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Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:40 am
- Anyone with a Nergui member can post here!
- If you don't have a Nergui, familiars can also be used! Just make sure they keep out of reach of claws or teeth!
- Doesn't really need to be said, but play nice, all!
- If you are not sure about something, feel free to ask questions.
- There may be a prize. Just sayin'...

User Image

Crossing the centre of the rugged Nergui camp - still wet from a recent deluge of rain - were two Nergui lions. One dark female, large and powerful and one male, thin and weak. In fact, physically they couldn't have been more different, but that was hardly a surprise. The female was a welcome member who had flourished the moment she had signed up. The other...

Well, until that morning he had lived life as a dhlurr. A slave.

He still moved with the stiffness of one who had worked too hard and his eyes had the hollow, glazed look of one who had suffered a long time. Perhaps too long, some might say. Still, he had been broken now. He was a convert. One of them. As of tomorrow he would begin life as an emkurcar and he would be thankful for the life that had been given to him.


"Hey! Everyone!" Mawasii - the female - called out. "Come and meet our new friend. This is---" She paused, throwing back her head to look at the shaky male. "What was your name again?" She asked under her breath.

"Tolui." He breathed.

Not the name he had been born with. No. That name was not for the Nergui. It was a thing of the past. And the parents who had given it to him were dead. As far as he knew, he was the only one left.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:09 pm
User Image User Image User Image

The dark lioness smiled as attention was called. Ah, one of the dhlurr had come to his senses. Now if only the others would... They'd see the way soon enough, she figured. She examined the male, noting his glazed eyes, almost seeming to be dead, and his thin, weak state. He'd fill back in soon enough... She grinned at the former dhlurr. "Welcome, Tolui. Your new life begins now... You've made the right choice." She looked over to two lions joining them. They both looked like they'd been in a scrap together, the dusty gray-brown looking far more like he had lost the fight. If only Tolui had converted as fast as these two had..

Ngoma carried a step of confidence in his walk. The smaller male had had the bright idea to challenge him for Ramla, and Ngoma had put him in his place. It certainly helped that this lion had to be around the same age as Ngoma's children, possibly a little younger, which meant he didn't know all the tricks the former Firekin did. His green gaze passed over the thin and scrawny lion, eyebrow up. "Hard life as a dhlurr didn't serve HIM well, did it...?" Other than breaking him. The white lion had to admit, he liked that about the Nergui. Even if they tried to absorb slaves in, they still did their best to break them so they'd more easily accept the ways. And that was part of the pull for the lion to the horde.

Beside Ngoma, Mahiri scowled. He'd been very soundly beaten by the larger and older lion, so he showed more than scars and scratches for his trouble - His pride was wounded. He stared at the lion, then raised an eyebrow. "I'd almost think he could be related to me..." Almost. Not quite... No, while Mahiri was smaller than the Firekin, he at least was filled in. Plus he knew who all was related to him - His brother, Mr. Goody Two Paws, made sure of THAT. Oh, if only Chata could see the power Mahiri was standing with now... "I wonder if he could stand up to a god..." He snickered at his own words, then frowned at the look Ngoma gave him. No sense of humor...  


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Offensive Hero

PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:25 pm
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Furchtlos trotted through the Nergui lands, ears perked, looking for someone to talk to. He was trying to get to know the members of his new pack and, as a hyena, felt like he needed to make a good impression. He was decently sized for a male of his kind, but next to the lions he was quite small. His mind was quick and his jaws were strong, though, and he hoped he'd prove himself one way or another soon.

His attention was caught a as group of lions began to gather. He set off in their direction, tail high in a friendly manner, wagging slightly. Los trotted up just in time to catch the name of the 'new' member, and he tilted his head just a bit. This lion didn't seem to be terribly happy about joining...but he didn't seem opposed, either. He just...was.

"A dhlurr," he murmured softly to himself, finally understanding. "Welcome," he added, speaking up a bit louder to like the group know of his presence. "And I'm very glad that you've seen the sense in our cause."  
PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:49 pm
User Image

There were very few things a nergui could count on in life. But if there was one thing that worked like clockwork, it was that any new male to the pride soon found themselves being fawned over by the delicate looking Tzora. Even a former dhlurr like Tolui.

"Ah! I had a feeling about this one!" she said, emerging from her lounging spot to swarm Mawasii and the other. Her attempt to cut in between the two was neither subtle nor intended to be. Her tail curved underneath his chin as she studiously appraised him.

In truth, she had no feeling. Not towards slaves- not even towards the higher ranking males who pursued her. It might have been easy to write Tzora off as a simple floosy- and perhaps, that was exactly the opinion she fostered about herself. But Tzora was like a weed growing around a sapling. Killing strength slowly simply by existing. Every bit the source of her daughter's snideness and vanity, and none of the soul to temper it.

She purred. "But still he seems so apprehensive!"



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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:32 pm
"Well, of course he's still apprehensive, with you curling around him like a snake, Tzora!" The comment wasn't made to be rude, more a joking gesture. She moved closer, looking the male over. "Wait until he fills in before trying to sink your claws in, at least." She reached up, pinching the male's cheek. "I'm sure he'll turn some heads once we're done with him. Tell us, Tolui, what rank will you be aiming for after you settle in to your emkurcar role...? Will you be a shuko like Tzora here, or will you be a braak like Mawasii, Ngoma, Mahiri, and I?" She paused, tail flicking. "That is, if you strive to be more..."

Mahiri gave a snort. "Of course he'll aim for better! Who would WANT to be an emkurcar?" He took a seat, lifting his head with obvious pride, fight wounds be damned. "I don't think any lioness should settle for less than a Shuko or Braak, myself!" As far as he cared, they had the best genes, and were the best at what they did of the lower ranks. They would sire some of the strongest children. Pain suddenly exploded on the back of his head as a huge paw smacked it. The dusty-colored lion reached up, rubbing the back of his head and scowling at Ngoma. "What was that for?!"

"You had best watch what you SAY around me, Mahiri, because you just insulted my MATE." He snarled at the younger lion. "Do I need to beat another lesson into you about that?" He then eyed Tzora, instantly wary of her. Somehow, he'd missed meeting her... Regardless, she was an interesting lioness with strange markings. Was she related to someone in the Firekin...? It was entirely possible, they had all sorts of markings... And they'd likely gained a lot more in his absence. "There is nothing wrong with being an emkurcar. Everybody has to start SOMEWHERE. We can't all be so lucky as to join and be elevated."  
PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 3:11 pm
The newly dubbed 'Tolui' was starting to look a little crowded, his breathing quickening as if he were about to embark on some sort of panic attack. Thankfully, the black cat at his side gave him a gentle shove with her shoulder and grinned at the curious Nergui.

"He'll bulk up in no time."

The brown lion bobbed his head in an agreeable fashion and visibly seemed to relax his shoulders, taking a short step forwards. Sweeping his eyes across the faces of the three stood in a group, his eyes settled then on the dark hyena. Hyenas were an unknown to him but this one seemed...friendly. Perhaps even more so than the lions. Or maybe he was just hiding his true self away for now.

"Your people are...persuasive." He replied, his voice still thin.

And then came Tzora.

Mawasii swept around to face the petite, brightly coloured female - always amazed at the intricacy of the patterns gracing her pelt. Some of these Nergui were so wonderfully marked that she found herself feeling quite plain and boring. Still, if she built up enough strength and earned herself some glory, perhaps someday she'd be something to look at, too.

Tolui simply stuttered as the little female cut between him and the dark lioness. Perhaps he feared that he might be struck again - even though he was dhlurr no longer.

Mawasii laughed. "You two are terrible. Give the poor male some breathing room." Still, she didn't make any move to stop them, simply standing back with a look of amusement on her face.

Tolui seemed unsure what to say. He really was no fighter but it seemed that a great deal of emphasis was placed on such. Perhaps Shuko, then? He could be quiet. That was a lesson he had quickly learned upon slavery.

User Image

"Tros one commus fight." Came the guttural tones of the Nergui warlord, decorated in bones and fur that partially covered the signs of battle. "I raord he ksuud and voscrad as rek famile dead fighting." And he circled them, moving closer, his gaze calculating, almost taunting. He would not hold back his words to save feelings. Truth or not, if this lion had stood and watched his family die - as he had just proclaimed to the group - then he was a coward.

Muunokhoi did so like to provoke reactions in people.

"Tra life uk an emkurcar is orr he re worthy sa." He should be thankful for his new position, too.



Fuzzy Kitten

wooga Paes

Shirtless Explorer

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:21 pm
Drogon was just returning from a hunt when this crowd got his attention. He wasn't one for chatting up with others much, probably trying to work on his cool, brooding exterior. But if he got the situation right, a dhlurr had finally come to it's senses.

He thought he even recognized the male, odds are he had probably beat him once. Drogon didn't make a point to remember such things, though.

He flicked his ears as Muunokhoi's words came to him, and wrinkled his nose slightly. Had this lion really done that? No good. Hopefully he was less of a coward nowadays.

Drogon stepped closer to the crowd, looking far less fancy than the Warlord. The only item he'd chosen as adornment, however, was good enough for him. The gray feather with strange white marking form the kulukadok he had nearly caught and slain. He didn't bother speaking just yet.


The same could not be said for Mokarakk of many names*, who showed up soon after. His strange eyes fixed curiously on the dhlurr, and he snorted with amusement at Muunokhoi's words. It annoyed him that so many present now weren't speaking the local dialect, as he had never bothered learning the common tongue, and only knew a few words aside from the ones incorporated into their own language.

"Emkurcar ek all ra'rr aqar ba good kur. Ha vuird kraaza em rek kerks battle." Ozzirven was pretty sure, and he snickered at the thought of his words coming true. This frail little thing in a fight? Pah, worthless. "Is suud rek ku long su sas veka, I duibs ra'd ba o good shuko aesrar." He snorted, this time opting to insult the "newcomer"s intelligence. One so dumb couldn't hope to be shuko.

Krazaaj didn't worry about upsetting those who seemed more supportive of Tolui, because the only one whose opinion of him he might care about present was Muunokhoi. Besides, even without his beautiful markings and striking eyes, he was Faivkol. He tended not to worry much about consequence.

* the names Mokarakk, Ozzirven, Negwin, Krazaaj and Ikh are interchangeable! he's a freak.  
PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:54 am
Ngoma looked at the newly-arrived males with some confusion at their words. He still had a long way to go yet to understanding even some part of their language, but as he listened, he got the idea that none of them were good words. The white lion could only shake his head at them, chuckling to himself. He couldn't comment on the Warlord's words, instead looking at him and bowing his head in respect for his position. Nuri had been so kind so far to educate him and Ramla on who was incredibly important in the Nergui, and this lion decorated with bones was one of them.

The spotted lioness looked at the Warlord with something of envy. She was neither male nor a founder, so felt she may have no chance at becoming one. She wanted to try, though... Oh did she ever want to try. She then eyed the dark male with the blood-splattered-silver eyes, frowning at him. "Ha rok seka su vruqa rekkark, Momae-mokak. Ha vok kkors amuisr su kaa sra arr em rek voaek omd iuem ik." She looked at Tuloi, smiling again as she thought of how smart he had to be to see that, yes, their way was best. "I roqa cumkedamca ra'rr vruqa rekkark em bossra." She pinched his cheek again, grinning. "For your benefit, because I don't know if you understand our tongue yet or not... I have confidence in you, Tuloi."

Mahiri, too, looked at the Warlord with a touch of rank envy, but he bowed a bit more bodily than Ngoma had. "Worrurd..." One day, he wanted to be that respected... But he'd need to work on his language skills first. He couldn't have the respect of lions either who couldn't understand him, or he couldn't understand. They could easily say anything about him without him knowing it. He listened to Nuri's words about confidence, processing both the local tongue she used and the southern tongue. Cumkedamca... Someone would have that in him one day. He looked around, then spied Drogon, eyes lighting up at the feather. "A kulukadok feather!" The only one he'd ever known had no feathers... He didn't even have wings. To Mahiri, that was all the more reason to believe he was a false god.  


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:35 am
Kivuli hvrucked as she watched the Nergui gather to see their newest member, mantling and shaking her feathers out in amusement. It was funny how each member seemed to want to out do the others, each approaching with their own individual reactions to the former dhlurr. 'Let's see who can make the biggest impression.' She mocked them in her mind. Morag would have found it funny, but she wasn't here, so the joke would have to wait.

Despite her status, the adult raven was not stupid and unlike when she was younger, didn't intentionally place herself within reach of those claws and teeth. With how long she and her siblings had been unclaimed by Groas Oma, she suspected some doubted they ever would be, which made them expendable in their eyes.

Some heckling from afar was never amiss though. As long as she stayed safe on her perch...
PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:58 am
Quite a crowd had started to gather by this point and the new member seemed to grow even more wary. He couldn't be blamed, really. Perhaps a number of these lions had sneered or even beaten him before this day. He would, perhaps, have been more foolish to have shoved away that feeling of uncertainty that lingered in his heart even when many seemed to be nothing but friendly towards him now. He was, at least, satisfied that not all would so willingly be his friends when the warlord and two more members joined them. Some words passed that he did not understand and, sidling closer to Mawasii he whispered: "What are they saying?"

"Sorry." Was all she mumbled back. "I don't know enough yet to tell you." And then she looked distractedly across at Drogon and Mokarakk. One was the son of the Kaar Oma and the other...? A handsome fellow with the strangest eyes she had ever seen.

Her tail flicked.

Muunokhoi growled once more in Tolui's direction before turning his head to glance across at the one who spoke his language. There were too many newcomers here and it riled him. His heavy paws thudded as he moved towards the braak and shifted to stand alongside him. He had been a braak himself, once, back when he had been newly converted. He tended not to dwell that far back in the past, though.

The female, however, he ignored completely. Let her fawn over the new one if she wished. Still, whereas he was content to ignore her, Mahiri's declaration was of greater interest.

He had heard the rumours but a short glance at the feather didn't betray anything too obvious of its source. Careful not to appear to interested (he'd look into it later, maybe), he turned his attention back to the scruffy ex-dhlurr.

When he spoke again, his voice was booming. "I say va test rek." He lifted his head higher. "Ara there omae volunteers?"

The translation was simple. The worrurd wished to test their new 'brother' and appeared to be seeking volunteers from those gathered.

The little raven-spy, of course, went completely unnoticed for now. There were many birds in the vicinity - the majority of them vultures and ravens - and the lions never paid too much attention to their appearances or what they might be up to.


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:48 pm
User Image

The red male had been watching from a small distance away. He watched as the group gathered around the new male and he couldn't help but to sneer a little. Groups bothered him... honestly one on one interaction bothered him. He normally didn't enjoy company and even though he kind of wanted in on the conversation that was going on at the same time he just felt like there were way too many others hanging around as well. He wanted to see what was going on yet at the same time he wasn't that sure how he felt about the growing group. He stretched his legs out from where he was laying, watching. And contemplated heading over, as he did he noticed the Worrurd wander over to the group and his ears perked, he was wondering what the male was doing over there too.

The gruff male wandered up with an annoyed look on his face. She short male walked with confidence as he approached the group. It was something that he normally did. He was smaller than the everyday lion. He looked around at the lions before speaking. "Trek this reum looks vosrasec." The lion spat his hair standing up on his neck a slight bit. He then turned toward Muunokhoi and gave a nod of respect to him. "I'rr soda sra crorramsa ek mu uma arka duak." (I'll take him on, if no one else does), the male offered glancing at the new creatures his tail flicking around behind him a small snarl was still on his lips as he spoke. He looked around to those around him trying his hardest to keep a small distance from them not really wanting to put up with being too close to any of them. His tail flicked around behind him as he waited for a question.
PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:32 pm
Ikh smirked at the idea that she might try to reprimand him. "Rakakbar aeuir place, Nuri. Aeui kesrs erresosa me." He warned coolly, but in all honesty no immediate threat was intended, unless she got a lot bolder and more irksome. A lioness like her wasn't really worth his time, as far as the braak was concerned... And he was a little lazy.

Mahiri's words also got his attention briefly, and quickly the lioness vanished from his mind. Even the ex-dhlurr briefly was forgotten. Kulukadok feather? Negwin scowled as he caught sight of the gray and white thing tied carefully into Drogon's mane. He was not as inconspicuous about his staring as Muunokhoi, but eventually turned his attention back to the Warlord and the new convert.

"I ver volunteer."


As much as Drogon wasn't sure about this lion's bravery or intelligence, everyone deserved the benefit of the doubt. Or so the young male thought, so he began to pity the scruffy lion somewhat as more negative people started to pop up.

When Mahiri pointed out his feather oh-so-subtly, his reaction was mixed. First his lips quirked up in a bit of a smug smirk, but then he carefully changed his expression to a more passive one. Drogon generally liked the fame, but he was also aware sometimes it could attract unwanted attention. He decided against commenting on it for that reason, despite subconsciously nodding a confirmation.

"Wros demd uk test, Muunokhoi Oma?" He asked, wondering what the Warlord had in mind, but not entirely interested in taking part.

wooga Paes

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Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:53 am
To the red lion, Styx, he said: "Ar, but srara is seka aplenty. Mura than uma of ik should ba given sra chance su test rek. Take es in sirmk. We vuirdm's want rek to koca an imkoer test bae being uismikbarad, would va?" He was offering all those gathered a chance to pit themselves against the newcomer, though they would take in turns to avoid outnumbering him and having any unfair advantage. His smile was all menacing teeth as he moved forwards towards where Tolui stood (half cowering) beside the dark female.

Mawasii - who had been unable to follow most of the conversation in local tongue - braced herself and shifted forwards as if to defend his honour. But, at the last moment, realised how fatal this might be. A male who needed a female to protect him was worthless. Converted or not, they might kill him for that. Hastily, she backtracked, stepping to the side before Muunokhoi could shove her away.

Tolui's gaze stabbed but he would thank her for it later.

"Cuka." Muunokhoi ordered, his tone enough for the newcomer to understand. Obediently, Tolui stepped forwards and the warlord circled to drive the others back and create room.

"Wru wants su try kerks? Styx? Drogon? Mahiri? Mokarakk?" His eyes skipped across the group, purposely leaving out any of the females -- until the end where his eyes settled on one and, in a scoffing tone, said: "Nuri?" He gave a bark of laughter before stepping back to observe. Females, even those who chose the path of Braak were hard for the warlord to take seriously.

And then came the explanation of the little test: "Tra rules ora simple. Wa shall saks his cuirosa. Anyone vru accepts sra challenge koae have srraa attempts su land o hit. Ik he dudsak them sram perhaps ra is mus so vursrrakk after orr. But ba careful mus to kcor him - va wouldn't voms him soemems scars vesruis having aormad honour."

The Test
Okay! So, lions who wish to test the newcomer, here's what you have to do:

1. Randomise a number between 1-3. The number rolled determines how many hits your lion lands on Tolui. (example: rolling a 2 will mean that you hit twice and Tolui dodges once.) This means everyone will hit him at least once.
2. As Muunokhoi said, don't allow your lion to inflict wounds deep enough to leave scars. Wouldn't want others thinking he had gained them through honour! Small/shallow wounds are fine.
3. You may god-mode out how/where your lion hits/fails to hit Tolui
4. You do not need to wait for a response from me before the next person rolls. I'll try and keep up with responses but I can do 'catch up' posts if need be.
5. Females can try, but be warned, they might be reprimanded by one of the males (unless they do particularly well and roll a 3).
PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:08 am
Los watches from a slightly removed distance, not wanting to impose his presence on the lions. He knew he and his hyena brethren were useful and respected, but he wasn't sure if he was welcome to initiate the new member. He'd be more than happy to sit back an watch, though, and maybe join in if motioned to. He wouldn't be leaving very light wounds, though, as his jaws and teeth were the only way of leaving his mark.

So Los sat, eager eyes on the thin lion before him. Even if he didn't get to fight, he'd gain enjoyment from watching his pride mates have fun.  


Offensive Hero

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:02 pm
User Image

Word had traveled. Word that a dhlurr had finally broken in their stubborn clinging to wrong ways, to become one of them. Mkhai had come to see this new Nergui, but not in anything remotely resembling a hurry. This new one had done nothing to garner that much interest. No, his pace was dignified, powerful, befitting a long-serving braak. So it was that he arrived just before the Worrurd suggested testing the newcomer--something that he agreed with wholeheartedly. Testing others (and finding them somehow lacking) was something that suited him.

"I verr test." Something akin to a sneer flitted across the powerfully-built male's face, before it was replaced with a stony lack of expression. Pale eyes held all that was needed, though. Disdain.

Moving forward, he aimed a swipe at the ex-dhlurr's feet that was quickly dodged. In the blink of an eye he shifted to his other forepaw, coming from the opposite direction to rake across the other male's shoulder in shallow cuts. A third strike was evaded, prompting a sneer that was now displayed for all from Mkhai.

"Yui disappoint ka."

Turning, he prowled back to the others. He would see if this one found a spine.
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