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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:57 pm
"No. That's not all Damhmit." Isreal spoke just before he turned half his body around to see the red headed male, after he called his name. His emphases on his words seemed a bit flustered by the fact that, this young man called him out and reminded him about his legs.

He didn't have seemed to notice the almost laugh, as if he was a bit to distracted by the young man and his sudden entrance.

"Boooooy, I will -sit- on you."
Israel warned mater of a factually " Their my legs, I am gonna do what I want with 'em." He answered stubbornly back as he turned back around and rested his back defiantly in the chair.

"Damn, cheezer whitecoat ruined my fun..." Walters mumbled a bit as he picked up his toppled paper cup, green eyes pulled themselves over the dented rim. Empty. Of course it was empty, it had been empty for a while now; but the black man seemed to hope something a bit stronger would magically fill in it. That little whitecoat he scared off must have tattled.

"-ANNNNND-" The male raised his voice with a drawn out 'anyways', as he looked over his shoulder partly to cast the corner of his eye to the male. "I was about to get to the good part to." He huffed
PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:26 pm
Kard gave a glance to the other persons around the table, particularly the giggly one. Well- He felt his cheeks grow warm, the typical side affect of being around a woman... CURSE HIS FATHER FOR HIS NON SOCIAL PRIORITIES! His eyes closed as he drew a long breath and returned focus to Israel.

Sit on him? He had expected somewhat of the same reaction. The man seemed quiet before and after the surgery, expressive, but nice. Perhaps he just needed a really long nap to get the edge off. Errand boy to the end Kard... way to go.

"You can finish your story, but I will have to remain with you until we get the data that we need. Those legs were not free, you agreed to exchange information from them. The data can be collected the easy way or the hard way."

And the hard was was not pretty... That 'half a woman' got to see just what the hard way was like. Not that she had a choice in the matter. Strange how small the world may seem.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:34 pm
Urania was incredibly amused by this exchange and, like a good solider on break, didn't give a care in the world about the interchange. That was Kard, Fox's boy. Chances are the blushing babe was here to do that crazy man's bidding. So, in the name of the hosptialtity of the empire, she smiled and held out her cup of coffee invitingly, "Coffee? Tea? Since you aren't going anywhere and the story is not finished, might as well have something to sip while it goes, huh? I'll pay~"

... Yes. She wanted to seem him turn plumb. She was good friends with Ranee after all.

"So what did happen next, Israel? " Siiiiip.
PostPosted: Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:31 pm
Watching the exchange between Fox's son and Walters, Shun soon noted that he was getting a little blushy.


Was it because of Urania? The Private blinked and glanced to her briefly, but shrugged it off. In any case it seemed like the guy was allowed to finish the story here. Granted, a part of him was curious as to what this data was exactly. Most likely it was due to having prototype legs or something along those lines.

Since Urania had already spoken up to ask what happened next, he simply remained silent and waited to hear what happened next.  

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:34 pm

"Bah..." Israel gave in a huff, his large hand moved and fanned the detail away. "Sure, Sure Doc..." He spoke and shifted a leg to push out the chair that was next to him, to Kard.

See, working just fine.

"You have me, there." He added in a sigh as his hand moved to his hat where he fidgeted with slightly.

As Urania called back his attention, green eyes lowered to the girl with the dragonfly sweater.

"See, that's it..." His hand move to gesture to the woman. "I thought their was 'nothing', and carried on with my life all these years..." The dark large man's hand moved to his inner coat pocket.

"That was till I came across this little gem." The Waltz spoke and revealed a torn piece of official looking paper. His hands joined together to unfold it from it's squared state. As the paper was unfolded it was reviled to be the 'wanted' poster of the King of Bandits, that had been found out to be the judge.

"Cover me in flour and call me white, because
" His large pointer finger dropped on the picture's face. "I am -sure- that is the sonofabitch that had save that woman's life..." Walters' hands moved to gesture largely at the two at the table with him.

"and I know it's him." His arms folded over his large barrel chest. Obviously, he wasn't going to be convinced other wise.

"And you know this whole, judge thing started happn' only right after..." Green eyes trailed over to shun. "The traitor was declared dead..." leaning back in his chair he looked at the two with a speical air of gleaming arrogance of 'i am right'.

"And I think he is fixing for revenge..."
PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 6:51 pm
"I-uh... well" Kard stumbled over his words. He was still unable to function properly in front of any woman... THANK YOU DAD!!!! "S-sure. I mean to say, well..."

He drew a deep breath. "The owner is allowing us d-drinks for f-free... There is no..." He cleared his throat. "Need to pay anything for me... The gesture is much a-appreciated."

Kard turned his attention to the leg promptly. His face had already gotten to be ten times redder than his hair.

Back to the leg... it looked to be functioning as it should. He knelt down by the leg and begun to squeeze below the knee all the way down to the ankle. Walters could talk all he wanted, Kard wouldn't interfere. He just wanted to get this job over with and be out of the Empire as soon as possible... Their general scared the red outta his hair.

He shivered to the thought.

Than, as the story continued and the traitor was mentioned, Kard looked up from his examination of the leg. His green eyes looked from Walters to Blade at the mention of the traitor's death and the Judge. For a moment his eyes narrowed as his mind raced. He didn't like the idea, but there was nothing he could do about it. It was one of those rare occasions that his Father's namesake wouldn't get him anywhere.

After a moment he cleared his throat and continued his examination of the leg. It was his design after all, he would want to catch any faults and fix them ASAP. He hoped that his prolonged glare didn't get noticed. It really wasn't nice to glare.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:28 pm
Free? The coffee was free? Since when was it free! She was a bit taken aback by that statement, and glanced cautiously at the counter and the prices just to make sure. No. She recalled paying for the cup of coffee, and for Israel's. "I'm sorry? Well, I didn't know that. I wouldn't have paid that twenty dollars then if I had known the coffee was on the house. Either way...if you're sure." Urania shrugged and sipped again at her coffee.

The boy was practically passing out by the way the blood flowed to his face. Mission accomplished, and she only had been being polite! Imagine the color had she been flirting! Biting back a giggle, she glanced at Shun almost emoting ' This one is so much more fun than you drunk!' Almost. There was a squeak of a giggle that got out, but she managed to repress it.

Something a little more sobering was presented to the panel. Or well, a bit more spice to the interesting bit. Was she really buying that this bandit king was out for revenge? No. No one would be that stupid. No one. Still, her eyes did glance over at Shun. He had more experience with this 'Traitor' business than she did. After all, killing that woman was his claim to fame.

It didn't help that she caught the tail end of a glare from the scientist. 'He probably knows something... Just as well he keeps his mouth shut. ', she mused to herself with another sip of her coffee. It wasn't her place to question any more. She'd let this one be handled by Shun. Seriously... Revenge? Why!
PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 1:10 pm
Shun leaned forward as Walters put down a piece of paper that showed the current King of Bandits. It seemed that the guy was the one the armies thought was the Judge. Though, he didn't entirely expect that this was the one who had saved Nick all those years ago. Raising a brow, he listened to the rest of Israel's story.

Well. It... was an interesting theory in the least, even if he knew the truth of the matter. Before saying anything, he caught the little exchange between Urania and Kard.. as well as the glance the woman gave him. She certainly seemed rather amused with how the young Fox was bumbling about around her.

"Relax," he uttered to the scientist, then turned his attention back to the Sergeant.

"So you think the new Bandit king is causing all of this because the woman he cared for is dead?" he asked. He was keeping an even tone about this, thinking things over, "Or are you suggesting I'm going to have to watch my back, specifically?"

Soon after he spoke, he caught the look from Kard, and narrowed his eyes in turn. What was that all about?  

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 7:14 pm
"I didn't know..." Israel spoke with a shrug as he looked to Urina, as obvious as that was it, he still felt he would let her know. He would have! After all that is what a good man, would have done.

Looking back to Shun, His arm folded across his chest as he gave a lazy shrug. "I am just saying that it is all so sudden, and after all he did to save her." He answered, then shook his head. "And I also be saying-if it were me," His large hand pointed to his chest.

" I would be..." Walters told Shun, but that was up to the man to make up in his mind for himself.

The true legless wonder hadn't seemed to have noticed the glare that was given by the Fox working on his legs.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:19 pm
"Oh. N-No, I mean... the scientists that came with Dr. Fox get a free beverage..." Kard corrected sheepishly. He didn't much like the idea of correcting a woman. Even more frustrated he couldn't seem to communicate properly with the opposite gender. To hide his red-hued face he continued to focus on the leg.

Shun's comment went mostly ignored by the young Fox. He hadn't been able to 'relax' in a long time, heck he hadn't even been able to sleep. Between experiments, work among other things, there was no rest. That and he, for whatever reason, just was not able to speak correctly around women. They made him blush, stutter... really he blamed his father for the lack of socialization, if that wasn't stated before. Perhaps that was he reason he had yet to get a girl friend. That and his father likely would chase them off.

Oh what a conversation he had to walk into... a topic he knew all too well.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 12:24 am
Now, at the end of the story, Urania was feeling this was all just a matter of 'What Ifs'. IF the story was true ( and it most likely was considering how everything is playing out. Most of it, anyway) then perhaps the Empire should be considering finding this 'Rogue' and destroying this annoyance. If the story wasn't true, then what in the hell was that thing that just attacked out of nowhere? ( Well, who the hell was that that worked for the Republic that fired those missiles that nearly destroyed this city! )

The blushing Scientist -- or the goal to see him pass out from his own blushing-- was temporarily put on hold. How curious how silent the boy was. Then, wouldn't she too be silent if such a morbid story was being told? And that glare... Well, Kard probably knew something but was smart enough to keep his mouth shut. "Oh." Urania simply said, filing the information about scientists and free drinks away. Simply, that to her wasn't fair. But then what was fair? Oh gods, she wasn't paid enough to think like this. Her coffee wasn't nearly strong enough either for this. Perhaps a glint of frustration showed, she set her mug daintily onto the counter, wrapping her arms around her drawn up knees to watch the 'Leggless Wonder' continue.

With the way he was so sure that this person who had brought in the poor, damaged woman was out seeking revenge after all this time, Urania wasn't sure what she should feel. Simply, she just felt pity. This was probably her blue blood emoting. But why would it take this much time passed after the death for a reaction like this? Wouldn't you think it would be far sooner and more...

She wasn't paid to think. She was just in the infantry for now until she could get into one of those mobile information units. "Well, it was a good story, nonetheless. " Urania said at last. It was, really. She didn't understand half of it, but it wasn't her place to.
PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:00 am
Shun closed his eyes, thinking things over. He had met the Judge in person, and she definitely wasn't the King of Bandits. Having revenge sought upon himself from her was not something he needed to be concerned about. Not when he was practically doing some sort of weird double agent type of deal there.

Speaking of that, he was somewhat surprised he hadn't heard anything from them in awhile... He wasn't sure if that was necessarily a good or bad thing.

But, if the king of bandits did have those sort of feelings for Nick and didn't know the truth as Ander did, then he suppose he could potentially have a problem there. It was just another thing to add to the stack.

"Well I suppose it couldn't hurt to keep that in mind," he said, though he didn't seem too concerned over all. He cast a glance back down towards Kard to see how he was fairing, then turned his attention towards Urania.

"Indeed. That was a pretty good tale."  

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 6:58 pm
"Ah." Israel bobbed his head in the side note, and he nodded to the boy's words a unseen form of acknowledgement to his words. "I see.." His graveled voice purred in quite after-thought.

"'pose, not." Israel suddenly spoke in a stronger nod to Shun. Green eyes looked at his calm demeanor....

Damn, the man was as still as a undistributed quite lake, in the midsummer day of jury. Just like the one, his grand-pappy, use to hold chicken barbeques by. Mmmm, mmm good.

The Dark man's stomach couldn't help but release a growl.

"Per'haps, that is all it is then..."
Walters spoke, giving a little as his head turned to look at the table. Hmm, he could be wrong about the Bandit King....But! that didn't change what he saw with his two sharp eyes. Even, if the youngins didn't find his theory, vary sound.

"But, I am glad you two liked it."
The Black Waltz spoke, putting on a wide smile as he tried not to wallow in his own thoughts too much.

At least they, they got a good story.
PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:54 pm
Kard quickly and very quietly finished his work with the leg as they continued their conversation about the woman and the bandit king. As far as the new bandit kind was concerned he knew very little, other than his amazing ability to grip a shirt's collar. Now, the other, he knew and had seen on occasion. The mere mention of her made him mentally shiver. There were just some things a young child should not see... or a young adult.

"There..." Kard whispered to himself before turning attention to Israel. "It seems fine, but I'll have to wait a little more to be sure."

Always be sure of the work. At least his father had some good things to teach. Kard's eyes widened as another presence turned the corner and approached the table. What was more astonishing is that no one in this entire establishment seemed to notice them. He swallowed heavily before averting his eyes to the leg once more, the blush had completely vanished from his face.

A gentle hand slid across Shun's shoulder, three fingers traced athe scars he had received months before, before the hand came to a rest completely over the mark.

"A matter of perspective..." General Rish Pendragon spoke with some ice in her tone before looking over the table's company. "...but it will be a story worth hearing the full end when it come around, don't you think?"

Her head tilted more toward Shun as she asked, though her blue gaze remained on the entire table.  

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:26 pm
"It beats what I was going to tell by miles, at any rate." Urania smiled. It seemed like this whole conspiracy thing was this man's White Whale, or however that rather tragic story went. It wasn't her place to tell him that he's acting crazy and he should grow up...

It also wasn't her place to formulate theories, especially on her time off. When a figure moved over to them, she didn't think anything of it. Well, until it proved to be the General Herself. Urania blinked and saluted where she sat. " General Pendragon! " ... Yeaaaah... some drilled habits are incredibly useful.

Though she couldn't help get the feeling that this woman wasn't really here to sit and swap manly ( womanly.. maybe...gotta pull the politically correct card) with the 'folks'. What was she doing here without proper esc... Urania stopped that train of thought, remembering just in time that Shun was part of her special guard. What was she doing here anyways?

"Would you like to sit down? I can get a coffee or tea for you if you'd like, Ma'am. "
The imperial territory ( imperial lands RP area )

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