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Metamorphosis Academy [V.5] is a small, yet old, Breedable/Changeable shop where you can obtain a variety of mythical races/species through flatsales, events, and quests!

Current available common races are Angel, Demon, and Fae. Each race has a sub-category of Normal Rare to Uber Rare and each race's sub-categories have a special power just for them!

The Academy is Roleplay Required but it isn't RP intensive unless you make it RP intensive. There are specific requirements for each Stage [from Child up to Elder, Toddler is available only through breeding] to meet before advancing and there is a time requirement as well to limit a massive surge of growings all at once.

We hope to see some of you there!

Example of Art
{x I n s a n i c x Asu x}
{Kinesthetic Muse}
{Petite Colette}