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Tags: matope, kimeti, pets, breedables, Role-playing 

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Shirtless Lunatic

PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:07 pm

Let's start this party with a contest!
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Tangled Web loves stories. He started a tribe just to meet more kin with more stories. The Kimeti is hoping to chronicle the history and legends of the swamp. One of his favorite stories as a foal was the creation of Kimeti. It’s well known that Kimeti hatched from an egg laid by the motherfather… but where do the other kin come from? He just had to know! This is why he turned to you.

“Where do Acha come from?” It was a simple question, but at the same time, it wasn’t.


That’s right folks, it’s time to make up a creation story! Where do acha come from?

… Of course, everyone knows that there can only be one ‘true’ creation myth. The winners will be the 2 most entertaining/believable/outlandish/amazing-fries with a side order of awesome-sauce stories. Tangled Web will ‘decide’ which story is the true story.

Are acha from one of the 5 eggs laid by the moterfather? (If so, how/why did they leave the swamp and end up in the desert?) Did they spring up from the sands of the desert? Are they rocks? It’s up to you to tell the story.

Rules galore!
1: Stories must be your own, original work! You can take ideas from creation stories around the world, but you gotta write your own Matope-friendly version

2: This is my favorite thread in the guild. It has some more detailed information on the different kin and even touches on Matope’s mythology. Read it. (It’s in the rules, now you gotta ;D )

3: Keep stories in character. The acha you’re trying for is the one telling the story. Treat this as you would any other story or RP and follow the guidelines and standards for RP

4: You can only enter for one Acha. No preference list, sorry

5: Please use the code provided for your entries.

[align=center][color=orange][b][size=20]BEDTIME STORY[/size][/b][/color][/align]
[b]Username:[/b] (You)
[b]Acha:[/b] (Dogrose or Violet)
[b]Name:[/b] (of the acha)
[b]Short personality:[/b] (10 words or less)

(It'll end when I get home from work)


If I'm not happy with the stories, you will be allowed to revise your entry.  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2013 10:51 pm

Username: Blinded By Silence
Acha: Violet
Name: A Secret Wish
Short personality: He loves enough to tell others to keep their distance.

"Kin aren't they only important things, you know. The MotherFather made us special, yes, but they also made every tree and flower and thing you see. Some of these trees have stood for as long as Matope! And, if you listen carefully, oh the stories they will tell you...

Any desert-born will recognize a cactus. They are strong plants, dressed in thorns to protect the precious water inside them. Just like Acha, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and variants! And in the night of the moon, they bring forth the most beautiful of flowers... But they were not always this way, oh no. They were dangerous plants, avoided and hated for their spines. they saw no love from any creature, scaled, feathered or furred.

They were a sad plant, a lonely plant... Oh how they longed to be loved! But how does one love that which can't be touched? They prayed every night the the MotherFather, begging an answer.

And one night, a single flower bloomed... It was tiny, weak and pathetic. It quickly faded in the next morning's sun. But the MotherFather saw its beauty, as fast as it was, and in it saw the beauty of the desert. She coaxed flowers from every cacti and the whole desert was alight with bright blossoms! The MotherFatehr bade them keep the flowers, for shhe loved how it pleased them so.

But it was not so. The cacti were content with their appreciation and together, they each gave her a gift in return. Their flowers closed and fell, and in the next light, their dead petals opened, a bright and colorful egg had appeared. Children of the desert, born from the MotherFather's magic, the Acha were born and forever since have lit up the desert with their beauty, just as the casti's flowers that held them."

[ 2AM, exausted, and listening to Tree Hugger, which inspired everything about this entry. Sorry if it's derp.. ]  

Blinded By My Silence

Magical Girl

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Springtime Spirit

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:28 pm

Username: purplerosesbeauty
Acha: Dogrose
Name: Loyal Friend
Short personality: A bit self-centered, but she'll always have your back when it comes down to it.
Story: "The whole reason the MotherFather made kin was because she were lonely, I'd think. She made each species for a particular reason, but you wanna know all about me, and other acha right? Well, I'll just have to tell you the rest another time!

Anyway... When she laid her eggs, the eggs that became Acha were much like the other kin, as they hadn't yet been able to become special like they are now! When the MotherFather laid her eggs, all kin looked alike (and still do as foals, at least a little!) The MotherFather's task for Acha was entertainment, so that she would have children who were always lively and fun to watch. If they could complete their task, they would continue to live on and flourish as a species, and the MotherFather would be pleased with them.

With this in mind, the first two Acha ran together, far past the plains and into the desert, so that they could figure out how they could become someone the MotherFather would be happy with, under her watchful Sun. They figured they could be agile and lithe, and able to perform feats! Something like that would surely entertain her. For many summers, these two kin danced and learned the best ways to sing and be merry, becoming the best they could be for the MotherFather.

And she was pleased, joyful with all the merriment her children could make, and then their dancing helped create all other Acha. Their hooves kicked up sand and eggs were formed, colorful and strong enough to endure the desert they had picked to live in. Their bodies were all athletic and made for doing fun things like dances and agile acts, with long thin horns to show off and thick eye-pads and back scales to keep the sand out while they played and tumbled in the desert.

So that's where Acha come from! The MotherFather's strong desire and love of all things entertaining."  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:18 pm

Username: Phoenix Songbird
Acha: Violet
Name: Variations of Age
Short personality: Just a tad on the hyperactive side.
Story: ((so a note beforehand: I figured the motherfather was more of a kimeti figure and, since the acha and been previously isolated, would have their own legends and creators/gods))

Moons and suns before, when the Earth was newly born, Father Sun created life. Using the remnants of the fire and clay that was still left, he sculpted the the birds and mice and dogs, using the fire to give them animation and motion. Setting them loose on Earth the Sun rested for he was content with his creations. While he rested the Mother Moon watched in his place, but saw nothing. For the Moon shone less brightly then the sun, so the creatures could not see. So they slept, awaiting the day of the Sun.

When the Sun finally awoke from his sleep the Moon took her turn to rest -- exhausted, and a little disappointed over the uneventful night. And while the Sun watched, the animals frolicked and explored their new home. The Sun was delighted by what his creations were doing and, at dusk, when the Sun and the Moon each held their own place in the sky, Father Sun regaled Mother Moon of all the stories he had seen that day. Mother Moon, anxious to see all the Sun and told her, raced through the sky and waited. However, like the previous watch, there was little to see as the creatures slept.

This pattern continued for many more shiftings of the Sun and Moon until, one night, the Moon became tired of her draw in the watch -- tired of the emptiness and lackluster of the night -- so she began to think and plan. Drawing up the dusts and sands that had been heated by the midday light, Mother Moon tried to create. She was not successful at first, as life is a delicate process and balance. Some of her mistakes were so volatile she had to draw them up into the sky to prevent them from consuming Father Sun’s work on Earth. However, through practice and some luck, she managed to create the beginnings of our Kin, the Acha.

Many nights more she worked on these forms, perfecting them with love and care, so that they may be beautiful and strong. For life, instead of fire, she used her own breath, so that they -- instead of having love for the strong heat of the day -- may instead prefer her cool and gentle touches of night. Once done, the Mother Moon placed her children gently on the Earth and then rested, eagerly awaiting the promises of her next night.

Father Sun saw little of this new life as, true to form, the Acha found the heat the midday almost unbearable, and preferred to take refuge in the shade away from the Father Sun’s eyes. But when the Mother Moon returned our ancestors rejoiced. They sang and danced and celebrated their life and the Mother Moon, after much time, was finally content.  

Phoenix Songbird

Dapper Gekko


Human Human

PostPosted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:37 pm

Username: Amorpheous
Acha: Dogrose
Name: Secret Pleasures
Short personality: She is incredibly playful and coy, but gives nothing away.

She moved with a lithe grace, self-possessed and sly. She carried a smirk on her face that belied the cheerful bounce of her hair. Tossing her head, she stilled and began, her voice a burbling, tripping creek, sing-song in quality:

"The MotherFather laid five eggs, each kimeti in their own way, each a little different as all clutches are. These five pairs emerged from their eggs, wobbly and new, and though the MotherFather named one pair Kimeti, it was simply a name just as a name is for you and me. The MotherFather named each pair as we know them: Kiokote, Acha, Totoma, and Zikwa, no more special than the other, no less special than the Kimeti.

For a long time, these ten kin stayed and grew in the swamp, populating it with their own kind. All similar, yet inheriting the small differences their parents had. As their lines twisted and turned, grew and spread, the differences remained small, but many.The swamp did not grow though and soon there were too many kin for it to hold. Kin died of starvation and the MotherFather despaired that her greatest creations suffered so.

She looked beyond the swamp and saw the plains, deserts, mountains, and caves. She returned to these places that she had once found lacking and filled it with creatures to bring life to these once abandoned places. She gave the plains cheetahs, the desert sanddogs, the mountains eagles, and the caves bats. She added plants and creatures to each place until they were just as beautiful as the swamp.

And thus she returned to her ailing children and bade them draw near. She spoke soft and gentle, apologizing for the tragedy that had befallen them, but they refused to accept the apology, pressing close to their beloved MotherFather and telling her nothing could be done and they never blamed her. She smiled for them and they settled to listen to what she said.

She told them magnificent stories of the worlds beyond the swamp of leaping cheetahs and strange, mysterious caves. And she turned to them, saying that she had created new homes. She also told them of what each place required of them:

For the plains, you must run for there is much distance to cover and the fastest cheetahs to race. For the desert you must enjoy life for the desert is a harsh place that can only be lifted by dance and song. For the mountains you must be strong for the winds are fierce. And for the caves you must be caring and unafraid because it is a dark place that you can not survive alone.

And so the kin volunteered as their attributes suited each place, all mixed descendents of Kimeti, Kiokote, Acha, Totoma, and Zikwa, and those who could not bear to leave chose to stay. The MotherFather than journeyed with the four groups of kin to their new homes and at each place, she named them in honor of the first kin to populate the Swamp.

For the Acha in particular, she tasked them to bring their laughter, dancing, and joy, to always enjoy their lives even in a place so dry, and to water the very air with the sound of their voices.

Thus it was so that the Acha grew scales to weather the sand and turned lithe to dance gracefully over the dunes. And in honor of the MotherFather, the Acha still sing and dance today."  
PostPosted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:37 pm
Ok! The contest ended and I will be judging the stories soon!  


Shirtless Lunatic


Shirtless Lunatic

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:48 pm
Phoenix Songbird


Tangled Web listened to the two acha as ach told their story. However, he couldn’t help but laugh when Variations of Age told his story. The sun and the moon were not gods. They were ticks from the motherfather’s ear! He was sure every kin knew that. But the story was good. He liked it, it was different. And the idea that the acha were created to live in the night was fascinating, but the kimeti’s mind couldn’t fully accept that story. “You did well. Your story was good.” But it was true, he liked the one Secret Pleasures told more. Acha came from the motherfather’s eggs, like kimeti did. They just… moved away to populate the desert. It made so much sense! “I find your story to be far more believable though.” He said to the female Acha. “But you are both welcome to tell stories with me any time!”


Thanks for entering everyone! To sum up:

Dogrose is going home with Amorpheous
Violet is going home with Phoenix Songbird
Daisy I have given to Ashes to the wind
Cornflower I have given to Cynnybun

So welcome to my fellow Tell Tales! Please go forth and post your cert info. And remember, the stories you tell can count towards legendary requirements!

ashes to the wind

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:14 pm
And here are uncerts for everyone <3

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Shirtless Lunatic


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