Name: Pizzazz!
Gender: Female
Type: Earth
Body Pretty standard, maybe a little on the lighter/taller side. Light gray with some dark gray stripes maybe. Pizzazz really was fond of zebra stripes in the show.
Eyes: Whatever floats your boat. Should be a bit angry looking. Kind of an emerald green.
Hair: Ridiculous 80s neon green hair with bangs. Solid neon green mane, tail of the same neon green color except for two solid-color streaks in it: purple and pink - because, why not. I can remove these if need be.
Cutie Mark 8D: A totally rocking awful hair metal guitar that is also a motorcycle. You can super-simplify it or just do a pink glam metal guitar or something, I don't mind.
Brief Character Description: Pizzazz is an obnoxious, sour type who tends to genuinely care for a select few people and drive everyone else away with her excessive tantrums and borderline antisocial behavior. Despite this, she truly believes she is a rock star, and loves to perform. She has a tendency to make a song up about just about anything - whether it's getting a record contract or just throwing punch at someone. Desperate for success and fame.

+ Ref pics where possible:

Really quick doodle, I'll do more later.

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Yeah man earrings would be cool.

She is based off of this.

(Yeah, so if this is too strange or just laughable for ya'll, just let me know. I can totally change things.)