Man... what was is place? It's so weeiiirrdddd. , thought little Veruchka. There were mounds everywhere, decorated elaborately with sticks and stones, and animal bones. Some held fresh flowers, some that were decaying... either way... what curious hills they were! The tiny lioness had stumbled upon the lands of the voodoo, ignorant to its ways, and all that it held. A hounfor was her first sight of it, too... Padding about casually, sniffing at some of the graves, her lips held a slightly unnerving grin, pale eyes sliding around sockets at a very eased pace, taking the time to give each pile a moment of attention. Resting her sights on one in particular, that held some strange smelling plants on it, she placed a paw on the swollen earth, and gave it a firm kneading, testing it's durability. Once it seemed rather... steady, she went on and hopped up onto the hill, and stared around her surroundings at her taller height, sleek tail flipping about in a somewhat victorious manner, the eerie smile on her lips growing as she peered on the other graves again. Well. These were interesting indeed! Who put these here? But upon her perch, she gave a few stretches to each leg individually, allowing herself to get comfy, before pouncing off to leap onto the other mounds as well; like a jumping game, so as not to touch the lower ground.