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Tags: Roleplaying, Polls, Spam 

Reply "COS" ^Can O Spam^
I wanted to respond to this when I saw it on tumblr

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but I don't express my opinions over there.
  So I will here, to get some of the hurt out.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:53 am
when an artist wants to show you their art

or a writer wants you to read what they’ve written

it’s quite often an expression of trust

because a poem or a story or a painting are often things that come from the heart

little pieces of the artists themselves

and if they’re willing to share it with you

you should appreciate it

Except they never appreciate it

they'll be 'too busy' or 'not care'

and if you can get them to somehow read it by standing over their shoulder and watching them

they get done and say

'okay' or 'that was good' dismissively

they take your heart and shatter it, invalidate your entire existence

yet you'll always try again even knowing it will always be the same

PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:13 pm
i would think it all varies with the person.
as the artist, people put their work out because they know it's good or just want some acknowledgement. the fact that someone even bothered to look at something and actually stayed around to give some half-assed response might speak volumes to someone who isn't sure their work is even worth doing.
as the viewer, if people pass over it, they may look at it or they might have an expectation of what they will be seeing beforehand and it just doesn't meet their interest. that would give rise to a 'not caring' attitude. if they do bother to look, their response could just be nothing more than an attempt not to make the artist feel bad. which can easily border on the line of patronizing. if they're put on the spot with either mental state of no interest or simple pleasing, that can just add to the stress factor and most assuredly lead to a dismissive answer.
personally, i think if anyone feels the need to let their work be shown, emphasize critiques or honest comments are wanted. that way it implies a natural filter to those that would just waste your time and theirs with unneeded or unwanted responses. it's like shopping. you know you're going to walk around a store and not purchase anything unless it attracts your attention or interest somehow.  


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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:02 pm
Although I do agree that most people don't fully understand the amount of trust an artist/writer puts into another when allowing them to see a piece of their work, I don't think you should be too harsh on them... or the person who posted that statement on Tumblr. Not everyone is as artistic as an artist or a writer, so they don't understand how much our feelings get involved in a piece of work. The Tumblr poster was simply taking the moment to try to express a glimpse into the world for others to see.

Also, if someone wants a better response to their work than "okay" or "that was good," then clearly the artist/writer needs to establish a better idea of what they're looking for. Again the unfamiliarity with the artistic realm can affect the type of response. You're more likely to get an automatic in-depth response from someone who majors in the artistic realm than someone who isn't.
Not to mention... standing nearby like a hawk can probably make the person a bit nervous and unsure what to say. They're more likely to choose their words carefully and not say anything bad about the piece because they get the sense that the creator isn't ready for constructive criticism. *shrugs*  
"COS" ^Can O Spam^

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