Hello everyone! I'm on a quest to get Oisin's Blessing and I'd like to ask a number of 7 to 14 donors to donate to me, a total of 7 mil! It sounds like quite a lot which is why I'm dividing things up!

If I can get 14 donors willing to list their names, everyone would only have to donate 500k or as much as they could to help me out!
7 donors = 1 mil per person maximum, don't be OVER generous, otherwise I'll feel bad! ;u;
14 donors = 500k per person!
28 sonors = 250 k per person!
... and so on.
Otherwise, if someone has an Oisin's Blessing they plain don't want anymore, that'd be wonderful as well. ^^ Thanks for reading and thank you very, VERY much for all of your help!

For any questions or answers, please PM me or post down below! whee