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Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:06 am
She practically clapped her hands and bounced in place when her femminine intuition was probably right. Though, that would be difficult with a mug of hot coffee in her hands. It would be dangerous to bounce. So she did a victory wiggle while smiling quite pleased with herself.

She caught movement out of the corner of her eye and glanced at Shun. "What? It's totally possible. ... Don't look at me like that, you lightweight." Urania huffed, readjusting her sitting position to a more comfortable one. This involved drawing her legs beneath her in a crossed sitting position on the chair and poitedly ignoring the stoic 'hero' in lieu of the more interesting Israel.

Besides, the story wasn't even begun! There was probably so much more than was to be told. ...

The bandit king showed up? Himself? Looking for the....Oh wow. Urania nodded, not quite understanding, but figuring that soon all would be revealed. She gave Israel the thumbs up sign and took a sip of her coffee. "No you haven't lost me yet. If I need the actual details, I can always look the event up in the files for the dry version. " She really wished debriefings were told in story format... It would be so much more interesting.
PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:18 am
Oh Urania was actually right? Well then. Though, at that jab at calling him a lightweight, Shun grimaced and glared at her. He didn't retort, however. Instead he just turned his attention back to Israel to hear more of this story.

The bandit king himself had shown up it seemed. Now that was interesting. He was trying to piece together what some of the possibilities were as to how all of this tied together, but right now he simply didn't have enough information. Yet. It was bound to be coming though.

"I'm still here," he said simply in response. It was too early to be asking any questions, not when Walters had just barely begun to explain what was going on with this story of his. Those could come later, if gaps were left once he had finished.  

Blade Kuroda

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 6:28 pm
"Good, good..." Israel rumbled as he sat back more in his chair, freeing his coffee his hand moved to groom his chin once more. "Now, where was I..." The male mused as emerald eyes slipped off to the side.

Right, Bandit King....

"Where we were at, we' had just gotten word, about the two Zoids 'escaping' and had been mountin' up for a chase...." Israel breathed out, at the time he only could pilot a land base Zoid, being the scrub he was then.

"Weren't about to let a little pissant catch us off guard like that-at the time, we didn't know what for he had been in the base...."
The dark skin man grinned, they after all had a reputation to keep.
Still did.

And who knew what could have been taken-or let him leave considering how skilled ( or stupid..(both?)) the bandit must have been or at least what he knew to get in the base like he did.

"But-I don't know if ya two everh hurd of em', but this captain, White...-John, white. Hell of a pilot.." Israel would never forget that man's name. "...and his partner.." Israel paused, but what was the name of that Zoid. "Micky...I think."

His hand raised to fan the idea off once more...

"Well, Anyways-even before we had a chance to drop the canopy's, White took off like a bat out of hell for those two."
The pilot went on, shaking his head. Something must have really pissed the man right off....

Reaching for his coffee, Israel downed the rest of it quickly as if it could be a shot of something stronger.

"He must have caught up with the Bandit king..." Walters spoke staring at his empty cup, letting a sigh pass his lips. " Cause, soon after shoots fired-a there was slight struggle, and it all ended suddenly by a large flash of light. It had engulf the whole sky and stung the eyes...."

Only one cannon, was capable of doing such a thing...

A changed partial beam...

White and Micky didn't have a chance...

The male gave a sigh. " You know, at first I remember wondering why the King found it necessary to fire twice..."

It gave a faint hope to perhaps White's survival...
PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:29 am
The glare was all that was needed, as Urania resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at Shun's signature glare it seemed. It was a tease. She wasn't going to tell the story unless he wanted to...well it wasn't like he acted any different anyways...that she could remember.

The story took a turn away from the romance she thought. There were details missing that would have been important, but as with most things, chances were it was going to go back to it. She muttered a small " oh" as she processed this new bit.

What a depressing story, or enlightening...or well it was sure dang interesting. She remembered hearing about White. Kinda. It was before her time, really.


Hallowed Heckler

Blade Kuroda

Militant Raider

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 6:39 pm
Shun should be grateful that Urania didn't remember the details too well. And if he could help it, he wasn't going to be getting drunk around others anytime too soon.

Drinking his tea some more, he listened carefully as Walters explained things a little more. He furrowed his brow as it seemed like the Bandit king had to fire off a charged particle beam twice. There weren't too many zoids that could take a direct hit from an attack like that. But at the same time, there were a couple possibilities here.

"Had he missed?" he asked quietly.

Either that or the zoid that was fired upon was incredibly beefy.  
PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:54 pm
Letting his green eyes turn to Shun, his head shook sadly. "No..." Walters spoke. "We later found out, The Second bright light, was not the beam-but explosive contact it had made with the core..." The dark man sighed, such a bright light. Showed the death of a Zoid...

"He was, and then he wasn't..." I
srael spoke and rose his hand to flick the tip of the cup over. "Boom." He echoed with the paper cup table, hitting the table.

"Just like that..." The Black waltz raised his gaze to look at the two before him and at the table. His head shook once more, before he carried on in grimace.

"Nick,-his private we had later found out had been on a training mission and away from base...." He went on to tell,

"Hell, I didn't even know who she was."
The man shrugged. " But she must had caught on to the fight and somehow got caught in the cross fire..."

Her reasons, were her all own after all Israel was only telling this story from what he saw of it. And he never got a chance to ask her...

"But more surprising then that, was we -only- found this out..." Walters moved his large black hand to the back of his cued head, where he rubbed. "Because that damn rogue showed up with her and was once again on our door step."

For a rogue to be that stupid, to show up on a already alerted base after having a hand in killing a captain. Was less intelligent then a kid taking a bat to a hive of wasps, giving it a hard whack just to see how meany of the pretty flying things come out to greet 'em...

"Damn, She was a ripe bloodied mess..." T
he male shook his head in a long sigh. "Heh..." He breath humorlessly. "Seeing her like that...is actually what changed my mind from being a corpsman."

"Good thing too-just getting out of school for it, was the right time to change my enlisting..." Israel nodded, matter-of-a-factually. He found out real quick, that being a medic was not his thing...

"Give-me a leg to sow-dat's fine..."
He pointed letting his elbow rest on table. "but when there is a half of a woman just dangling in a desperate mans arms-that is where I draw the line." His arms then cut off the idea with a big expression that seemed to match his own stature.

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Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 11:46 pm
The story ha d taken a turn for the worse, thought Urania who was now suddenly quite interested in her cup of coffee that was slowly going colder faster than she could drink it. Not that the story wasn't interesting--it was incredibly interesting--or something insane like that. She just had hoped for one not filled with possible half crispy bodies. She should have known better.

What a horrible story! Not entirely horrible. Showed that Israel was somewhat of a human not to want to be around those kind of 'fun' things. Seems like he got what he wanted though, so that was good. But a half bloodied.... It wasn't any of her busines, and like a good noble woman, she would allow the 'men' to discuss the bloody details while she pretended not to want to swoon and feint ( As tempting as that prospect was, it just wouldn't fly over well with this crowd. Probably would get her a gentle kick in the stomach followed by an order to stop being silly.)

"Oh my..." she managed to muster, finally, after a really long silence.
PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:12 am
A direct hit to the core... There was no way out of that one alive to say in the very least. Shun grimaced briefly, but continued to listen intently as the tale went on. What was surprising to say in the least was that Walters had more or less literally just seen half of Nick. What the hell had happened to cause that sort of mess?

In any case, that had to be an incredibly gruesome sight.

He furrowed his brow, thinking. So the woman had been horrendously injured before the ordeal with Kagi then? Some luck Nick had. Or misfortune. Depending on how one viewed it.

"...What did you do?" he asked quietly.  

Blade Kuroda

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:29 pm
"Yeah," Israel spoke has his have moved to his beanie were he pulled it off. Scratching his hand with the same hand, he released a sighed. "That's what I thought." He released as he looked to Urania, before his green eye slipped over to Shun.

"The only thing I could do..." He answers sitting up in his chair. "Stare in utter shock." The dark man spoke as if it was the only obvious choice. "I wasn't trained to handle that..." Israel swallowed, his green eyes studied the table intently.

There was no ways she could survive...in a normal situation.

"The boy..." Walters spoke slowly after a pause, his throat cleared. He breathed another humorless laugh. "Even surrounded, guns drawn and aimed he demanded desperately:" Shaking his head, he could still hear the boyish yell at him.

Suddenly, Israel stood to his feet as he threw his chair back in his movement.

""Fine! Kill me, just you save her'!" Israel pointed sharply to both Urania and Shun, his voice raised in a voictrious and determined demand. He stared slowly looking between the two, not caring about the various looks given sudden movement.

There was a pause.

"Yeah, I didn't know what to say either....and Though still surrounded, that is what he demanded regardless. " Israel mumble as he slowly crouched down and picked up the chair and replaced his bum in the seat. "Always-thought it strange, for a stranger..." He clarified. "a Rogue in fact- he was so damn determined and desperate for her live..." Israel rambled a bit more. "And soldier, no less" His head shook once more. Like fox and the hound s**t right there...

"But, still we weren't about to let him leave-he knew it..." Walters spoke. "After all we didn't bother with the woman, figured she was good as dead." He added,

"That was until..." Israel trailed on as he focused on youngins once more.

Pause for effect....

(Forgive the errors, I typed this on meh phone.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:59 am
Urania was struggling to keep up at this point. Oh she understood what was going on on a female level. But it was just the animated way it was being told! The horror that there was this half destroyed woman who would be known as the biggest traitor in their lifetime in the arms of some rogue who just simply didn't care about his own safety!

She had to catch herself else she would end up swooning over this unknown rogue! Right now, not a good idea. Not with the eyes that suddenly all fell upon their little table.

( Urania barely paid this any heed. Epic storyteller was telling a story. They were just all jealous. )

Everything was fine with the story until the reality of military life hit her. Of course they weren't going to help her. Of course they were going to riddle this person who was doing a kind deed full of bullets for just waltzing onto the base! That's protocol...kinda...close enough.

...That 'until' caught her attention again. And Urania was staring at Israel with wide eyes hoping there was a happy(er) ending to this.


Hallowed Heckler

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:30 pm
Shun, while captivated by the story, wasn't quite as moved as Urania was. It was rather ballsy to say in the least that the Bandit King was doing this for the sake of a soldier. He really had to wonder what the past with the two was. If there was anything at all. He had a little bit of a hard time believing that the rogue would do it just to be a good citizen.

Granted. He knew a number of rogues had good intentions, having started out as one himself years back. It was still hard to see anyone he knew to pull this for a soldier they didn't know though, considering the risks involved.

The Private didn't say anything, as he was listening intently. Though, when Israel decided to pause to add a bit of dramatic flare, he raised a brow, waiting to see just what was about to happen.

Obviously Nick had survived that day, but it was really a matter of how.  
PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:05 pm
Israel let his head c**k to the side to show a single eye to Shun, as he raised a eyebrow at him.

"Now, of course-y'all know she lived...." The Black Waltz spoke as he shifted a hand from the table to gestured to Shun, who had killed the traitor.

"We wouldn't be havin' this little story now."
He spoke as his hand moved back to his chin where he touched and groomed the dark whiskers.

"But...let's get back on track." Israel spoke, he cleared his throat.


"It wasn't until..."
The dark man started once more, as his other hand shifted a little under the table where he gripped his pant leg at the knee. With the help of his hand, he shifted his foot back under the table.

"Still watching in shock...horror, ah I don't know-"
Isreal spoke and his hand raise as if to fan his said words about. "Somethin' not move'n and only staring." He summed up. Not his best moment, but the truth none the less-he was just a scrub pup at the time.

" I was passed up by some men, in way more fancier clothing then just normal regs." Walters let his finger curl to a point as he took his weight upon his elbow as he leaned closer to the two once more. " Those shinny white coats, thems fancy like."

He hadn't even had notice them till, once accidentally touched him as he walked by.

"One stood out from the rest, you could tell he was in charge..." Israel spoke as he tapped the air once more. His warm green gaze hawked on the two, as he watched them both closely.

"He didn't even say anything-that I could recall, but the other men-In them white coats just looked at him, and at his gesture to the base; they just moved and took the woman from the bandit's arms."

Israel had always wondered, if they feared the hand of the doctor more then the blood soaked bandit.


"Well, no sooner then they started to raise with the woman the bandit latched out and grabbed one of the man by his pretty white coat. " His hand suddenly shot up and snatched the air as if to grab it by the collar. His voice quickened just a bit with the strain of intensity, as his head tilted as if it took every effort to raise himself. "Even the butt of a rifle, wouldn't release 'em-He had growled something, past the hard hit to the head. "

He paused for a moment to look at the two...

"Though...Were I was at, I couldn't make it out..."
Waltz sighed a bit softly, calmness reclaiming his gruffed voice once more. "At that point, when the first hit to the head had done nothing, he had earned a few more ends of a rifle and a few more excessive seasoned kicks."

"Yet...." Israel shook his head. "The little sonofabitch still rose, his body quaked as he barely lifted and his raised head was only greeted with the cold tip of barrel." The storyteller moved a his finger tips as just under his chin as he tilted his head back, to show how the gun had laid.

He had remember this point vary clearly because of...


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Hallowed Heckler

PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:08 am
Urania, at this point, felt her eye just twitch.

Really..... REALLY?

She glanced at her drink and slid it pointedly away. Well, there went her desire to finish her latte. Folding her arms and rearranging herself on her chair, she stared at Israel mentally daring him to keep up with the graphic theatrics.

Oh she saw his knee and how he held it. She was almost at the point where she woudln't fear injuring a superior NCO if it got him to stop telling the horrible story!
PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:54 am
Nodding at the first bit, Shun continued to quietly listen. He was able to stomach the more graphic details a bit better than Urania it seemed. Though, the bandit king certainly had gotten pretty roughed up there. Considering that he had been trying to get Nick help, he couldn't entirely understand why he would try to latch onto one of the white coats like that.

"So they shot him after all," he murmured quietly.  

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:20 pm
A grin slipped across Israel's lips as his finger tips moved from chin to the tip of his beard scruff. Finger tips pulled at twisted the strands coyly

"No, actually...." Israel graveled spoke as he let his smirk grow and twist as he looked from Uraina to Shun.

A story wasn't 'good' on its own, it was after the pesentation on how it's told that made it a 'great' story.

The Black Waltz paused in his tale, as he waited for their reaction and a calmed breath to sink in.
The imperial territory ( imperial lands RP area )

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