Smob is the abbreviation of "speed mobbing", in which players crew together to do speed-runs through the first half of the shallow seas level, via the whirlpool in the north of Gold Beach.

The reason people smob is of course, to earn gold! you can earn about 15k(15,000g) in a single, fully successful run. Also you get a good amount of orbs/ring/recipe/item drops, so it's quite beneficial for leveling up.

I'm going to guide you through the steps you'll need to take to be fully prepared and ready to smob.

First I recommended collecting and maxing out the following rings to CL 10.0.

Recommended Attacks
Fire Rain

Healing Rings

Buffs(12 in total)
Divinity - (Div)
Healing Halo - (Halo)
Coyote - (Coy)
Iron will - (Iron)
Teflon Spray - (Tef)
Density - (Dens)
Keen Aye - (Keen)
Pot Lid - (Pot)
Rock Armor - (Rock)
Fleet Foot - (Fleet)
Improbability Sphere - (Improb/Sphere)
Ghost - (Ghost)

note: Having all 12 of these buffs maxed out and in your inventory is highly recommended, if not mandatory to be fully prepared. crew leaders do not enjoy figuring out what to assign to who because you don't have a certain buff[s])

Integrity -
(If you've obtained it through the special event in the past)


My Smob ring setup usually looks something like this:

1 ) Bandage/Wish/Daignose
2 ) Meat
3 ) empty for buff
4 ) empty for buff
5 ) Mantis
6 ) Hack/Slash
7 ) Fire Rain
8 ) Fitness

You can self-rage with Bandage by swapping any ring with another ring in your ring tray so that your health lowers by a margin, then using bandage to heal that back, granting you a bit of rage in your rage meter.


Instructions for Leading a proper Smob run

If you choose to lead a smob crew, there's a lot behind it. You're going to be required to do the following:

-Having shout how many spots in the crew are left open once you get one started

-be able to check player's character info; simply because they seem under leveled doesn't mean they're inexperienced, they may be a person who leaves two slots open for buffs.

-be able to properly assign buffs 2 to a member, and never Fleet/Coy to the same person, or div to someone on a time limit/who has a bad connection.

-Be able to tolerate drama, inexperienced players, afk'ers, brb'ers, possible mistakes, lags, glitches, etc. In other words, have a good sense of patience and understanding. Don't feel like you can't take on a newbie, they can actually prove to do quite well considering they aren't "molded" for it yet, they simply need a guiding hand to follow and they will shine quite well ^_^

Once you have a full crew and you've chosen 2 buffs to each player, it's time everyone filled their rage meters and headed down below(Rage n' Drown!).

~ ~ ~

Make sure every crew member is in the beginning area before anyone begins R4'ing buffs, you don't want a single person to miss out.
The first area you're going to head to is right one screen, then up one screen, and you're going to fight the Water Spouts and Brain Clams until they're all gone. Anyone should make sure to R4 their other buff(s) and Meat if they haven't, and wait until the person with fleet blows the whistle once the crew is ready to move forward.
The next area you'll want to head to is the sea horse's tail in the north east area, in other words go diagonally up/right till you're on the tail, and make sure some players in the crew lures the other groups of Sprouts and Clams to that area. Don't forget to keep an eye on your crew mate's health, and fight it out with everything you got!
After, you'll need to wait for things to settle and everyone to catch their breaths(regen health/stam, etc.) and wait for the whistle once more.
Follow the given path up and around until you reach the center of this giant clam, and then fight it out there.
Once again, wait for fleet and then head up/right until you find three chests, you'll have to defeat everything first, and then wait for the Captain to open the chests because it gives you a higher reward.
Once again, catch your breath, wait for the whistle, and then head as far left and up as you can go, until you have ti fight Queen Lorelei and her guards, and don't forget to lure the Clams/Sprouts/Anchor bugs in the surrounding area along your way up there.
Once you've defeated the queen, everyone will typically just head through the door(by just walking upwards through it) since it's now open, and you'll head to the right to fight a mass of Brain Clams, with about three wooden boxes behind them. Let the Captain open the boxes, let everyone catch their breaths, and wait for whistle typically.
Then, follow the path upwards, around to your right and down, and make sure the whole crew lures all of the enemies to the center bottom area with all of the spikey looking things, that's where everyone will gather.
Once that's done, wait for the entire crew to head right until you reach those few chests or so and everyone gets their fair heap of gold.
Head upward till you go through and get to a ledge, let the Captain open the chest on the far left, and wait for the whistle. then, go down and right and folow the path as far down as you can (literally, keep going as far down as legit possible) until you all cram in this little space, and then fight it out there. Don't forget to let the captain open the final chest!

Usually, it's best to let one person get dazed, and have everyone but that person state which buffs they had before leaving the crew and going back to the null on Gold Beach to find another crew/crew back together again.

I hope you all have successful smobs in the future and are ready to get out there and crew to earn gold!