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[PRP] An Opportunity Arises [Andara'Devi + Serru]

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-_Wish of Tevarae_-

Feral Phantom

PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:34 am
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Night time in the Tokakinji was beautiful. Tonight, the full moon shone along the grounds, illuminating everything in its path. The stars twinkled down from the skies, merry lights calling attention to the heavens. The land was silent, especially along the edges of the pride. One of the Mkoani had decided tonight was a good night to wander. A good night to walk the outskirts of the rogue lands and the Pride to scout for something...anything to do.

Her paws drew her along the edge of the pride's lands. The Toka druid had needed a moment away from all the things that often driven her through levels of insanity. Her pale eyes gazed about her, sweeping the ground. In the cover of night, it was the only thing another could see, her beautiful, pale gaze. The Mkoani province wasn't the sort to accept females like her easily. She often lost her dens, and her food, and this left the poor Forsworn thin, and tired. Her crescent moon on her face showed up in the moonlight, caught as though a reflection, sparkling white as she lay herself down on the earth. It was warm here, at the very least...And perhaps some prey would wander by that she could eat.

A soft sigh escaped the dark female's lips, her head laying on her paws as she took in the smells and sounds of night in the Toka. Sometimes...she wondered. Life here was so hard...Especially for a Druid released from the prison. Her blood was one oft denied any respect by most in the province...as she no longer lived with her own kind. Something within her prayed for a chance to give other lives a better chance than what she had...A better chance within her home land...
PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:15 pm
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Serru, ever the wanderer, was unaware if he'd entered upon a pride's lands. It'd been a day or so, and he'd smelled plenty of lions, but seen none. No one had come to scare him off, yet, so they must not be too worried about intruders.
Well, if this was a pride at all.
He figured he'd just cross on through this territory and onto whatever was next beyond it. And because no one had crossed his path, he figured it was safe to hunt. As the sun was setting, he managed to catch a hare off guard and made it his dinner. It was a portly little fellow, probably explaining why it had been so easy to catch. He had leftovers, and carried them with him, half of the hare swinging from his jaws.

It was night, now, and he continued walking through the lands. His dark coat allowed him to blend in to the inky blackness. Well, apart from his pink stripes, a gift from his father. He still considered himself alone when a sigh manifested from seemingly nowhere. He stopped dead in his tracks, and whipped his head around wildly. Not wise with half a chubby hare in your mouth. It hit him on the side of his face, smearing it with some blood. He pulled back his lip as a reflex, grossed out by the happening and he moaned, apparently being distracted from what had brought that on in the first place.

He took another couple of steps before he stopped again. He could hear breathing, he could almost swear to it... Serru placed the hare at his feet and tentatively spoke, "Hello...?" He wasn't sure what he was hoping for. No response could mean no one was there or they intended violence. But a response could also be very dangerous.  


Ghostly Friend

-_Wish of Tevarae_-

Feral Phantom

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:03 pm

Her head raised when the sound of someone reached her ears. A moment's concern flared in her breast, warning her that this might be someone who could potentially cause her harm...though Andara had little worry for that. Her own claws were well-honed, and her lithe, slightly underfed body was all muscle. Trotting forwards, she allowed the shadows to hide her, the only real things visible in the low light were her pale eyes and the moon marking on her face. The light eyes seemed to nearly glow, as her form inched a bit closer, slinking low to the ground. How else was she supposed to conduct herself, other than with extreme caution? After all...She was not exactly a fond sight for most...though he was hardly familiar.

"Who goes there." Her tone was slightly raspy, an alto voice echoing from the shadows of the rock she was pressed against. Hopefully this male would take the hint that she was something to be afraid of....even if she wasn't quite. Taking a breath in, Andara let it out as she spoke again, "You are not native to these lands, sir...And I would know who you are."
[IC] Tokakinji Lands [IC]

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