Hey Everyone !

My old account was hacked that i been playing for 4 years and had 2 dream avi's already completed worth 8 million total. I'm trying my best to start back over with this new account and could use any help i can get. I'm not the type to beg for any money so don't see it as that way. I help others out too just as well in return. I joined this guild to get some help so hopefully i'll be able to find some help. I'm only trying to get this one avatar completed so,
If anyone could help me with these list of items please?
I'm not asking to just be given everything just some help on getting them.
Thanks to anyone who can help me out <3


Ancient Katana
Black Swan
Nichigatsu Kendama
Ai No Taisen
Compass of Seidh

388,576g/6,999,900g (according to TekTek.org)