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Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:28 pm
The silence wasn't promising, but still, Tomorbaatar was not about to give up. He'd keep pushing until it was clear that there was no way he could convince this lion with words to follow him.

Unfortunately for Amali, the hyena would give him no answers. She clearly had her own agenda and helping him was not a part of it.

"I'm sorry. This probably seems all too much. I just thought I'd offer, that's all. You're under no obligation, but perhaps it might be good to learn some more about your ancestry? About what your relatives go through with their visions? Or perhaps if, someday, you have children of your own who inherit the gift, it would be nice to be able to explain it better to them?"
PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:55 pm
He was disappointed by the hyena, she didn't seem to really be doing anything but sticking with them like this. Her presence was as puzzling as the blue lion's pushiness. The mention of his own children made him turn his attention back to Tomorbaatar, a bit too quickly to hide his thoughts on that. He knew it was very likely he had left Rakt-may with cubs, he felt certain he had now.. but that was just distracting him now.


Amali could be pushy, too. His mind was made up, he didn't like the way this lion was pressuring him like this when he'd already denied interest or ability. His companion made him nervous, overall he just didn't like it.

"Thank you, but I can satisfy my own curiosity in my own ways," he said, not bothering to mention how uncomfortable it was to wander into the midst of a strange pride. If he wasn't so familiar with the Pridelands and if he didn't have so much family there, he wouldn't have been able to spend the time he did there. He had gone in circles for what seemed an eternity on his name quest but he had stubbornly stuck to the roguelands, crossing borders on purpose only with guides he genuinely trusted- and that had only been the once and it was Rakt-may.


Magical Apprentice


Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:02 pm
Okay. Time to get forceful. It was the lion's own fault for refusing his such kindly worded offer. He took a step towards him. "I'm afraid I am going to have to insist."

The hyena tensed behind him, her eyes vivid in her face.

"We like our seers and if you have the talent we can't just let it escape. You'll come with me now by choice or I'll be given no other option but to force you." His heart was pounding and he could feel his patience snapping. How was he going to do this? This was too much for the one scout. He couldn't keep track of his recruits if he was outnumbered and they were unwilling.

Still, for Graos Oma he had to try.
PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:10 pm
The change in the blue lion made Amali get to his feet at once, he could almost feel the change happen. He was expecting his, his persistence was a hint at this- he had hoped it would be shaken or laughed off. So this seemed to settle it, Amali was a seer and they knew it before he did. Why would his own visions bring him here?

"I don't think so," he said, taking a step away from the aggressive stranger, suddenly feeling lucky he hadn't accepted the offer earlier hoping it would be an easy way to find his name.


Magical Apprentice


Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:26 pm
"You will." Was all he said before he lunged straight at the lion, teeth and claws ready to inflict harm. There was no hesitation and his pounce was swift.

The plan was a simple one. If he couldn't get the lion to follow him, he'd render him inc apable of moving and send some others to come out and fetch him. They'd drag him back and he'd soon learn his place. His gift should not be denied. Graos Oma had need of his skills.

And Tomorbaatar was going to get them for him.
PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:33 pm
Amali was not expecting such swift action, he wasn't ready in the slightest when Tomorbaatar lunged forward-- he seemed ready to kill him, though Amali couldn't wrap his head around such a recruitment technique except for extreme displeasure in having an invitation turned down.

So he was knocked off his feet and his immediate attempt to defend himself came out as a flailing attempt to kick the blue lion off of him- he couldn't even find a way to use his teeth or claws just yet. He was definitely not a warrior.


Magical Apprentice


Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:42 pm
Tomor's strike hit with incredible force and the flailing paws aimed at his paws and stomach were absorbed as he began his attack, He'd be bruised later - no doubt - but this was a matter of honour. He crippled this lion now or he lost him, it was as simple as that. A crippled seer was better than no seer at all. Yes, there'd be complaints, but he could deal with them when the time came.

He would not fail.

His teeth grabbed hold of fur, clenching tight, his head shaking from side to side to tear and rend. He tasted blood, sharp in his mouth, and hissed, trying to pin down the lion's flailing limbs so that he could get a better grip at his throat. But maybe the throat was not the best idea. Could end up, easily, as death and that would be worse than him escaping.

Claws raked, seeking purchase in vulnerable skin lying beneath the fur and as he reached up to strike him across the head - perhaps in hopes to render him unconscious - he was aware of the thudding of paws and realised - to his horror - that the hyena was fleeing.

"No." The word bubbled out of his mouth and suddenly he was wrenching away from Amali and turning to see the hyena quickly disappearing. He had only a few seconds to make up his mind and he knew, in that moment, he could not afford to let the hyena go.

He'd have to hope the damage he had inflicted would be enough.

With a fierce, enraged snarl, he tore off after the hyena.

She had been patient, but her escape attempt would not pay off. Half an hour later and she'd be captured again; facing the fate that Amali had managed to evade.
PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:56 pm
Once Tomor had the upper-paw, there was no way Amali could get back out. He was doing well enough to make sure that he wasn't immediately incapacitated. He growled and managed to pull himself together enough to push back against the blue aggressor and to keep his neck out of danger-- but he wasn't getting any meaningful strikes returned. It was lucky that the hyena made a run for it when she did- not that Amali could piece together why Tomorbaatar suddenly stopped trying to rip him to shreds and ran off. When he was gone, Amali lay in the sand trying to figure out everything that just happened.

He was bleeding in more places than one, he was seeing stars and a quick test showed he wasn't going to have an easy time picking himself up and getting out of here. He nearly got upright but he gave up, laying back in the sand, thinking about how much trouble he was in now. Even if he could get moving again, would it be fast enough to get out of the desert before the heat and lack of water got the better of him?

He didn't think so.



Magical Apprentice

[IC] Nergui Lands [IC]

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