Name: Flora-Fauna
Gender: Female
Type: Pegasus
Body Cool green - see ref
Eyes: Purple with cheeky expression.
Hair: Pale red & Pale green. Messy - in a similar style to a lion's mane. She wears a large pink bow in her mane also.
Cutie Mark 8D: Pink & purple tree, with dark pink paw prints.
Brief Character Description: Flora-Fauna is cheeky and playful and spends most of her time with animals. She LOVES bugs in particular and all animals that most ponies would consider scary or disgusting; eg: spiders, snakes, toads, rats etc.

A lover of all things "nature", she will gladly dive into the dirt to plant flowers and create beautiful gardens around Phonyland.

+ Ref pics where possible: Here - Created on the site Doll Divine. Cutie Mark designed by me.

She's an OC of mine & I plan to get her as a RL custom most likely :3