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Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Fri Mar 22, 2013 9:18 pm
Her concern was for Shun. Right now he was being cornered by the general. Then again, she really wasn't high enough in the ranking to really care. The cafe was bristled in conversation here and there. And poor Kard was trying. Urania pointedly ignored his fighting. The only way to get better at conversation was to have some.

"You sound a lot like Shun in that regard. " She complimented. " But if you avoid folks that pick fights, bars are a good place to hang with friends and laugh. Are cafe's more your thing, Kard?"

She heard the question to the stubborn one, and giggled to herself. What a silly question. Or, a good question. And since the barrista seemed to be a little behind in orders, there was some time for a bit of idle chatter.
PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 9:53 am
Nodding to Rish, Shun waited to hear what she needed to say. In the meantime, he ignored the happenings that were going on with the others at the table. Urania and Kard were just having some light conversation anyway. And Israel was getting his feet tuned, or something like that.

Most of what the General said brought a subtle frown to his expression. Hero business. She just had to put it that way. No doubt that she recalled how he didn't consider himself to be one. Letting out a sigh at that thought, he first nodded to her.

"I'll do whatever is needed of me," he said quietly. He wasn't about to skirt around his duties just because of some label.  

Blade Kuroda

Militant Raider

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Omnipresent Noob

PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:35 pm
Israel turned his head to Kard, just as Rish stated that she would stand and spoke to Shun about seeing his friend. What else was spoken was lost as she leaned closer to the man...

Walters moved from the chair to the redhaired lad, long working legs carried him over to were Urania and Kard stood. As it seemed that General would like a moment with Shun, though she claimed not to care who was listening. He knew when not to be paying attention. It was a good skill to have and was good for the health...

Clearing his throat, Walters stopped where his hands slipped into his pocket. His shoulders seemed to hunch just a little. "I'm Sorry, what was that?" Israel asked as green eyes looked back to Kard, before taking a glance over to Urania.

Uh? What were they talking about?
PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:51 pm
Kard huffed to Israel's question. Right, he was all the way back at the table still. The young scientist was far to distracted by a number of things to realize he didn't follow them over to the counter to get the general's beverage.

In response Kard shook his head to Isreal as if to say 'nothing' before returning his attention to Urania. "Y-yes... I like quiet places. Though, I don't really get to go to populated areas. "

These rare occasions were all the doing of his father. If it were up to Kard he would remain far away from humanity, Especially after what he had seen. How could that man over there live with himself? Another brief side-glance went to Shun.

Rish shook her head. "I know how you don't like that title, but in times such as this you will have to hold to it as a badge of courage whether you earned it or not. You were chosen for reasons more than sheer ability. Do not forget this."

She righted her posture, allowing her hand to slide from the table slowly before folding it behind her back.

"Now, as for your task, you will be going on a nice trip with Ranee. I have an informant that will meet you two miles northeast of this city, coordinates will be sent to your ZOIDs. They are waiting even now... so I would recommend you not take too much time to rest."

She grinned. "But by all means, do rest up... you will need it."  

Vice Captain

Blessed Prophet


Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:15 am
He really was uncomfortable. Oh. Poor thing. She really felt sorry for him. There wasn't much Urania could do but smile a small sympathetic smile. Thankfully, she had no clue what was going on in that boy's head.

And also thankfully, the master storyteller was here. "Amazing how people can just sneak up on a group. You'd think we'd've been a bit more vigilant, huh? " she tried to joke. Really, she was trying. It wasn't her strong point.

Urania again smiled at the poor Kard. "You should. People watching is a good spectator sport for the quiet types. " OH LOOK! THE HOT CHOCOLATE WAS DONE! So was Israel's coffee, which she picked up and offered to the man. "I'd rather just sit and watch people than go out on missions, but we can't get what we want always. "

The hot chocolate was picked up, but Urania found herself stalling. Her head tilted to one side as she observed from afar the interaction. "I wonder what she's planning? Hmm.."
PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:10 pm
Shun reluctantly nodded to the General's first set of words. She did have a point there, he suppose. From there, he awaited to hear what his orders were, nodding once more, though firmly this time as he took this in. Was Ranee really ready for field work again, he had to wonder. But, he wasn't going to question Rish's judgement. More likely than not she had visited the woman herself to make such a call.

"Understood," he said before pushing himself up and out of his chair.

"In which case I should take my leave to prepare," he added quietly. He may as well go ahead and get what rest he could before going straight back into business, after all.

That said, he turned towards the others at the table, nodding to them each in turn.  

Blade Kuroda

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Omnipresent Noob

PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:56 pm
Looking to Kard as he shook his head, Israel raised his posture as he looked at the two. "Aw, I see how it is." Israel spoke with a fold of his arms, and how the question was withheld even when asked for a repeat.

"It's cause, I am crippled huh." He mumbled, if anything trying to be funny before his head turned back to Urania spoke about the ninja general. How she so sneekishly snuck up on them.

"She's the damn General, she can vary well do what she want. Even if it's to defie such watchful eyes as these." Walter's spoke hunching himself slightly to be eye level with Urania. A quick finger pointed at his temple, presumably gesturing at his gaze. Green orbs, bugged out at her temporarily, his face still with intent

As the coffee was up, Israel perked his attention and moved rather quickly over to the counter where he retrieved his cup. Nodding his thanks to the woman at the bar, the Black Waltz turned himself back to the conversation. Moving the cup to his mouth, he kept those full lips of his busy with a drink.
PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:35 pm
"...I can see why." Kard sighed as he turned attention to the ready beverages on the counter. "My father never let me engage in any military activity. Only in medical situations if they were able to comply with our neutrality contract. Something along the lines... I really just hate to see people in pain..."

D-did he just make it through that entire part of the conversation without stuttering?! SUCCESS IN SOCIAL PROGRESS!

"Anything would me my guess... " Kard gave a quick glance to the table, shivered, than returned all focus to Urania. Oh he knew the rumors.

"I admire your diligence, and so will our informant." Rish looked back to the door of the cafe very briefly before all attention was placed upon Shun. "Do not wait up for Ranee, she will meet with you in time. Perhaps, if we are lucky, Talon will grace us as well. I shall be informing him soon of his task..."

Oh look, hot chocolate was ready. Rish would take on her next task after a good cup of hot coco...  

Vice Captain

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Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 3:19 am
She laughed. She couldn't help it. Israel was just... She was relieved he wasn't being too serious. "Would you like one of those handicapped stickers? We could get two. Stick one on each leg. " Fingers brushed some of her long hair back, that laugh was needed. It was amazing what a little bit of laughter did to ease the soul. Still, it was unsettling to have someone that powerful just sneak up on them like that.

" I don't blame your father at all, Kard. You do amazing work. Being able to gift your skills freely to all without prejudice is freedom. " While she didn't quite understand the complete legality of a contract, she knew that it was necessary to prevent a greater loss of life. That she could support. " I just wish we'd stop fighting one another and settle on some sort of trade agreement. But that won't happen. Ever. At least while we're alive. "


And somewhere, in the middle of the desert, under a sea of stars, next to a warm fire, roasting caught rabbit, Talon shivered and felt impending doom. Not like it matters right now. But kinda an FYI.  
PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:39 am
Nodding to General Rish, Shun saluted to her once more, then spoke to the rest.

"Perhaps I'll see you some other time."

That said, he went on and made his way out. Some long days were ahead of him. He could feel it.  

Blade Kuroda

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:39 pm
As Shun made his way out, the door opened before him reviling a set of azure eyes, just under the brim of Military cap. Gaze tight with focus, the male that held them didn't seem fazed to see the man before him. Standing in the private's path, a slow breath left the XO's lips. Piercing adorned his ears, three on each that glimmerede faintly past the feather's of dark hair.

left Zyon's lips strictly greeted as if stubbornly to hold some unknown grudge.

With out waiting for a response from the other male, the General's assistance took a step off to the side to let the private leave. Zyon did know that Rish had some work for him to do. Mustn' stall such a thing, Deadthorn might just loose his tongue if he kept him with any more words.

As Shun passed, Zyon enter the coffee shop and let well studied steps over to the counter. Seeing the cup of hot chocolate, the assistant did well to gather the drink. Turn himself from the counter, the XO nodded a mild greeting to the company that talk amongst themselves. Seeing the red haired young man, a vary tame grin corner vary carefully at the edge of one side of his lips as he locked eyes with the male before he fully passed. If one had not been paying attention it would have been missed with the ease of blink of a eye.

Approaching the table, Zyon stood at attention before Rish. Quickly his right hand snapped to respectfully salute the General. The cup of hot chocolate held gingerly in his left hand about the edge so she could easily grasp the handle.


Israel merrily moved his glanced gaze form Kard as the mumble gained no response from the male, but his look quickly moved to Urania as he had earned a laugh. Ah! that was what he was looking at.

"Hey. Ging, you should take some lessons for her, eh?" Israel teased and moved a large elbow to nudge at the shoulder of Kard.

Looking back to the woman, Israel shrugged as she spoke of the fighting 'ending'.

"It's just human nature..."
His gruff voice answered as his hand waved the idea off. He wasn't a war monger or anything like that, but it just seemed so fair off and the fighting so common it hadn't been anything -but- human nature.
PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:57 pm
Kard opened his mouth to respond to Uraina, however the words were knocked out of his mouth as Israel gave him a shove. *uff* The ginger huffed and turned to give him a response as well. Once again the words were taken from his lips once Zion entered the room.

His skin went pale as green eyes went wide. Whatever he was going to say to the two soldiers was lost to a blank stare across the room as he watched Zion take the cup and return to the general's side.

"I-I should go..." He finally peeped after a minute. Frame trembled a little as he begun to turn around. He could just tell his father that everything was fine with the legs. The were fine.

Rish watched Shun leave with his usual manner. It was to be expected. Though, his company was replaced by another trusted service man. Lips curled upward to the hand holding the hot chocolate.

"Good work." She spoke coolly to her XO while she took the hot coco in her hand.

A long drink, one would be surprised to know, she was very looking forward to. It had been so long since she had had some hot coco. She said nothing more to the officer as she took a sip of her beverage, cold blue eye baring down on Zion as if she expected to set him aflame with her mind.  

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Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:37 pm
Poor Kard. She almost felt bad for somewhat ganging up on him, but he seemed to be slightly enjoying himself. Slightly. A 'tch' of disapproval and a shake of her head was all that was had when the poor boy was shoved. But he was going to speak! Speaking is good! This was an improvement.

Or was until that officer seemed to just intimidate the boy by simply looking at him. Did she like this XO? No. She had no opinion. But with that wide eyed fear emanating from Kard... Perhaps she should start paying more attention to the deeds of her superiors. "Kard? ... Oh. Maybe you should. It was nice meeting you."

"Yeah. I guess so. " Urania mumbled to Israel. Some folks were just more blood thirsty than others. "But it's a nice dream. Peace that is. "  
PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:32 pm
"You alright there, bud?" Israel spoke, only having to have nodded to the ghost assistant as he passed. Looking back to Kard the boy seemed a bit shaken up.

his large hand moved to the back of his head were he rubbed, somewhat sheepishly. "It wasn't something I said, was it? I was only mess'n with ya." The Dark man asked, wondering if he 'played' a bit to rough with the other male. Him being one of those that has their muscles in there smart brains, he should have been a bit tamer. Though, he was a man...he should have been able to handle it to....right?

"It's one of those radical dreams, those..."
The Black waltz spoke half mindfully to Urania. Being a polite man, and not to leave her hanging as he was a bit too concerned with the sudden strange demur of Kard.


"Thank you, General." Zyon answered simply as he relaxed his salute. Blue eyes stared back at the general, seemingly not at all effected by the barring gaze. The Executive assistant had to have learned it from somewhere.

As he was permitted, he wordlessly took a step and stood at his rightful place at her side. The XO had to be close, to be there for anything she might need. Strong arms rested behind his back as he stood, eyes placed themselves on the sight ahead of them.

[ Radical Dreamer ]

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:51 pm
Kard's mind was already racing, especially after the General had decided to give him another look. The two of them together was like seeing a two headed dragon poised and ready to strike whenever it was done having merriment with his own torment. Such a monster would seem like the past come to haunt him.

As far as he was concerned there was only him and the two headed dragon in the room. Something he did not wish to be in the company any more. Sure, his dad would call him a coward, but in the end it was his own fault for being who he was. Even if he was going against his own code to at least -try- to be a gentleman.

Kard swallowed hard as he quickly headed toward the exit without so much as a goodbye. He would have to remember to send apology cards or something later. Later being when the two headed dragon wasn't looking at him as if it wanted a meal... THE EMPIRE WAS JUST CREEPY ENOUGH TO EMPLOY SUCH A GENERAL!

Rish lifted the cup to her lips and took a very small sip of the chocolatey beverage. It really was a sweet treat. Almost as sweet as watching the young Fox squirm. The young child needed to face his fears. All she wanted to do was thank him for what he had done... she really was grateful to him for it. Perhaps she would have to visit him before he left the empire.

She glanced back to Zion, her fist lifted to cover her mouth briefly as if to cover a cough, than glanced back to the Urania and Israel.

"What a crew we have..." She whispered to Zion as a grin stretched across her lips. "Have my ZOID ready, I have other soldiers to instruct..."  
The imperial territory ( imperial lands RP area )

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