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Hiddochi wolf

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:41 pm
...And rarely finish anything I start. gonk  
PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:47 pm
This one was the first chapter/post in a story blog I'd started in 2010. It was supposed to be a mystery/romance/exploration of the limits of artificial morality & emotion kind of story. I don't know why I never continued. confused Someday I hope to either recall the original concept to its full potential or revamp the plot altogether...

Soul of Armageddon


The year was 2937, exactly one decade after my creation. I was designed and built to be the Soul Core for the Armageddon, the U.S. fleet's newest and strongest vessel. I was just one of many; a single unit in a whole new wave of technological innovation. But I was also the only one to survive.

By April 29th of that year, the Armageddon was released on its first voyage into deep space. At the time, I was under the command of Captain Harold C. Manford, a man of great ambition. He led us through to the Epsilon Galaxy, where our current quarry was suspected to reside: The infinite source of harvestable energy known simply as Cosmos. All of Earth had resorted to galactic warfare over Cosmos, each country attempted to outdo the others with new technology and strategies unheard of. My siblings and I were all products of this trend.

The Armageddon was supposed to take an alternate route, to avoid the crossfire of enemy vessels. I complied with these commands, but the further into space the ship traveled, more systems began to malfunction. I had failed. My database shut down the moment before impact, so I hold no memory of the actual crash. But here is where my story begins...

• • •

External damage: 0%
Networks connection: Out of range.
Current location: Unknown
Reason of last shutdown: Complete system failure.
Time elapsed since last startup: Cannot estimate.

As my system restarted, I slowly began to survey my surroundings. Having found that 46 of my optical lenses were not functional currently, I switched entirely to my real-time observational mode, which dismissed the honey comb screen pattern from my vision. I took in as much data about the standard lab room as I could, but my sensors indicated that I was yet unable to move my physical form. A human male approached from the left, approximately 5'7" in height, appeared to be in his mid to late 30's. He had combed-back black hair, with ultramarine colored eyes. Judging by his attire, this man worked within the facilities.

"Ah! Good! We were able to salvage model AM8-927-G6!" The researcher called out with what I determined as glee, to whomever was out of my range of view. He turned to face my general direction again, "Tell me, Soul, are there any other names that you would prefer to be called by?"

I opened my memory bank, searching through the files until I reached the blank spot. I dismissed the screen from my view, re-focusing on the human. "My crew previously referred to me as 'Armanys', based off my vessel's name. However, I will respond to either my model number, Armanys, or even 'Arma' for short. If you can access my HD, new names may be input with authorization from the master account." I responded to his inquiry.  

He nodded, "Very well, Armanys." He reached over to the console standing beside the pod I was currently in, and pressed what I assumed was the release switch. My cable disconnected from the machine, and movement became possible. I stepped out into the lab, observing the other researchers and their projects. Automatons of similar make to my own design were being worked on, though none of them matched any records I kept of my 'siblings.' I turned around to face the first researcher again, "Sir, may I inquire about your own identity? And what knowledge of my vessel do you possess?"

"Oh! I apologize about being so scatter-brained today, Armanys. I am Sigmund Arisson, lead scientist of the SoulCore Recovery Program. We're trying to relocate and restore the original 47 Souls, and build new ones to replace those that cannot be restored. You were the first that we found, along with your ship." Sigmund explained, "All I know about the Armageddon is that it went missing about 53 years ago, with all of its crew still within. We found the ship recently, free-floating on the border of the Delta Galaxy. It was in pretty bad shape...and frankly, I'm surprised that you weren't more damaged. Armanys...don't you have any memory, whatsoever, of what occurred out there?"

I had stored everything he said within my database, for later reference. I shook my cranium to his question, "Negative. My system went into emergency shutdown the moment before. I have no memory of the actual occurrence — only the events leading up to it." I opened my radar application just then, scanning the facilities for any sign of my host vessel. To the northwest of this room existed a very large machine, though I could not identify the craft's serial number from this distance. "Sigmund. Is there any way I could gain access to the Armageddon? I desire reconnecting with its mainframe, as I may be able to extract memory data from it."

"Certainly. Please follow me, Armanys." Sigmund commanded, and I complied. He led us through a series of similar white corridors, all constructed of military-grade metal. The second hall we took to the north, then turned west, just as I had predicted. The area beyond was a hangar, spanning nearly 2 miles long and 3 miles wide. Within stood two spacecrafts, one of which I could not recognize. The second was the Armageddon, my host vessel.

The Armageddon was once the army's largest and most powerful warship, reaching an impressive one mile long, and equipped with weaponry able to terminate planets the size of Mars. Its exterior was crafted of a red metal known as Yuberium, which is commonly found in the Sigma Quadrant. The ship's interior matched the color scheme, continuing on with crimson walls, white flooring and black accents. Upon entering the vessel, however, I could immediately tell that most of it had been restored from the original. I was led into the bridge, next.

New additions had been made to this sector. A holographic starmap now projected from the floor in front of the main console, along with a new terminal standing behind my connection point. I motioned toward the metallic seat, my wires immediately began to click into place as I sat down. As my cable reconnected with the ship's plugin, all of the dormant screens in my optics buzzed back to life. A torrent of data began to download into my OS.

I glanced over at Sigmund, whom was waiting expectantly by the door. He seemed a bit...unsettled. "I am currently recovering all data within the ship's mainframe. Expected time until completion: 5 hours."

The man nodded absentmindedly, his expression eased up. "Alright, Armanys. Please remain here overnight; you'll be put through an operational test tomorrow morning. Your new crew will be introduced then."

"Understood. I shall enter hibernation mode until the designated time." I responded, then led my head fall back limply into the chair's frame. My system slowly powered down, with only the torrent of memory flooding my vision.  

Hiddochi wolf

Sexy Nerd

14,825 Points
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  • Partygoer 500
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Hiddochi wolf

Sexy Nerd

14,825 Points
  • Champion 300
  • Partygoer 500
  • Perfect Attendance 400
PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:54 pm
This intro was something I wrote in class one day in 2010 while bored, actually. I didn't really have a plot in mind at the time, but I later developed it into a role play here in Why Not that made a post-apocalyptic world where children of the 2nd "I" generation were mutated into superpotent beings... I really don't recall much of it at all. I was too busy to continue writing it out, and I've forgotten all except the characters now... xp

Intro to Generation I-2

“Just join us, Marcus.” Said the eldest girl, a voice so calm and reassuring, and yet cold and sharp as ice. “Join us, and you won’t have to die today.”

I glanced around once more, almost in disbelief, at the children surrounding me. Soulless stares and hollow eyes, they watched me with the careful precision of predators ready to pounce on their prey. Every small hand clutched onto a lethal weapon.

The oldest girl inched closer, her jet-black hair casting a deep shadow over her smoky grey eyes. Another of the slightly older kids ran over to stand beside her, a teenage boy with shaggy blonde hair and deep blue eyes. His animalistic gaze was full of hostility as he glared at me. Like a frenzied wolf fighting for his territory. “Alex, as much I trust your judgment, I don’t believe this one is quite fit for the job. He seems...awfully breakable.”

Alex grimaced in disapproval, her pale face displaying a hint of long-suppressed frustration. “Yeah, well you looked pretty damn pathetic in the beginning, too. If it weren’t for us accepting you out of pity, you would be dead. We were all like that once.” She snarled at the boy in response, her eyes almost seemed to pulse with a cold flame. Alex turned back to me, smiling pleasantly, all anger toward her partner forgotten. At least, on the outside she had forgotten. “Marc, you’re a smart kid, I know you are. Now why won’t you join us...?” She cooed, in an melodic tone. Then, the circle of children began to chant along the same phrase. Over and over, those hollow stares bore into my very core of existence.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:05 pm
Just as a humorous comparison, here are the two separate attempts I made to write the same exact story. xd Sadly, I've had this story thought out and all of the characters developed in my head since I was 12, but I've never completed a single draft of it. I made two attempts: The first was back in 2009, and the second (the longer of the two) was around 2011, I think. I still want to rewrite it all over again and complete it someday, 'cause I love Darius and his story... Just not now. Someday.

[color=blue]2009 draft

Just like many things in this vast universe, life itself is ever-changing. Without anyone ever anticipating, a disaster could strike and ruin all you knew and loved. However, even the most insignificant of changes would affect your daily life. Only to those with the most repetitive of lives, would these changes make the most significant impact.

Impact that could change the fate of an entire planet.

~ ~ ~

It was just another average day for the hindered soul known as Darius Wakemen, another day of imprisonment in this eternal cage. Another day he would dream of his freedom, of how he would torment those who kept him here for so many years.

After all, Darius hadn’t done anything to deserve this; They simply intruded upon his home one day with the stupidest excuse of “You’re a danger to modern society.”
He had only been twelve years old when they locked him up, five years ago.

Five years...all wasted in this metallic prison. Five years of living a schedule; not a life. No contact with the outside world, no open skies or fields of green grass. Just thick iron walls and lifeless holograms.

Darius sat upright on his flat mattress, staring dully at the wall opposite of him. His smoky grey eyes were fixated on the one little scratch in the metalwork, the one single flaw amidst the absolute perfection. Unsurprisingly, that flaw seemed oddly familiar to him. Not because he was the one who created the scratch; but because he felt he could relate to it. Darius saw himself as just a mere flaw in this too-perfect world, a defect that was rejected for being different. This was how his life had gone on since he was imprisoned.

A chiming sound echoed through the small room, and the automated door slid open. A soldier stood in the doorway, clad in the same grey and black uniform that Darius was forced to wear. The man’s helmet covered his face over completely with tinted plastic, making him seem more robotic than human.

“Subject number 58; Darius Wakemen, you are wanted in the training field for combat practice.” Said the soldier, his right hand fell to the gun holster on his hip just as he spoke.

Darius sighed irritably, “Do I have to? I’ve done this every single day, and still nothing changes: I beat your best of soldiers in hand-to-hand combat every time! I’m sick and tired of this repeat cycle.”

Apparently the soldier was rather impatient today, because he now pointed his gun at the disobedient reject.

“Alright, fine. I’ll go. Sheesh...” Darius glared up at the man from under his shaggy black hair, and begrudgingly followed his lead down the hall.

When I go to rewrite this story, I think I'll stick more closely to the ideas I had in this newer draft:

[color=blue]2010-2011 draft

Consciousness swirled back to me in a sudden haze, dragging me away from the depths of a lifelong slumber. I pried open my heavy eyes, ready to face the new world before me. My vision was obscured by blue-tinted fluid and several inches of glass. I reached my numbed arm out toward the transparent barrier, feeling the shift of the liquid’s pressure against my body. I shuddered uncomfortably as a bright light shone in from beyond the glass wall, knowing very well that soon I would have to leave my mother’s womb. A loud sound erupted from the metallic ceiling, and the water level began to deplete.

Once the liquid had drained away from my head’s level, I began to hear voices. One female, one male. Their words made no sense to me, but I could tell that I was the subject of discussion. I slowly removed the plastic oxygen mask from my face, and shivered as the cold outside air hit my lungs.

The glass wall began to descend into the floor, suddenly exposing me to the room beyond. My knees were weak in the new environment, and I fell to the hard floor. The voices started up again, more clearly this time, and I squinted in the light; trying to see whom the words originated from. An older man in a white lab coat, and a younger woman holding a stack of paper. They both stared at me with sick fascination, like eagles focused on their running prey.

I wrapped my unsteady arms around myself, trying to shield myself from the cold. For the first time in this new life, I spoke, “Ach! Warum bin ich nackt?”

The man chuckled at my question, while the woman just looked confused. She glanced to him expectantly for answers, “Is that response...normal, sir?”

He nodded, appearing humored, “Yes, don’t worry about it; the other one woke up speaking in Mandarin Chinese. His language transfer just got a bit jumbled up in the simulation.” He drew closer to me, knelt down beside my storage pod. “Darius, you’re not in Germany; you can switch to English mode. You’re in the real world now, no longer confined to that automated life.” He paused for a moment, glanced down at the floor, then turned his gaze back to me with a smile, “Welcome to your new reality.”

His words took me aback, made my thoughts all stir in a confusing mess. I tried to hold them back for the moment, and concentrated on the current situation. I forced myself to attempt to stand, but again failed. The man reached out his arm toward me in a gesture of help. I gripped onto it tightly and pulled myself to my feet clumsily. The woman handed me a cotton bathrobe at the same time, which I gratefully wrapped around my shaking figure. With the help of both of them, I was able to enter the lab.

The walls and floor were made from a bright white material, reflecting back the artificial light that emanated from the ceiling’s units. A few computer monitors aligned the entire left side of the lab, each connected to the pod I had come from. I walked over to the nearest monitor, curious and hesitant at the same time to see what it said. The one I picked displayed information on someplace very familiar to me; the house I lived in before being awoken. Twenty fifty-two, Auburn Street. The place I had grown to love so very much, my only sanctuary in a world that rejected me otherwise.

My stomach lurched in disgust at what I saw, at the knowledge that my life until now had all been a computer’s dream. My adoptive family had only been a group of A.I.s, all my memories were of made-up events. All I knew was fiction, I was fiction. I was brought back to reality by these manipulative hands, torn away from my own world to start anew. I glanced back to the two scientists, sickened by what they were. They were my puppet masters.

I turned my back to them, and stormed off toward the open doorframe. I just wanted to escape, to leave their zone of control. I felt a strong hand clutch onto my right shoulder, and I turned to glare at whomever had grabbed me.

“Please, Darius. Give me a chance to explain everything to you first, and then you may decide.” The male researcher pleaded, his voice sounded sincere enough.

I sighed irritably, and nodded my head weakly. “Alright, I’ll allow you a chance. But if I deem it unworthy, I’ll leave sooner than you can stop me.”

His chocolate-brown eyes lit up with excitement at my response, “Yes, yes. Now come this way, I shall explain as we go.”

• • •

Turns out, his name was Richard Higgins, and he was the head researcher of a thing called the Nova Project. Apparently, Earth wasn’t doing so good, not with all the pollution and overpopulation. Modern society was turning to madness, to the point that even the United States split apart into three separate governments, all in a battle for territory and resources. We were currently in the Eastern Union, somewhere between the borders of where the states of Michigan and Indiana used to be. But nowadays, states didn’t exist.

“It all started about two years ago, Darius,” Dr. Higgins began, “The Nova Project, I mean. Once all of our resources for electricity dried up, and we ran out of things to make wind turbines with, we lost all hope of restoring our cities to their former glory. However, there was one more method that I stumbled upon just weeks afterward, one with limitless energy -- just waiting for us to use!”

I tensed up at his sudden rise in volume, still sitting rather uncomfortably in the hard chair. I glanced at him skeptically, “Limitless energy, huh? What, did you find some Martian’s secret supply of magically regenerating fuel?”

Dr. Higgins leaned forward in his seat as he prepared to continue, a spark of fascination made his middle-aged face look ten years younger. “Better, Darius, far greater than that. No, the power we discovered, was that of the stars. You see, while everyone else fell into despair, I turned to the very last source we had for discovery; religion. After seeing how many civilizations in the past relied upon it, I decided to give it a shot, and researched all the major religions of the world. Every one that I studied involved some sort of ‘higher power,’ be it a deity or just a mass of consciousnesses.
“So, after much trial and error, we eventually found a method of manipulating this higher power to our own will. Granted, alone we can only manipulate very small quantities, but that’s where you come in.”

He pointed at me, grinning widely, “Darius, you are special in that department. The way I engineered your development, your body consists sixty percent of this celestial energy. I guess you could say there are stars within you.” He chuckled softly, then got serious again real quick. “There was you, and one other. Together, you form one whole entity. Together, you could manipulate enough Nova energy to revive our planet, enough to bring back the life in our soil, to rejuvenate the purity of our tainted water supplies. You and Reiko both hold the fate of our world in your hands, and I’ll see to it that neither of you let that potential go to waste.”

Reiko, huh? So apparently, I wasn’t alone.

I stood up suddenly, a bit more eager to explore this doomed planet. Now that I knew I wasn’t the only one suffering, I was a bit more comfortable. Plus, it was a simply intoxicating thought, knowing that their lives depended on me; that I could play God.

“Alright Doc, I’ve heard enough explanation; how about showing me a bit more of this ‘new reality’ of mine?”

Dr. Higgins nodded and stood to join me, then motioned for the door. I followed him out into the dark, metallic hall, where he led me to a small guest bedroom. He grabbed something out from the closet within and handed the cloth heap to me, “First, get dressed in some proper clothes, then you may go explore.”

“Pfft, fine, prude. You’re the one who built my body in the first place. Shouldn’t be anything new to your eyes.” I remarked sarcastically, then vanished into the room, the door sliding shut behind me. I quickly slipped on the black T-shirt, grey jeans and standard-issue combat boots, but ignored the long military-styled greatcoat. Didn’t need anything too warm in a seventy-five degree indoor climate.

I reached for the door’s handle, but stopped en route. My own reflection from the mirror caught my attention, and I studied it curiously. This was the first time I ever got a good look at myself, in a ‘real’ sense, anyway. I had the body and face of an 18-year-old male, with a slightly muscular build. My skin was deathly pale, with just a very small hint of a lively flush. A black barcode was tattooed on my right shoulder. My hair was jet-black and shaggy, and hung halfway down my neck. I had pale grey eyes with tints of green, gold and blue by the pupils, the colors almost seemed to shift occasionally. Almost as if they were alive and breathing.

A loud knock on the door distracted me from my self-admiration, reminding me of the waiting scientist. I begrudgingly left the mirror, and stepped back into the hall.

“Jeez, Darius. Someone takes forever to get dressed. You’re worse than Reiko, and she even wastes time putting on makeup.” Dr. Higgins teased as we fell back into a steady pace, proceeding down the dim walkway.

I shrugged passively, “Hey, I was just admiring my manly physique for the first time. ‘Cause, ya know, I was just virtual until now. You never know, things may change after becoming corporeal.”

We stopped at a dead-end, blocked by a locked sliding door. Dr. Higgins rushed ahead of me to punch something into the little keypad beside it, then turned to face me as the machinery revved to life. “Prepare for a bit of initial judgement; the others are inside. They’ll be very excited to meet the long-anticipated product of our efforts.”

“The ‘others’? Wait, are we talking about people like you, or people like me, here?”

He pointed to me and smiled, “Your variety.”

I felt rather odd at the moment. Curious, yet intimidated by the possibilities. What if they were all stronger than I? That would be very inconvenient, should I ever displease any of the lot. Especially after these white-coats had been bragging about my creation all this time, certain expectations were bound to be placed upon my performance skills. But it was too late to turn tail and flee, as the pathway decided to slide entirely open right that second. I had to face them.

Blindingly bright white light streamed in from the lab room beyond, my retinas ached as they adjusted to the drastic change. Dr. Higgins motioned for me to enter first.

The lab was little more than just a great big eyesore of pure white. It was a large and spacious room, with countertops and monitors aligning the entire north wall. To the left was a large computer terminal with another of those pods, probably fresh from releasing one of these ‘others’. A small sitting room was to the right, where a few people remained at the moment. One of the girls stared at me, even from this distance.

I tried to back away into the hallway again, uncomfortable with confronting them just yet. Dr. Higgins placed a firm hand on my back, urging me to remain. “Come on, Darius. It’s time that you meet them, do not be afraid to face your own team.”

I deeply resented his persistence. It was definitely a trait that was bound to annoy the crap out of me in future events, I just knew it. I took a deep breath, grit my teeth, and ventured forth with a bearing of false confidence.

The first one to acknowledge my presence was the woman who stared at me a moment ago. She looked about my age, and held a demeanor of cold control. She was clad in a military-styled white leather top, grey leggings, and thigh-high white leather boots with stiletto heels. Short, honey blonde hair framed her angular face all the way down to her pointy chin, piercing ice-blue eyes bore into my probably nonexistent soul. But beyond the outward cold detachment, I could see an intelligence so vast. Something was vaguely familiar about this chick.

“Welcome to the real world, Darius.” A soft female voice spoke out to me, coming from no direction in particular. At first I thought it was her, but then I realized she hadn’t moved her lips to speak. I glanced around at the other two in the sitting room; a bored-looking teenage boy who seemed to be caught up in drawing something, and a woman with artificially blue hair that was typing something out on a laptop. Both had been ignoring me. I looked back to the blondie questioningly, about to speak up, “Was that y--”

“Come on, now. We don’t have all day.” Dr. Higgins came trudging back into the room just then, two others trailing in behind him.

“But I was in the middle of a battle simulation! I got to level thirty-nine! Thirty-nine!” The small girl pouted, folding her arms over her chest in protest. She seemed to be quite young compared to the rest, perhaps only about twelve or thirteen.

“Relax, Claire. I’m sure it saved your progress, at the very least. I got to level fifty-one once, then the power blacked out...that sure as hell was a disappointment.” The older boy replied to her, grimacing. He seemed to be a twin to the other one, the artist.

They both joined the others and sat down, then watched the researcher expectantly. He must’ve had some major tolerance, to not be paranoid every time these little freaks stared at him like that. Thank God I was one of ‘em.

Dr. Higgins stepped forward to join me, placed a heavy hand on my shoulder, and spoke up with an all new authority in his voice, “It may have taken far longer than I ever estimated, but at last, our team has been completed. Darius here is the last of you, and he shall be the one to lead you all to victory. He will be our planet’s saving grace.”

Suddenly, everyone tensed up and grew very serious. They stared at me critically, almost in a predator’s kind of focus. I inched backward, away from the group. My heart pounded, my muscles tightened, and a strange power welled up within. It was dense, fiery. I clenched my hands into fists, and that energy swirled up my arms; warm, raw and dangerous power.

“Calm down! You’ll destroy the lab with that kind of charge!” The feminine voice rung out again, clear as a bell, into my mind. I winced, and the energy drained out of my limbs. My gaze locked onto the blondie again, who hadn’t moved an inch this whole time. The harshness faded from her as she sighed, “They’re just curious, Darius. They want to know what makes you so special.”

That was her; that was the same voice as in my head.

I couldn’t ponder this discovery too long, though. The young girl named Claire turned to her and spoke with venom in her tone, “And you’re not, Reiko? Don’t try and act all superior. You’re still one of us.”

Reiko remained calm and collected, “It’s not a matter of superiority; I already know everything about Darius. He’s my other half.”

Claire let out a low growl, “I’m tired of your arrogance! You are not special, you’re just an ice queen! We were better off before you showed up, and now things’ll only get worse now that he’s here.” She huffed audibly and stood up. The athletic twin also stood to join her, “C’mon, Claire. Let’s go finish up that simulation.” He suggested softly, and urged her to go forward. He glared at me as they passed.

The artist twin glanced up from his sketchpad for the first time, “Good job, Rich. You just ruined what little unity we had left as a group.”

Dr. Higgins stirred from his state of nonchalance and grimaced, “I never expected this to happen. I thought you guys would adjust better...”

I was getting overwhelmed with information, my head was spinning in infinite loops. “Can I leave now?” I asked pleadingly, the weakness in my own voice was shocking. All of this animosity was directed at me. I felt sick to the core.

“Don’t let them get to you, Darius. The very same thing happened when I was released; they simply hate change.” Reiko’s voice invaded again, trying to reassure me. It didn’t work.

“Shut the hell up! Get out of my head!” I exclaimed in frustration. She and the others all flinched simultaneously. That energy started to creep back into my flesh, like a parasite intent upon corrupting me. I heard voices again, but couldn’t comprehend their muddled words. Someone grabbed onto me, but my eyes were unseeing as I faded in and out of consciousness. One last surge of power pulsed within and released violently, before the blackness overcame me.

Hiddochi wolf

Sexy Nerd

14,825 Points
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Hiddochi wolf

Sexy Nerd

14,825 Points
  • Champion 300
  • Partygoer 500
  • Perfect Attendance 400
PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:21 pm
This was one of the very few non-science fiction pieces I tried to write in 2009. I turned it into a role play once in this guild, and it was greatly successful for a while. I lost interest in it, though, so I never got anywhere near finishing it. I guess I shouldn't stray from my genre, eh? xd

NOTE: There are a lot of scenes in this passage that were meant to be italicized or bolded, but I'm too lazy to compare to the original text and add the BBcodes. So don't be surprised if the format seems wonky.

Weavers of the Web

Everything was but a mere blur as trees and other plants passed by, enemies close on the boy's trail. Every second seemed an hour, every heartbeat a violent drumming at his very core of existence. Blood trickled from various wounds, his brown tunic now stained crimson, the very color he had learned to hate. But survival was all he cared about, must survive...must escape.

The wind howled like a feral beast, lightening cut across the sky in sharp ridges, rain poured down in a punishing torrent over the landscape. The ground shook with every thunderous step of the kid's pursuers, war cries echoed out from the enormous creatures. Can't die...won't escape in time...

A sudden burst of light erupted from the heavens above, lightening struck the ground right in front of the boy, then subsided back into oblivion. He fell to his knees in surprise, and a new scene played out right before his eyes.

The color blue dominated any other here, save for the darker shadows cast upon the ground below by the tower ahead that split the sky. A certain pressure came from all sides, like it was weighing the boy down, but also allowing him to float at the same time. He couldn't breathe; for the air was non-existent, water was what existed in it's stead. The surface far above rippled in thousands of shapes, all mere fragments of the whole body of water.

Try as he might, though, he could not reach the surface. An invisible force seemed to be pulling him toward the ominous structure of the tower, until something large swam out from behind him. Endless blue scales slithered past, the monster was far too large to show any real detail other than that. Just as the boy was about to try to escape, the beast's gargantuan face pulled out in front of him, one massive reptilian eye stared straight at him. The creature's eye alone expressed far more about the beast than a normal human mind could comprehend: Sorrow, anguish, hatred, desperation, and thousands of other unknown emotions all combined in a violent torrent of the animal's conscience. Everything faded to darkness just then.

Reality once again overcame his senses; the numerous trees all around, the rain beating down upon his sore limbs, and the sounds of his enemies coming ever closer by the second. Won't escape...must survive...

He continued his frantic run through the forest with great urgency, pushing himself beyond his physical limitations. But however hard he tried; fate was not on his side today.

Trees suddenly began to fall over in bunches in his path, a shadowy figure as fast as the wind shuffled out from behind the branches. The shadow entity was shaped like a human male, but it's skin and hair were completely pitch black like the midnight sky. No distinguishing features existed on the shadow-man, except for it's blood red eyes.

The shadow let out a screeching sound identical to an Ishiira’s, and neared it's prey dangerously fast. "Tell us where it is, boy!" The shadow demanded, it's voice raspy and sharp on the ears. And when the kid refused to speak, it screeched again in that deafening tone.

The sheer force of the sound made the boy recoil, his thoughts foggy and disorganized. Darkness filled his vision once more, until another new scene took it's shape before him.

A calm, springtime meadow lay ahead, the thick aroma of flowers filled his nose. The sun shone down in all it's golden glory, leaves rustled gently across the bright green grass.

A single tree extended from the soil in the clearing by the stream, a tall oak tree that reached far for the heavens above. An egg of some kind sat at it's base, held in place by the roots of the tree, the eggshell was colored a deep forest green. Somewhere out in the distance the voice of a young maiden rang out in a clear melody, but her words were undecipherable --just the melody could be heard. It sent shivers down his spine.

A blinding white light blurred his vision, and the boy was dragged back to reality once more.

The shadow man held a dagger against the kid's throat, his crimson eyes seeming to see right through the boy's very existence, to find the truths. "Where is the crystalline dragon, you little rodent?!"

He gasped as the knife was forced closer to his skin, a shallow cut formed where the blade had rubbed against but briefly. Lightening streaked across the sky once more, and in it's absence afterward, floated a ghastly figure in the clouds. Massive, bony wings flapped in powerful surges, a spiked tail flowed out behind, a winding and slender figure of pure bone-white, and the fear-inspiring face of an Ishiira. The Ishiira's features all resembled that of images of death; it's scales were shaped like pointed bones and were bleached a shocking white; it's face contained no eyes, but empty black hollows resided where they should be; jagged, razor-sharp horns adorned the crest of it's head; long and pointed fangs filled it's skeletal mouth, equally intimidating claws jutted out from it's massive paws.

The sound of metal-scraping-metal bellowed out from above as the Ishiira let out it's unique roar, sending all beings with semi-acute hearing to their knees in writing pain. And the beast then dove for it's target's at a dizzying rate.

Before he could even realize it, the Ishiira's massive jaws were nearly around the boy's meager form; death was upon him, and from the very same creature that stole away the life of his mother years past.

A final scene became visible before his demise.

The gargantuan crystal of quartz that was all too familiar to him took form, it's giant peaks reaching for an endless span into the sky, rainbows of colors illuminated off it from the sunshine. And within it's crystalline depths, stood the figure of a silver dragon amidst the crystal, seemingly just within a deep slumber.

A cold breeze bit at the boy's limbs, reminding him of the true loneliness this world held. And there he remained, frozen in time for all eternity, never to return to the realm of the living.


Mira suddenly jerked upward from her bed within the small house, sweat coated her pale skin, her light blue eyes wide with alarm. Although, her injuries from the previous day prevented her from moving much more. "And so it began..."

• Chapter 1 •

Blades clashed in the frenzy of battle, silvery streaks against the contrast of the darkening forest. The song of a second sword whooshed past Mira's right ear, just barely missing her flesh. She brought down her own blade upon her first enemy —some strange hybrid of elven and Mimic, but missed and struck the ground instead.

A searing pain suddenly danced up the warrior's left arm, a long and crooked gash now adorned her skin. Mira quickly hefted up her blood-drenched longsword, and tried to turn around in time to catch either of the two hybrids. Before she could even see what she hit, Mira felt something give in underneath her blade. Gooey blackish-indigo blood poured down from the tip of her sword's blade, and the first of the two hybrids fell to the ground in a bloodied pile.

Although, time was not on Mira's side, for the other hybrid had a chance to strike her in the stomach. Her silvery armor gave underneath the force of the creature's sharp blade, and tore through her flesh beneath like butter. She yelped in pain as the hybrid yanked his blade free moments later, but took the brief opportunity to slash at the hybrid's neck. She missed.
The shadowy figure suddenly vanished from sight, the corpse of the first Mimic also disappeared. Mira pressed her back up against a thick tree, so as to prevent being ambushed from behind.

Where were they? Did the enemy manage to flee?

Mira suddenly began to feel lightheaded, as if something were tugging at her consciousness with bladed fingers. Her vision flickered, from reality to a phantasmagoria of chaos and darkness. A subsequent realm of which remained hidden to the human race.

She now became aware of a shadowy hand gripped tightly around her neck. Mira was quick to react, she lifted her blade and struck the Mimic’s arm right off. The severed limb dissipated into threads of shadow, then vanished altogether. The Mimic itself was now looking rather befuddled and disorientated. Mira slashed at the creature right down it’s center, and the entire entity dissolved into strands, then disappeared.

Victorious, Mira began to stumble back toward the town. Her muscles ached, her limbs felt weak. That fight had become more vicious than she would’ve expected.

The runes on the hilt of Mira's sword began to glow a dim shade of purple, illuminating the darkening path.

Everything suddenly went black just after that.

Mira now sat rather confused inside her house within Iritaanii, her injuries from the other day were all wrapped up and taken care of. She caught sight of her ruined armor stacked in the far corner. 'One of the villagers must have found me sometime last night...'

She sighed, and slowly began to get up from bed, pain throbbed throughout her body as she stood up. She grabbed a random outfit from the drawer and put it on, then rushed outside to find out what happened. Rain poured down from the gray skies, thunder rumbled noisily and lightening lit the sky. Off in the far distance, Mira thought she could hear the screeching-roar of an Ishiira. She shivered a bit at the thought. 'And I wonder what that whole dream was about...Never before had I seen that kid, yet he turned up in my dreams...'

Mira was the town’s guardian, it was her duty to fight off any threats that reached Iritaanii. She had only just turned the age of nineteen a few days previous. Her face was long and narrow, her rounded eyes were of an extremely light shade of blue; straight brown hair hung down to her shoulders, she always kept the bangs swept to the sides of her face. Overall, she had a demeanor of power and pride.

Though, rumors of Mira having been born the daughter of an elf and human often affected people’s opinions on her. The elves had long been considered a lowly race in this world; they were beasts, bloodthirsty demons intent upon spreading misery amongst the other races. They were almost as bad as the Ishiiran and Mimica races.

However, Mira often doubted these rumors. She did not know her family --they had abandoned Iritaanii (and Mira) long ago, but she refused to believe that her mother was an elf. No matter how many rumors were spread.

Mira's gaze quickly danced upon the quiet town, searching for any signs of trouble. And even though she could not see any, this bitter sense of helplessness kept gnawing at the back of her consciousness. She entered her house again only briefly just to grab her longsword, then ventured back out into the rain.

Iritaanii was a peaceful little town, it was surrounded by thick forests on all sides. Water was supplied by a stream nearby.

The buildings were all made from stones or bricks, with shingled rooftops of a silvery metal. Various machines sat beside many of the houses and shops, crafted with the magic of captured soul essences. A rather cruel, but convenient way of running machinery.

Fog floated dreamily over the stony ground, resembling the gray storm clouds far above. The constant drumming of raindrops in the empty town was almost hypnotic, especially whenever the howling wind joined in with the melody. The whole town just emanated loneliness.

This wasn’t an unusual state for Iritaanii to be in, either. For as long as Mira could remember, there were very few times that it wasn’t an unpleasant town. The people were always rather secluded and stand-offish, the weather was almost always rainy. And there was that constant feeling of being watched. A town corrupted by the evils of magic, the usage of captured souls to do as you pleased.

Those in the afterlife were only mere tools to the living.

Mira staggered her way over to the far gate, which was little more than just a measly wooden fence reinforced with magic barriers. If she concentrated hard enough, Mira could actually see the soul energy swirling on the surface of the wood. It looked almost like liquified quartz crystal, with thin veins of multicolor pulsing within.

‘And this is what we’re made of...’ Mira thought as she lightly stroked her hand down a wooden plank, it felt like average wood, but with a slight resistance to her touch. The very idea of soul-manipulation was both awe inspiring, yet sickening at the same time. ‘These souls were people at one time, and here we are using them to power our machines and strengthen the fences around our town.’
But did anyone care? Nope.
It was convenient, and that was all that mattered.

Just like her mentor, Lyrhyn, had told her; “Humans are selfish beings, only wanting that which benefits themselves.” He was right, humans...no, people in general were selfish beings. Even other races like the Elves, Mimics, Ishiira, Xyonians, and many others.

Mira sat down at the base of a tall maple tree by the fence, it’s thick leaves provided shelter from the rain. She kept her gaze fixated on the road, though her thoughts drifted off elsewhere. Memories of when she first learned what magic was soon blocked out all the rest of her thoughts, and she allowed them to do so.

• • •

It was a beautiful Springtime morning, the sun was bright on the horizon, the cool breeze was gentle against the rustling leaves of the trees. Birds sung their enchanting songs amongst the treetops, squirrels and other small animals roamed around freely. The whole world seemed as if it were just now waking up, returning from it’s long slumber.

A single house sat upon the crest of this grassy hill, separate from the rest of Iritaanii. Flowers and other plants grew in a garden next to the house, small stone sculptures of dragons stood amidst the vegetation. Complicated machines occupied the other side, generating power for all the other electronic devices within the house. The lone figure of Lyrhyn sat at a table out front, awaiting the arrival of Mira.

Lyrhyn was the only Xyon currently living near Iritaanii, for his race has long been considered an enemy of the humans. Yet the Xyonians meant no harm --they were a peaceful culture by nature, but the humans were always quick to make assumptions.

Lyrhyn was considered an elder by his race’s standards, at the age of two hundred and twenty three. His skin was a light green shade, with freckles of a darker green on either side of his face; a rather large brow pointed downward to his shallow nose in arrow shape; long, slanted eyes angled downward stretched out from the shadows of his forehead, the irises were a deep green. He was dressed in a red tunic, black pants, and brown boots, each were decorated with glyph-like symbols stitched in golden thread. A sturdy broadsword hung sheathed at his side. Lyrhyn was currently meditating.

Mira was almost to the top of the hill when Lyrhyn called out to her, “You’re a bit late, aren’t you? It’s unlike you to be late, Mira.” She glanced up at him quickly, his eyes were still closed.

She bowed her head in respect, “I’m sorry, master Lyrhyn. I woke up a bit later than expected...” By the time Mira looked up again, Lyrhyn was already standing in front of her. A questioning expression on the Xyon’s face told her just how odd this occurrence was.

“I believe there’s more to your lateness than that...” Lyrhyn began, “...but I’ll just ignore it for the time being. Your instruction in magic shall begin today.”

Mira tensed at the mention of magic; not that she didn’t want to learn, but she simply didn’t feel like she was ready to control it. However, it was Iritaanii’s tradition that once a villager turned the age of fifteen, they were to immediately begin their training in magical abilities.

“Follow me --there’s a special training ground I’ve set up not far from here. You will begin your studies there.” The Xyonian instructed, then began to head in the general direction of their destination. Mira followed without question.

It was actually quite surprising just how...elegant Lyrhyn’s movements were. For such odd beings that the Xyonians were, they all had a demeanor of grace and wisdom. Then again, they were one of the oldest races in this world, too. So they certainly had the time to evolve into such.

A few minutes later, they had reached a clearing in the nearby forest. In the clearing, was one large, perfectly round slab of stone set into the ground. Symbols were inscribed into the stone slab, several smaller rocks surrounding the circle had the same markings.

“What is all this...?” Mira asked curiously, she was currently examining one of the symbol-inscribed rocks. She tried to touch the surface of the rock, but instantly withdrew when she found an invisible force push her away from it.

“Mira, do you truly know what magic is?” Lyrhyn questioned suddenly, his voice still in that same calm tone he always had.

Mira stood up straight again, visibly pondering the Xyon’s question. “Well, it’s the use of energy to manipulate or simulate any of the nine main elements. These elements include Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightening, Ice, Wood, Storm and Shadow. When using--”

Lyrhyn held up his hand to indicate for her to stop, “Correct. However, where does this energy come from?”

The girl looked rather confused now, she bit on her lower lip as she thought up a plausible answer. “It’s just all around...everywhere. Like air...Right?” She dropped her gaze to the ground once Lyrhyn shook his head at her answer.

“No, though at one time long ago --back in the Dragon era, it used to be similar to such. But rougher times have altered what magic is. This energy that allows control over the elements, is actually the essence of souls. The leftover collection of energy, emotion, and memory from a once living being. Those with talent in the magical arts know how to harness this power, by altering it’s structure into that of any of the elements. The soul will then gradually be torn apart, depending upon the amount of energy it takes to cast the spell.”

“That’s horrible! How could you just entirely destroy the very essence of someone, merely to use magic!?” Mira interrupted rather audibly, she was obviously upset over this.

Lyrhyn smiled weakly, and gazed off into the distance with unreadable eyes. “It may seem morally wrong, Mira, but sometimes...It’s simply a matter of necessity. But now you see why it is important not to take this energy from your own soul essence, for it would greatly decrease your lifespan...if not kill you outright.”

The Xyon pulled something out of the pouch tied at his side, and revealed to Mira a red crystal in the palm of his hand. The stone pulsed with a certain light that was only somewhat visible. “That is why it is wise to store souls in an object, such as a crystal like this one. So that, when in dire need, you may rely on the built up power within.”

“But it’s still wrong. I don’t care if it’s a matter of necessity, I refuse to even learn such an evil ability!” Mira growled in frustration, bitter determination burned in her cold eyes. She tried to walk off back into the forest, but was stopped by another invisible force field.

“Fraalveighn machnei.” Lyrhyn said in his native language, which Mira knew from past experiences meant ‘Foolish girl’. “How do expect to survive in a world of magic users? What if you were sent out into battle right now, against hundreds of soldiers with the ability to wield elemental magic, and all you had to defend yourself with was your minimal talent in swordplay? And you would throw your life away simply because something was ‘wrong’.”

Mira did not answer. She merely glared out at the forest path that would lead her back to Iritaanii.

Lyrhyn sighed. “Magic wasn’t always like this, Mira. Back when the dragons dominated this world, the energy required for using magic was taken directly from the Web. And that is why dragon-magic is the most potent of all, because they take straight from the very essence that forms all life itself. But over time, people forgot the methods of old, and tainted the very idea of magic with this ghoulish new method. Try as we might, however, we have never found a way to revert back to taking from the Web.” He finally moved from his spot to stand next to her, and used the magical barrier to force Mira to look him straight in the eye.
“If you promise to at least learn magic, I will show you how to reach the Web itself. And from there, perhaps, you may find your own method of using the Web that no others have thought up before. I see some potential in you, Mira, and you should use that to your advantage.”

Even as his spell dissipated and Mira was now free to go, she still remained where she stood. She could return to Iritaanii, but she did not. Slowly, she nodded in agreement. “Alright, I’ll learn it. But do not expect me to use magic ever again after this.”

“I don’t; it’s your choice on whether to use it or not, but at least you will have the option available to you.”

They soon began training, and Mira discovered just how easy it was to use this skill. It was almost instinctual once she got the hang of it. Though, despite the convenience of it all, Mira still loathed the fact that she was really just destroying souls.

Never again would she use magic; she promised herself this from that day on.

• • •

“Mira? Hey, wake up!”

“...Wha...?” She opened her eyes sleepily, only to see Xavier towering over her.

“What the hell are you doing out here? Mira, you’re still hurt pretty badly from that fight two days ago, you need to rest up until you’re healed!” He said grumpily, then began to lift Mira off the wet ground, and proceeded to drag her along. “Here, I’m taking you back to your house. You can’t just stay out here all day in the cold and wet.”

Xavier was the other guardian of Iritaanii, and also Mira’s closest friend since childhood. At times like this when she was unfit for duty, he would take her place in guarding the town. Which, that was a rare occurrence as it was, since Mira was so incredibly stubborn.

He was tall and strong (he made Mira look scrawny in comparison), with tan skin and short dark hair, brown eyes. He was clad in metal armor, a Halberd with a very large blade was hung across his back. Xavier was only two years older than Mira.

However, his unwanted help did not bode well with Mira. She began to struggle to get out of his grasp. “Let me go, dammit! I’m fine, I really am!” She managed to break free, then stood in front of Xavier, and gave him one of her famous death-glares. “If I can escape you that easily, do you honestly think I’m that helpless?”

Xavier chuckled a bit, “You never give up, do you? Well, neither do I.” With little effort, he reached out and grabbed Mira again, but this time held her in place over his shoulder. Try she might, Mira couldn’t escape.

“I am sooo going to make you suffer for this...” She muttered, her normally pale face was turning red with frustration.

He grinned humorously, “And I look forward to it.”

They soon arrived at Mira’s house, though not without her fair share of kicking and squirming on the way there. Xavier set her down in a chair, then headed back for the door.

“Well, as fun as this has been, I gotta go. You know, protecting the town, taking over your job while you rest up...”

Mira hated being seen as weak or unable to do things, and Xavier knew. He was merely saying that to tick her off. That cocky b*****d.

She remained silent, he glanced back at her curiously.

“Xavier...why are you so protective of me?” Mira finally asked, her gaze was lowered to the carpeted floor. Her long bangs cast a mysterious shadow over her face.

He visibly pondered her question for a brief moment, then responded, “Well, you’re my friend, aren’t you? You’ve saved my life a few times, so why shouldn’t I return the favor?”

Mira did not accept this answer as valid, so instead, she cut to the chase: “...Is it because of that day...The day I almost killed myself...?”

Xavier’s expression darkened at the mention of this; it was a very unpleasant memory for both of them. “...I’ll come back later tonight to check in on you, to make sure you don’t run off again. Anyway, I have to go now...” He turned and left in silence, his movements seemed tense.

As the door clicked shut, Mira sighed. ‘Perhaps I shouldn’t have brought it up...’

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Aw, damn. That's all I really have saved to my computer, other than a few poems and school assignments. :c

It seems minuscule compared to the infinite multitude of plots that breeze through my head. gonk Most of 'em never see paper, or get transferred to role play format. 'Tis my form of entertainment on long car rides, or that time period where I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep but I can't; I play mental movies. This is also the reason that "timeout" never worked as a punishment for me when I was little — they could keep sending me to the corner dozens of times, but I'd be too preoccupied with the stories in my head to get bored and then I'd return to the exact thing that got me punished. rofl LOL  

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