Define "normal flea meds"

Please keep in mind anything over the counter can be very toxic. With the exception of DT earth. I don't personally know anyone whose used it. So I can't recommend it.

Revolution is my personal favorite. Dog & Cat.Of the hundreds of pets I've seen, none treated with revolution have ever had flea issues. Advantage is a pesticide, much safer than other pesticides but...still a pesticide, so I just don't touch that stuff. Be advised advanTIX is HIGHLY toxic to cats. Don't treat a dog with this if there are cats in the house.

Revolution is NOT an adulticide, so it will not give you instant results. You should continue to vaccuum everything but it will sterilize the fleas so it WILL stop the problem. If you want instant results you can get capstar but it doesn't sterilize so you would still need the revolution. Revolution also treats intestinal parasites and heartworm and to some degree prevents certain ticks. So it's an all around great product. I give Cowboy monthly rev for like, 8 months of the year. My vet recommends 12, but 6 being the minimum (heartworm season) I think 8 is pretty good.

Also depending on your vet, you can get a box of the most concentrated (i.e for big dogs) and calculate the dosage needed for each pet. This would save you lots of money. I actually get the high concentration and use half a tube on Cowboy so it lasts me all year at the price of 6 months

good brands of topical flea treatments, advantage, frontline, things like that

i do use stuff on my dog thats toxic to cats but only because they never cuddle, but i only use that stuff when fleas are really bad, otherwise i use brands that are ok for cats to be around

ive never seen revolution for sale

luckily the weather is finally getting cold and we have had some great frost every morning this week so the fleas outside should be getting killed off now. we just had a really bad summer since it was always so humid, everyone was having flea issues.