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Familiar Celebrant

PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:51 am
WTF is happening?

The Muvukol, Gable, has been given permission by Rapha, the Xakaav Oma, to kill any unruly slaves. For those in need of a brush up, the Muvukol is in charge of managing the citizens / recommending them for promotion to higher ranks, dealing with minor crimes, and converting slaves. The Xakaav Oma, in brief, is the pride's leader.

Gable would much rather convert these captives than slaughter them, and that leads us here.

The dhlurr (slaves) have been herded in the middle of a mostly barren section of land where the Nergui are currently gathered. Some greenery grows in-between the cracks on the ground. There's a somewhat wide, deep stream nearby that's only half full.

It is important to note they are not isolated from the pride, and in fact are surrounded by them. One could say Gable is not only making an example of them, but putting on a show.

The hour is early in the morning.

OOC Slave information

Because of the nature of the Nergui, it is virtually impossible for a slave to not be present IC. However, we understand that people may be busy with RL and/or may not feel like RPing for whatever reason. For them, there are two options: a) just assume your slave is present and going along with things or b) post a quick OOC note what your slave is ICly doing so we have that to go off.

Needless to say, no characters are at OOC risk of dying without owner permission. They may be harmed, however, depending on if they act defiantly.

The Slave Lineup

Slaves were herded and put in a single, horizontal line that is as follows:

Adanna -- Pele -- Lua -- Byu -- Adeyemi -- Nebo -- Alamea

If a slave has refused to get in line or has stepped out of their place in line, feel free to post about this. They have been ICly informed there will be consequences for this behavior.

Why is Ilizi not here?

Gable does not consider the hybrid worthy of even becoming a Nergui and thus has not bothered to have anyone fetch her. However, there may be rumors spread among members "in the know" (or at least those who think they are) it's mostly if not entirely due to Gable not wanting to make her aunt Mchawi, the present Kaar Oma, angry. Any non-slave observers are free to speculate on this -- just make sure the Muvukol doesn't overhear!


Gable has brought with him Basha (a skilled Kaar (seer) and large lioness, born from a Goddess; convert; known bilingual, though in the process of learning), Oxotl (an Emkurcar (citizen) known to hassle slaves; convert; known bilingual), and Gever (spy/soldier known for taking pride in finding seers for the Nergui; founder-blood; known bilingual) to "help" keep things orderly. Other Nergui are welcome to volunteer to "help" if they so choose.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:52 am
User Image

The callousness of the pride's Muvukol was clear across his face. He watched the trio of subordinates appointed to assemble the slaves line them up in a row, sometimes pushing or shoving simply for the fun of it.

Those early risers or anyone prone to insomnia would likely be the first to witness the event, as the sun had just barely peeked over the horizon. The temperature was for the time being pleasant; under different circumstances, it would have been considered a nice day.

Gable had no interest in the time or the weather, only in making sure everything was kept orderly.

OOC :: The Muvukol's next post will be on June 10th unless RP circumstances dictate otherwise.


Familiar Celebrant


Liberal Streaker

PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 12:53 am
User Image

Oxotl's jaw was locked, despite an itching desire to yawn. It had been a restless night, full of worries of sleeping through the morning. When the emkurcar received an order to move slaves at dawn's break, that was exactly where she was before the sun had even risen.

The quiet lioness had gone down the line, blinking at the slight fuzzy outlines to slaves. An extra shove had been given to Nebo to align him before the lioness thought it fit to continue onwards. Oxotl's eyes returned again and again to Adeyemi. If Oxotl had suspicions in that quiet skull--and she did--it was that he would be the first to rouse a rebellion, or an escape attempt.

"Pay attention," she barked out in common tongue with all the feeling of the rock beneath their feet.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:54 pm
User Image If he'd been angry about the shove, Nebo didn't show it. In fact, almost as if to laugh in the face of his predicament, he looked at the gray lioness with a look of amusement. This had, by this point, clearly been something he did a lot, given how beaten his pelt looked. Not that it seemed to stand out as any worse than the lions he saw around him every day. He was as stubborn as ever, though curious as to why they were here. He spared a glance at two of the lionesses, rather clearly mother and daughter, the mother of which spoke one tongue foreign to his ears, while the daughter spoke their tongue, the tongue of these... Nergui... And hints of the common tongue. He then looked back to the lioness, before his gaze fell on the white-maned gold male, one eyebrow up.

User Image She was tired... Very tired. Pele hadn't seen home in what felt like forever. She'd watched five of her six cubs drop off, the strangers that she soon came to know as Nergui, and then thanks to her daughter Horde, not caring. Weak, her daughter had said they'd referred to them. Which ones had done so, she didn't know, but she remained silent, before leaning forward slightly, starting to doze. She was... Tired. Just so tired... Once proud, she seemed to be close to the breaking point. She was starting to feel ready to just give up, to give in to these lions. But amid the numbing tasks, she'd think of her mate, and how much she missed him, and her resolve would return.

User Image Alamea watched the gray lioness go by, quietly sneering at her back. Her brothers and sisters were dead thanks to lions like these, promising lives snuffed out before they could blossom. Her mother's wit and determination had kept the young lioness alive, and now she was an adult, muscular but not exactly fit. She still showed the signs of being a dhlurr, but had clearly fared better at it than others. She then looked at the Muvukol, opting to speak up in the Nergui* tongue. "Why are we here? Why aren't we doing our normal morning tasks?" Though she knew it was wrong, it was so far the only life she really KNEW, so this change of pace was... Odd.

* - I'm just too lazy right now to translate it xd ; Also, small edit... I managed to miss the standing order, so I fixed Pele's part of the post ~  


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Offensive Hero

PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:16 pm
User Image It was nice to gather together like this, Los thought to himself as he stood among the many lions that were gathered. The Nergui didn't have many hyenas in their ranks, but that didn't deter the large, grey canine from his task of being loyal to their leader, and that meant partaking in the group when they all gathered together.

He wasn't terribly sure what was going on, though, just that the slaves had been lined up neatly in the circle they had made. He stood with his face towards the slaves rears, so he could watch the lions that walked in front of them and so he could hear. Dark eyes narrowed as the slaves seemed to be a bit restless today, one of them even going so far as to speak sharply - in his opinion - to the Muvukol. A low warning growl left his lips, letting the slaves know that their backs were turned to a very dangerous foe. One little toe out of line and he wouldn't hesitate to extract punishment upon them. Severed tendons or crushed bones wouldn't be fun to hobble around with.  
PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:36 pm
User Image

Styx was of both the early riser type but also one prone to insomnia. You could generally say that he just didn't sleep well, he was the type to stay up all night but would then wake up shortly after. His sleeping habits was what got him here to this gathering. It seemed like the entire pride was starting to gather around the dhlurr. On the other hand he couldn't really agree with the Muvukol, he didn't think that unruly dhlurr should be able to live, and he thought that converting was a waste of time. On the other hand though he wasn't going to go out of his way to cause any kind of trouble. He would be more than glad to raise a paw if he needed to. He could already tell that today was going to be an interesting day and he was starting it off in an exciting way. He was ready to find out what was going on and even hopefully participate.

A small smirk was on the large lion's maw as he started to approach the group. He pushed his way through flicking his tail around behind him. He stood toward the front shifting his weight on his large paws. The smirk not leaving from his face. " Du sraae maad kuka kkocdems oruimd?" Do they need some smacking around? His words were harsh, pretty normal for a Nergui. Looking at the slaves he couldn't help but to be a little amused, wondering how they got themselves here.


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PostPosted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:10 pm
(OOC NOTE: I missed a slave due to the owners' list being out-of-date and me being derpy McDerperson.

Lua has been added to the OOC information and the line-up and should be assumed to have been there IC all along. Slave owners, please take note of the new line up order.

That is all!)
PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:32 am
Lua had seen better days. His lip was split down the left cheek, and the side of his shoulder was still raw. His mane, which had once been a wild plume of dark black had turned dusty grey like the land they inhabited, stringy and slick. He looked far more like his grandfather these days, although there were few around who might have been able to make the comparison.

But despite all that had changed, Lua was still Lua. He was a strong looking lion, a fact that had been partially responsible for his capture. It was clear to just about anyone that had it not been for his young daughter also within nergui captivity, he might have chosen to go down fighting.

As the nergui pushed them about, he couldn't help but feel a faint smile cross his face. It hurt. So far gone were the days when he and Faine used to travel the savannah. For a while he had hoped his old friend might take notice of his absence- that he might help him in someway to escape. But looking upon the grim faces of the nergui, and Lua knew that Faine was far too much the coward to do something as noble as that.

Blinking one bright eye blearily against the early morning light, he watched the thugs dart about, no doubt constructing some sort of task for the slaves on that morning. It seemed whenever the nergui got antsy about something, they started to obsess over the little things.


Shia bean


PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:35 am
User Image

Byu often thought on the differences that would have been if fate had not doomed him to this hell. In fact, he obsessed over them now more then ever-- a once strange lion turned completely scatterbrained. What good it did for his image, too, as his teeth rattled in his head and his eyes bulged behind a thinning, frazzled mane; a target to all frustrations needing relief. He was more a numbed punching bag then a fight-filled feline, and when the times burdened him right Byu was not entirely sure whether slavery suited him best over the starvation that would have occurred had he never been captured.

For all of the 'what if's' he conjured, deep down the idea seemed to fit. Perhaps he was better off battling infections from beatings then roaming the wilds on his own.

His voice may have been lost in his own head, but the distress of this particular situation was not. It was in moments like these that his hopes for a better tomorrow would vanish. Byu would find himself pinned beneath the devil eyes of his captors, unsure as to where the lashing would come from, and for how long it might last. Yet, it was not only that which seemed to have the male buckling at the knees...

Would he feel more comfortable being surrounded by the strongest and fiercest of males amongst the Nergui pride? A thousand times over. If he had to die by any paw, he would hope that it would be the Muvukol's and his alone. Byu's fear of females sunk deep and held fast, and in the presence of them would lose his functionality. This morning the line-up of slaves had nearly all the lioness' eyes upon them. Fortunately, the weight of his fear for them could be mistaken for something else entirely.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:25 am
Hope edited this by mistake. Oops.  


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Liberal Streaker

PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:54 am
Nebo's smile received swift retribution.

Oxotl slammed into his shoulder, the full force of a well-fed, well-trained Nergui emkurcar into that of a weakened slave, and reared onto to feet to bring her paws down on his head. Claws fully extended, Oxotl's only bother was to keep them from Nebo's eyes.

Like the Muvukol, she did not provide words. Any further assault against the pale lion was cut off by the execution of her next order.

Oxotl swept down the line, feet almost breaking into a jog. Her eyes settled onto the lioness in question, interesting only for the strangeness in her bright red underbelly.

"If you come quietly, you will not have to bleed." Like Gever, Oxotl spoke in common tongue. Her teeth gripped onto Pele's ear, tugging in a manner that was in no way affectionate, or friendly. The emkurcar were taught early that ears were extraordinarily sensitive and made for easy leading.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:21 pm
Los kept his stance behind the lions as they were pushed together roughly. His eyes narrowed in delight, a wicked smile on his face, as one of the slaves was punished for his rather rude behavior. When the all-clear came to hurt those who disobeyed, Los pricked up his ears and stood even sharper. Good...that was what he was here for, after all. To help keep these slaves in line. He trotted down the line, snapping at heels from time to time just to let the slaves know that he was there in case they decided to do something stupid.

He didn't bite any of them, though. Just a quick little snip of his teeth behind their legs. That was enough to keep them sharp and facing forward.  


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:56 pm
He let out a grunt at the slam, though didn't make noise otherwise. If Nebo was upset, it was more that the force had made him bite off the grass bit he had held in his teeth, watching as the little brown piece fell to the ground. He then looked up at the lioness, only betraying that her action had hurt by shifting his paw a bit, adjusting how he stood as his shoulder began to throb. While his face did form into a displeased expression, it was more from the ache that also accompanied where her paws had struck him in the head and raked claws across it. Despite his ache, he turned only just slightly to spit the last bit of grass out, though it was less as an act of defiance and more to get the bit of grass off his tongue. Without the rest of the piece of grass, it was unpleasant to have.

The lioness' face filled with a mix of horror and pain as she was forced out of the line. She barely understood what the gray lioness had said - She had caught 'come quietly' and 'bleed,' which had been enough for her. She compliantly stepped out of the line with Oxotl, doing her best to keep up to minimize any injury to her ear. Her eyes shifted when she spied her daughter, as well as Nebo. The male had, when nobody paid them attention, taught her some Common Tongue words he thought would be important... Just in case. 'Come quietly' had been two of them. She shifted her eyes back to Oxotl, grimacing just a bit. What were they going to do with her?

The darker lioness watched her mother get dragged away, speaking to her quietly in the Hongshan's tongue. "Just do as they indicate - They're using the southern tongue." She fidgeted a bit, then eyed Oxotl, simply wanting to know what was going on. "Wlaek 't sa'rs ar?" Admittedly, she already missed the menial tasks. They served no real clear purpose, but to Alamea, they were, after all, life. They were something to do all day, and she supposed it could always be worse. They could have been ordered around to do the hunting and the like for the horde, after all.  
PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:07 am
Ardant had been laying close to the stream where the group was now located, his ear twitching now and again as he caught a few snippets of both common and Nergui tongue. Something was going on with the slaves... Rolling his bright green eyes up at the sky he allowed himself a moment to think about what he wanted to do.

Violence was heavy in the air again, his pulse indicated that with the pounding in his skull. He would have a chance to ******** with the minds of the weak, rend flesh, break bones and perhaps gain the favor of more of his fellow pride members.

However, attention wasn't always a good thing...

Rolling onto his feet, Ardant perished the idea that came to mind and slowly strolled towards the group. Piercing eyes taking in the slaves and the pride members. Was this Gable's idea? Nodding a greeting he turned towards the slaves and smiled.

"Srorr va kicd vesr sraer kemdk suu?" (Shall we ******** with their minds too?)


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:58 pm
Styx watched the going ons with a small grumble escaping his throat. He was keeping a close eye on the slaves, he waited to hear what was going to happen next but as Gable addressed him, his ears perked and his head lifted. A smirk grew on his face at the command he was given. Keep them in line? A smirk grew on his face at the idea. This was going to be fun that was for sure. He stepped forward, his tail lashing around behind him as he did, a small snarl escaped his mouth. His brow lifted looking at Pele to see what she was going to do. He was more than happy to help make her bleed if he needed to that was for sure.

As he thought though he turned back to the slaves, as Pele moved he let out a snarl his claws digging into the sand and then back out. He was keeping an eye on them waiting to see if another was going to move or try to pull a fast one. Something that was sure was he wasn't goint o let anyone get away with anything. Nope not him.
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