Maktaba watched as the sky slowly turned from pink to purple, the sun sinking lower over the horizon. Night time was their time, when Slayers set out to protect the pride from any strange or dangerous activity from the Druids. Or from those Toka that would do the Druids harm, just for their names. Hatred spread like a virus, and it had infected some members of the pride in a deep and troubling way.

Scatha, for her part, tried not to trouble herself with that part of the realm. She was content in the life she led, with her family and her mate, and she was now proud enough to call herself a member of the pride. For now, that was as far as it could go. Her emotions and thoughts had changed, with the family she had helped to raise. Having cubs had matured her in a way she had not anticipated, making her think about, and re-think about things that she might not have ever spent the time on before. She wanted nothing but the best for her cubs, though they were hardly cubs any more.

She was taking the night for herself tonight.

Maktaba saw her not too far away, smiling softly as she approached. He was a calm sort, never one to pick a fight if he did not have to, more keen on learning and observing than he was leaping into a fray that did not need to be necessary. He was not familiar with her, or her stance on the living conditions in the pride, but he was always glad for company if they did not cause trouble. It was fair for him to offer them a friendly chance at conversation and peace, and it was up to them to decide what they would do with that chance.

"Good evening, sir," Scatha said politely enough, watching him with an interested gaze. He nodded his head at her politely and sat down on his haunches, watching her quietly. She was quiet, and she seemed to have come at peace, at least. In her mind, he was the one more likely to be aggressive. A male, and one that was most likely Toka. Her deep red coloring made others accuse her of being Druid or at least Druid sympathetic, but she was not. She was just as Toka as anyone else, and had no reason to hate either side more than the other for now. She knew many that she cared about did not share that same peaceful opinion, so she was going to be cautious with creatures she did not know.

"It is a lovely evening, isn't it? The sky is so clear, no clouds. I love it when we can see the sky changing colors, the stars glimmer in a particularly bright way, don't you think?" He looked up at the sky and she followed his gaze, smiling at the idea that the stars were brighter. They did stick out sharply against the deep color of the sky. It was pretty and peaceful, and Maktaba seemed to thrive in it. He preferred the night time, despite its inherent dangers, and the things lurking there in. His body had adjusted to a night time schedule, and he took time to admire the sunset as most lions did the sunrise.

Scatha noted his admiration for it, as much as she did the stars and the night sky itself. She was more a fan of the day time, when she could see all the colors of the pride, and spend some time with her children before they all left her. They were starting their lives and moving on, leaving her behind, which was tragic for her in one way, but in another it made her very proud. She could only hope they would go out and find themselves family and happiness and anything they needed to make themselves happy.

"You seem wide awake, for it being so late," Scatha said, deciding that this lion was friendly. His eyes were soft and warm, and did not speak of any danger at all.

"I am more adjusted to the night time than I am the day. I like the difference between the two, the way the pride has a different life at night. It sounds different, moves differently. Everything about it sort of flips in another direction, if that makes sense. Sometimes it feels as though I am living within two prides at once, one that thrives during the sun light and the other at night." He was a guy that liked to use his ability to speak to its fullest. He never opted for the short way of saying something, he just wanted to really explain what he was thinking and feeling, and words were a way to truly convey all he needed to. Obviously.

He just always had something to say, and never enough time to say it.

Scatha watched him, tilting his head in wonder at the other lion. He was older than her, but he seemed to have found some sort of peace. He was calm and he spoke with a deep respect for something that she did not understand yet. Whatever he was, whatever it was he did, he was at peace and she liked that. Envied him in a way, because she was just short of that kind of happiness. She could feel it: she had almost everything she could want, and there was only one small thing missing.

But she had to go home soon. It was late and she was getting tired.

"I know you don't know me," she said warily, nodding her head respectfully. "but I... would you mind if I met you here tomorrow? A little earlier in the evening? I'd like to talk to you a little bit, you seem to have... uhm. Figured something out that I'm still trying to figure out."

"Of course," he said, nodding his head. "I will be glad for it." He smiled and she nodded her head. He was a very agreeable and easy going sort, and she wondered about him. But she yawned and turned, padding off slowly as he watched her go, curious as to what she could want to speak to him about that she needed more time than they had now for.

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