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Sweet Kitten

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:11 pm
I hope it's okay to leave the first post clear of any actual quests ^_^;;;

For some stuff, I admit being lazy - So for some colors, I'll just put the RGB in this sort of form so I'm not making 40 million color swatch images:
I'm afraid I'm not sure how to convert that to the FiM eye style, so you can usually find that on the pony maker ponies I'll link to ^_^;;

1. Hi
2. Bastille Storm - Event QC needed!
3. Rajeev "Max" (Or Lotus) - General QC needed
4. Barnacle - General QC needed
5. Wind Whistler - General QC needed  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:32 pm
Name: Bastille Storm
Gender: Male
Type: I guess Earth? xd ; Non-fetlocked hooves
Body RGB 89/193/157
Eyes: RGB 169/66/172 - See the Doll Maker thing for the style! Just not the... Spot it's in xd ;;
Hair: R/G/B of 60/60/60 (OR.. As close to black as possible without Photobucket destroying it... That may take saving some sample versions to test D8; ) - You'll have to see the refs for his hair styling ;x; You can also play with it, but the main point is that his mane stretches down his back! (So it would be the regular mane length, and then simply continue on down his spine to his tail base)
Cutie Mark 8D: A gold Fleur de Lis set over a comic book pow-bubble (Minus the word "POW", of course... Some sort of coloring to compliment the combo of gold on green?)
Brief Character Description: Xavier(Original, non-pony name) is an OC of mine that's rather special to me - Few of my OC's are quite as special(Incidentally, most of the really special ones are... MLP xd ; ). Part of his character is his physical features, though(When not in a human form) - Rabbit-like dragon ears, and a Chinese-dragon-style tail. This is the OOC stuff! The IC stuff is... Rather obviously adapted to a more.. FiM setting.

Sent away by his oldest brother after their father's death(Their mother had, regrettably, already passed), Bastille wandered far and wide across the lands beyond the known area, intent on coming back with SOMETHING that would prove his worth to his brother. He ended up crossing a sorcerer who cursed him to look like something of a rather small pony-monster. While he's returned home, he's avoided his family and most of the other ponies, fearful of how they'll react to his strange looks.

At least, that's what he BELIEVES happened - What IS for sure to have happened is he woke up in the forest one day, and had no idea how he got there, and sort of... Stayed there. (More than likely, the above was a dream, a hallucination born of eating something, or simply put there to really mess with his head)

It doesn't really help that if anybody gets too close, he snarls at them and chases them away. (Kind of at conflict with himself, because he actually wants to teach... Ended up finding a really good skill in fighting, though)
+ Ref pics where possible: General Zoi pony maker style - His general expression is also present for this(But NOT his hair!) - Maybe a toothy snarl? (Rawr, dragon teeth!)
Old art showing off his hair style(And his tail!) - I'd like his ears to look a bit more like this!
Xavier in another shop

And found this digging for samples for another form: How his tail would look (Roughly - The hair would match the mane more, not looks so corded)

I may edit this later with more samples... I don't draw him nearly enough where I can show it off ;3;

Fireflight: His name and cutiemark is OK, he would be highly conditional with all the edits [please also clarify if his hairstyle is supposed to continue in a mane down his back?] but the character description is not acceptable within the Phonyland setting. Please read the 2nd post on the page for a very brief overview of Phonyland's context. Just request QC again whenever you've made the relevant changes.

Fixed heart

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Fireflight: The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [laddered auction/RLC or where stated], due to extensive body edits - ears, tail, teeth and mane down the back.


Sweet Kitten

14,900 Points
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Sweet Kitten

14,900 Points
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:42 pm
Name: Rajeeve "Max" - Hindi name for a "lotus flower" (Hence his symbol/cutie mark), derived from the Sanskrit word rajiv, meaning "striped." Edit If Rajeev is an unacceptable name, I can always go with Lotus(With Max still in quotations - That's a personality specific of his character) heart
Gender: Male
Type: [Pegasus] - This may be a curious request - His wings should be small enough to be utterly useless (As a pony, this is rather central to his character... Because as a human, he's acrophobic and aerophobic, or... Fear of heights and fear of flying) - He'd have non-fetlocke hooves
Body 255/250/207 - He'd also have(Don't kill me!) tattoos on his front legs and neck - See the non-pony refs for a good idea of how they should look, as well as the colors for them!
Eyes: 94/149/238 - See the General Zoi pony maker for the style!
Hair: White... See the non-pony refs for the style of his mane, but the
Cutie Mark 8D: A lotus! I'll try to draw it, but until then, here's a good picture of a lotus! His pony ref images also have good samples!
Brief Character Description: The (so far only) son of a pegasus stallion and unicorn male, Rajeev was born with... Dismally tiny wings. Not that he minds much, because he's afraid of heights AND flying... And bunnies.. And... A few things... Which is weird, because he's not hesitant to slam a face into a table or wall if he feels insulted(Touchy spot - Saying the term 'blank flank' in a deragotory manner).
+ Ref pics where possible:
Raj with his dad Raj drawn by his dad's owner! Yes, his symbol/cutie mark is on his face there.. It's how she draws ponies heart
Zoi pony maker The code to plug into this is:

And wow, found this one while digging for the non-pony refs xd
Flat-color image of the above linked finished art

Old-ish sketch showing off the linework for his tats REALLY old art showing the original linework for his arm tats (This one makes me weep now xd ; )
These two perfectly show off how his hair should fall:
Doll-base edited to be Max - Shows off his frontal tattoos Doll-base edited to be Max - Shows off the back of his tattoos  
PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:44 pm
Name: Barnacle
Gender: Male
Type: [Earth - Draft]
Body Kind of a medium-dark-ish blue - It'd be best to see the ref images to get it right(The SoA in particular is REALLY good for it!)
Eyes: Dark dusky pink - Again, you'll have to see the ref(s) for the right shade - Expression should be something... Jolly
Hair: Bright red-orange with a light yellow streak in the mane ~ The mane should be... Mass-curly, and the tail braided 3/4 of the way down, the bottom 1/4 showing the same mass level of curling as the mane, with little curls popping out on the braid - Color of the tie in the tail is CC
Cutie Mark 8D: A red treasure chest of gold coins ~ heart
Brief Character Description: A sailor at heart, Barnacle can often be found sailing on the lagoon in his boat(Is that something they'd be able to make...? I mean, they cook and sew... xd ). If he's not doing that, he's spending time with his sweetheart, Wind Whistler.. Or doing both at once!
+ Ref pics where possible: Barnacle toy Barnacle in Before Dream Castle - I'm afraid I've lost his uncert(Which is sad, because *I* colored him!) when my computer was reformatted following Rent-A-Center fixing it... Despite being told to NOT reformat it D: So his colors may be a bit wonky on this version! The plus side is, it shows perfectly how I'd like his hair to be heart Barnacle in SoA  


Sweet Kitten

14,900 Points
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Sweet Kitten

14,900 Points
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:01 am
Name: Wind Whistler
Gender: Female
Type: [Pegasus]
Body Light powdery blue - The SoA is a pretty close representation of that! She'd also be a bit... Fuzzy, if possible? Since the original MLP toy was a So Soft, and covered in flocking heart
Eyes: Light pinkish-purple, haughty expression - I couldn't find any close-ups of her eyes, I'm afraid crying And my toy of her is buried somewhere and needs digging out(Along with Barnacle...), so it's either zoom on the so soft toy, or the SoA... I'll leave that to your choice!
Hair: Light pink(So much pink!), sort of poofy-curly in style?
Cutie Mark 8D: A cluster of little whistles in pink and blue - This is a case where there's actually two different versions - The flocked version has pink, while the non-flocked toy(Released elsewhere in the world, I think mostly Europe) has pink AND blue whistles! Weird, huh? I'll be going with the non-SS version heart
Brief Character Description: Just a bit snooty, and certainly a know-it-all, Wind Whistler thinks herself better than the other phonies. She's cold and short with everyone except Barnacle, and often won't take no for an answer. She's of the firm opinion that she's ALWAYS right... She could do with being knocked down some pegs, wouldn't you say? Her special talent is tongue-whistling(Yeah, she won't admit THAT one..), with a side of reporting.
+ Ref pics where possible: Wind Whistler toy, So Soft version Toy, non-So Soft SoA  
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