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Yugioh with a chance for romance

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The yu-gi-oh you know & love with some new twists & turns 

Tags: Role Play, Yu-gi-oh, Romance, Comedy 

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Vice Captain

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:18 pm
Narrator voiceover. It seems as if not just her minions have arrived but Kaiba/ Pharroah Kaiba brought forth the evil within him and inflicted a massive takeover on Yami's dearly beloved friends and in his time took Atem's Millenium puzzle imprisoning him in his own Millenium item. This caused a paradox and also provided the Egyptians a portal into New Domino City... The fight just intensifies.  
PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:58 pm
Grandpa was out gazing at articles over the museums Egyptology exhibits pondering on how the events of todays Domino City sort of mimic other events in the past..

Just as he stares off into the stone tablets featuring Atem and Priest Kaiba:s disputes he noticed Blue-Eyes White dragon and Dark Magician fading away... Could this mean another ripple in time??

Just then, the museum exhibits came alive, an earthquake-like force shook the museum. Grndpa was in a trance of some sort and out of nowhere came swooping in to save him, Magicians Valkarie  

Vice Captain


Devoted Wife

PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 5:11 pm
(Misty) : I feel like something is wrong.

Misty kneels down in pain. (Misty) What's going on? I feel as though I being split in two.

Just then, Misty & Kisara are face-to-face.

(Misty) What's going on?

(Kisara) That's what I'd like to know.... You're Misty, correct?

(Misty) yes. You must be my past self, Kisara

Kisara nodded.

(Misty) We should find our husbands.

(Kisara) I agree.

(Misty) Stay close, Ok?

Kisara nodded.  
PostPosted: Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:09 pm
Pharoah Kaiba has now furiously entered Kaiba corp. Wielding a Blue-Eyes monster summoned from his very own Egyptian duel disk  

Vice Captain


Devoted Wife

PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:43 am
(Kisara) Misty, did you hear a dragon?

(Misty) Yeah, sounded like Blue-Eyes. Let's try to find where it came from.

Just then Misty & Kisara Run in to Yugi & Tea.

(Misty) Tea! Oh thank Ra you guys are safe.

(Kisara) _Kneels in front of Yugi_ My Pharaoh.  
PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 2:03 pm
(Yugi) sweatdrop Ahem, Umm Atem I think it's kinda for you...

Atem standing now by Yugi, curious as to who it may be.

(Atem) _Whispering_ What makes you so sure, Yugi?

(Yugi) I don't really know where to begin, The ancient Egyptian garb or the fact that she came here and called me her Pharoah.

*Blushing* (Atem) opening up his doorway, No need for formalities here, Kisara. Even I don't wear my Ancient Egyptian garb or possess my royal crown anymore.. It has long been since I have bestowed the crown to my dear friend Kaiba...  

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:33 pm
(Kaiba) _Laughing_ So, You're telling me I was a king in my Ancient Egyptian past, And on top of that I took that title from Mr. High and mighty himself?!!

(Pharroah Kaiba) Rest asured, but what of my, Our personal vendetta?

(Kaiba) We feast, For tomorrow you and I both get what we deserve  
PostPosted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:03 am
Pharroah Kaiba had stolen the powers of the Ancient Egyptian God creatures in the past, now in present day if any of the three god cards were to be played it would be a trap, Pharroah Kaiba wants the current cards power as well to be able to summon The creator God of Light Horakhyt  

Vice Captain


Devoted Wife

PostPosted: Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:45 pm
(Kisara) My Pharaoh, I came to warn you. Pharaoh Kaiba has stolen the three Egyptian Gods & plans to destroy the past which in turn will alter this time.

(Misty) Then, my husband is in danger.....Atem we must do something!

(Tea) There maybe nothing we can do......I hope that's not the case.  
PostPosted: Tue Dec 31, 2013 8:08 pm
(Kaiba) Well this was fun, If you say you are who you say you are How come you dont just start a seize of the old Pharroah Atem. Make it worth my while and bring your old clan of henchmen to help, as a sorcerer it makes but a small task to raise the dead.

*Chanting Ancient warriors of Egypt come to my command, ARISE!!

Multiple horsemen in armor and mages arise from this dark circle casted by Pharroah Kaiba

(Pharroah Kaiba) We must move fast and act quickly if we are to catch them at their weakest, the planets have alinged and this night alone marks a new era, Atem is on the verge of cutting off his communication to Yugi altogether. He is relinquishing his life here in this era to resume his life in Egypt but for now he has set on for a flight in the homeland, Egypt.

(Kaiba) Lets go then, we leave in my jet. *Kaiba calls in headquarters for the Blue-Eyes White Jet. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.  

Vice Captain


Devoted Wife

PostPosted: Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:24 pm
(Kisara) Misty, do you hear something?

(Misty) That sounds like The Blue-Eyes White Jet taking off.

Misty & Kisara rush to the window & see the jet take off.

(Misty)_thinking_ I wonder where he's off to at this time of night......wherever he's going it can't be good.  
PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 3:41 pm
User Image

Arriving at the scenes, Kaiba has made off with his first of many objectives Kaiba has Grandpa tucked away from everyone, making sure that everything goes without a hitch.

(Pharoah Kaiba) Yes, Old fool we had you follow us around into your very own holding cell, once you are there you are to speak to no one else besides us Kaibas.

Meanwhile, present day Kaiba has made his way up to see Yugi, and spoke breifly with him.

(Kaiba) You listen and listen well Yugi, As of today I will arise above your pettty "Championship" Titles and win once and for all this will be a match that will never be forgotten as of now I am truly superior to you I have found a card that can trounce a god card in fact all 3 of them will fall to me!

(Yugi) *Gasps Kaiba I don't understand of all times and all people it was you, I should have forseen this with the power of the Millenium Necklace.

(Yami) Huh? Whats all the commotion? A powerful card that makes the Gods look weak.

(Yugi) Yes, and Kaiba wants me to duel him to be able to weild its power and establish some sort of a grudge between you and I once and for all....

(Atem) Is that so?!! Is he talking about dueling in a shadow realm duel? Whatever is at stake here must mean the world to me as well.. Hmm. Fine so be it.

*Laughing Menacingly (Kaiba) What makes you think im the only one with the grudge, I brought an old friend and now he wants what rightfully is ours, to be recognized as the kings we are..

(Atem) KAIBA!!, You have drawn the last straw, I will see to it that you and Pharoah Kiaba is in ruins, Oh yes it will be fun to trounce an old nemesis, The day of reckoning is upon us, Yugi Whatever happens I want you to be strong and most of all duel with the heart of the cards.

Kaiba activates a portal using the millenium rod, (Kaiba) I knew my ancient past would help me someday and I feel this power within me, Kaiba then throws in Yugi and Atem into the portal and jumps in himself.

(Yugi) Kiaba where are we?!! And where have you taken us??

(Pharaoh Kaiba) We are in the shadow realm Atem you of all people should known this was coming your entrance back to this realm made it possible. I have one more thing to add to this, I have Hidden your Grandpa and well at that. He is in a safe place I assure you however you have to focus on this match you don't want anything bad to happen to him do you?

(Yugi) You wont be pushing us around anymore Kaibas we wont fall. Together we will win and you won't get your chance at using my gods against me, They will be removed from my deck for the duel. *Yugi then turns to Joey and hands him all 3 of the God cards

(Joey) Wow! The God cards!!! You're giving them to me? but how? and why?

(Yugi) It seems me owning the god cards is the root of all my duels, I figure why not trust you to handle them for now? besides you pulled through for me more than once.

(Present day Kiaba) Yugi Enough of this, get back on the stage and duel already ok already with the friendship speeches hurry and get your duel disk on so I can finish you.

(In unison) Lets duel!!!
Atem & Yugi *Both Let's Duel!!!  

Vice Captain

Vice Captain

PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 3:01 pm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.(Pharaoh Kaiba) I'll go first, I summon my Duos. evil and set three cards face-down wink That's all for now

(Atem) Tha.. that monster!

(Kaiba) Atem! when you run in best of circles like me you get connections to people like *shudders Pegasus. He was kind enough to create my ancient self a deck based on his personality, But with him I had to beat some sense into him.. He is one of the few people I would not trust or ask for help, but pharaoh Kaiba kept insisting we go there

(Kaiba) My move I summon Blue eyes white maiden, and I set 2 cards face-down.

(Atem) You Kaibas think alike hiding your fears behind the unknown, no matter I draw and now biggrin I play Heavy storm knocking back all your facedown cards

(Both Kaiba's in unison) Exclaiming in pain Ughh!!! I expect more from you.

(Atem) I now play Legendary knights: Critias, Hermos, and last but not least legendary Knight Timeus

(Pharaoh Kaiba) *Gasps but how?

(Yugi) I will field that one, My grandfather's company made a pact with an older and gaming corporation and granted me access to some of their latest releases before the duel compliments of Pegasus of course, unlike you Kaiba, Pegasus helped me willingly and also has been cheering me on

(Yugi) *Continuing this whole move Atem did all allows me to to draw out a spell card from my deck and add it to my hand, also a trap card from my deck and a monster which helped me alot since I didn't really draw one this turn, so I add a monster to my hand now. Obnoxious Celtic Guardian and also I equip him with my axe of despair. Celtic guardian attack Pharaoh Kaiba's Duos now!

(Pharaoh Kaiba) Oh no my monster

(Kaiba) I dont have time for this I discard my battle phaser to end this battle  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 7:59 pm
( Pharaoh Kaiba) Thanks alot, but you did'nt need to do this for me.

(Kaiba) Spare me the friendship speech, I get enough from Tea anyways. So back off and stop acting as if you are alone for now anyways let's take them down in style

(Kaiba) Its my move, Now I play the ring of magnetism on my maiden with eyes of blue, sure it would decrease her attack but she has 0 Attack/ And 0 Defense so it wont matter anyways. also I summmon Kaibaman in attack mode and tribute it to summon my Blue-eyes black dragon. Furthermore I play my field spell Mystic Plasma Zone and now I activate Malificent blue-eyes White dragon, by banishing a Blue-eyes white dragon from my deck I can special summon it to the field. and I place two cards facedown I dont need them now, but I will need them later.

(Pharaoh Kaiba) Good! My Move I send 3 of my Pharaoh's Servants to the grave yard to special summon my beast, come fourth Pharaoh's Protectors 3 Monsters appear one resembling Shadah, Solomon, and Mahad. Don't fret my arch nemesis, I am not through yet I activate my hidden strength magic card, It allows my sorcerer Mahad to unleash a hidden strength. I take it you know what happens next, Mahad evokes his power once more to become the Dark Magician User Image  

Vice Captain

Yu-Gi-Oh With a chance for romance

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