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New Addition! *With Pics*

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:23 pm
Not sure if anyone read my update, but I got a 90 gallon tank for my RES Turtle about a month or so ago! I also have a new addition in the tank! I got a fairly big pleco about two weeks after I got the tank! I need name ideas for the pleco.

Pictures of the pleco:


User Image

Sitting on the bottom of the tank wile displaying his fins

User Image

He seems to love hanging out on the bottom of Wartortle's floating dock

User Image

His belly

User Image

Any ideas what kind he is? His tail and patterns don't seem to match a common pleco. His dorsal fin seems quite different from a common's too. I think his pattern seems to more closely match a sailfin's, but I'm not positive. ^^

And for those who didn't see the pictures on the update thread I posted, here are a couple:

The tank itself (wartortle is on the floating dock, and this was the day after I got the tank)

User Image

Wartortle relaxing on his floating dock the day after I got the tank:

User Image

and a couple pictures of Wartortle's initial reaction when he first went in the water:

User Image

User Image  
PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:21 pm
I'm fairly jealous as my pleco requires occasional finding to be sure he's not dead...as I NEVER ever see him  



PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:42 am
I'm fairly jealous as my pleco requires occasional finding to be sure he's not dead...as I NEVER ever see him

The pleco I have in my 10 gallon likes doing that to me. He'll go and hide among the plants at the bottom of the tank and fade to a really pale color (He manages to blend in fairly well with the gravel when he does that..), which makes him hard to locate. and then when I finally do locate him, then I can't tell if he's alive until I see him move his eyes or if I manage to see that his mouth is bobbing up and down with his breathing (that's if I can see his mouth).

With the bigger one, the closest to a hiding place he really has is under the floating dock. He is harder to see under it at times, depending on his exact location on it. I'm afraid to put much in there knowing how turtles tend to like to try to squeeze into areas they can't fit in. My turtle keeps scaring me by squeezing behind the heater cord that goes into the tank and getting himself stuck..

Here is a really good picture of the one in my 10 gallon tank. (no worries, I plan on putting him in a bigger tank when it gets bigger. The tank is also over filtered. ^^). I'm curious on what kind he is too. He also doesn't seem to be a common.

User Image  
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