enter as you wish, once you're inside, you can't leave. If someone's pokemon is kidnapped, you must pursue the criminal without stopping to heal, etc.
9. When you entered in a fixed fight (fixed pokemons, fixed level and items, etc) The rules no longer apply.
10. All internet related powers are forbidden, such as trades, or O-powers, etc.
11. Your starter is the leader of the team, if one of your pokemons died in battle, it is the leader who must avenge such death.
12. The use of PC is limited (because it can be used as a healing device as well) to only 4 times per city (Exchanging your team after defeating a gym leader doesn't count).
13. Healers that you found or are given to you can only heal your pokemons' once!

Rule applied right after receiving the second started from Prof. Sycamore.

14. Your two starters (the one from Kalos and the one from Kanto) are your life support in this environment. If any one of them die in battle, you died (game over). You must have only one of them at all times.
15. Every time you defeat a gym leader, your pokemons are polluted, which means you must change your team every time you defeat one until you get the next badge.

Rules applied after obtaining all 8 badges.

16. All your pokemons can be used at all times, but the restrictions of the Pokemon Center and PC are still in place.

Hope you enjoy it, and if you can give me a nice name for this kind of challenge, it would be great xd