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Excited Apathy

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:49 am
"As the Kaar Oma says, Mkhai. Blood Guard." Mkhai's face was grim, his expression giving away little. Zizima was...an improvement over 'Grey Warrior.' A small one. But better name or not, he was new, and he was unknown, and he was gaining the attention of the Nergui seemingly without effort. Attention that Mkhai fought to win. Attention that Mkhai would have, if he had to crush every opponent that he could to do so. This newcomer...was beginning to look like a threat to his own goals. He would bear watching. If attention became recognition...there could be a problem.

And then this Zizima showed himself for the foolish newcomer he was.

"The likes of us?" There was the hint of a growl in his words, a crack in the stone. "You are one of us, or so you claim. If you want to try to earn the right of a Warlord, you will remember it." His voice was cold, as cold as the warning delivered in those words. It masked his anger, to an extent, at this ignorant recruit reaching for what he did not understand. There were Nergui, there were slaves, and there were the dead. Anyone else was simply waiting to join one of those groups, and just didn't know it yet...even enemies. Especially enemies.
PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:40 am
Rapha's eyes flashed as her pupils darkened. A smile split her muzzle, and she began to laugh. It was a rolling, unhindered thing, and she shook her head as it escaped her throat.

"Is that so?" The laughter had subsided to a chuckle and then hummed into a purr.

"My father is angry, but he is true." Rapha locked eyes with Zizima's gaze upon her, letting her breathing even.

"I believe you can kill a warrior - scars do not lie. But to lead? Mchawi's son is already better fit to be a Warlord." There was a low click in the back of her throat.

"I will pity your insolence, because you are new, and like a child, you do not understand." Though her posture had previously been calm, Rapha now lashed out like a snake, claws extended, for Zizima's nose.

"If you seek to look or speak disrespectfully towards a Visionary again, do not expect to see any less fate than being drug out into the open by Enforcers and treated as a slave."


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:28 pm
Padding along, Nuri contemplated many things. One of them was if the higher-ranking Nergui would ever figure out she'd only gotten out of being enslaved by lying her way up to Blood Guard. She also wondered if they'd ever question her about... Well, anything. Had she even really been a member of that one pride they'd decimated? Or had she been a spy in the pride? She let out a quiet, amused sound at herself, before noticing the meeting going on. She could see the Grey Warrior, as everyone referred to him, amid them. It was hard to miss a lion that big...

The dark lioness, a fair few of her gold spots covered by not only the shawl she'd made of stolen and torn tent pieces but a piece of a rug she'd managed to filch off some two-legs, decided she'd visit these chatting birds. As she drew closer, though, she started to second guess starting conversation - It was in full swing about Zizima - Part of what she'd caught of it - and his desire to be a Warlord. But then... The lioness smirked more to herself. "And what if I told you, oh mighty Grey Warrior, that I have my eyes on the Warlord rank?" Not that she'd get such a rank - Females didn't get ranks THAT good, unless they were a seer... And then they were usually Oma.
PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:43 am
"You heard me." Zizima replied cooly. "You're not a member of rank, are you?" A small smirk touched his face as he looked at the dark grey male. "I've only met one member of rank since coming here, and that is Mchawi. As far as I'm concerned, she is the only one here who deserves any kind of proof of what I'm capable of." Of course, the name of Graos Oma had been tossed around as well, but since the lion who owned that title was a complete mystery to him, he had no choice but to recognise Mchawi as the leader who he answered to.

When Zizima had joined this little gathering, it hadn't been his intention to offend anyone. That's seemingly what had happened however, but he didn't regret it in the slightest. "The rest of you..." At this point, his gaze turned to Rapha once more. "Are my equals, and therefore, I owe you nothing more than my word." He then turned back to Mkhai. "Rest assured I will earn the rank of Warlord, by whatever means necessary." His eyes flashed darkly. "And mark my words, I will slaughter anyone who stands in my way." A threat? No, not really. Truly, he didn't wish to slaughter anyone. In order to gain Sarangerel's freedom though, he was fully prepared to do whatever it took.

When Rapha broke into a laugh, Zizima scowled at her. "I guess your powers aren't all they're cracked up to be. If they were, you would know better than to doubt me." The half-Firekin knew he had what it took to become a leader and he knew that the rank of Warlord was in his future. He didn't need powers to see that.

Then suddenly, a movement. Zizima managed to dodge it, although not as quickly as he would've liked. A small chuckle escaped his throat. If anyone was proving themselves the fool at this point, it was the so-called Visionary. He would let it go though, as he had been forced to do the first time he had met Muunokhoi. It was at times like this that he struggled to recall what the Nergui had been through, according to Ovu.

Things were getting very tense indeed, when another Nergui arrived on the scene. He rolled his eyes, as he was still waiting for Mchawi's response in regards to what he had said, but apparently Mkhai and Rapha needed to have their say first. Still, there was no need to be rude to this one. At least not until she proved herself to be as foolish as the father and daughter that were already present. "I would say that you need to set your eyes on another goal." If the rank of Warlord was available to more than one Nergui, then fine. If not, he would hate to have to fight a female in order to get to the rank.

Joka's red eyes widened as the voices of all involved in the conversation below got louder and angrier. She hadn't known Zizima for very long, but this was the first timed she had seen him this way. Whilst she still didn't find him scary like the other Nergui, it did upset her a little to see him this way. Not wanting to watch, she buried her head in her mother's feathery chest. Hopefully Mchawi would speak up soon, before things got out of hand.  



Fuzzy Kitten

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:29 pm
Mchawi was not surprised by Zizima's declaration of wanting rank. It was clear that she did not believe him about his feelings towards ambition. Were not all strong lions ambitious? Craving more strength? More power? They would be fools if not and here he was declaring that he sought to seek blood and glory to do just that. She gave a nod of approval - though her eyes turned sharply to regard Mkhai.

Tempers were fraying, it seemed.

Perhaps it was time for her to intervene.

"My friends." She replied in a voice as smooth as silk. "Let us not quarrel amongst each other. New or old, we all bend to Graos Oma's will do we not? Zizima, Grey Warrior, Storm of many Scars!" She seemed to have a fondness for titles. "You flatter me, truly, but whilst I am Kaar Oma, here stands a Visionary and above her is only Graos Oma himself." She gave a small nod towards Rapha. "And perhaps Rapha Oma is the greatest of all Visionaries, for she is female and for females, climbing so high is a thing near unheard of. A visionary is the Graos Oma's chosen emissaries. They are his eyes. His ears. His voice. With one word they could see you rise above all others in the horde. But so too can they order death."

She hoped to avoid a break out of further violence. "But I am pleased of your decision nonetheless. You have all the qualities of a Warlord, I should think, and with experience and learning you shall have what your heart desires." Mchawi would make sure of that.

The lioness had plans.

And then Nuri entered and Mchawi rolled her eyes at her words - though perhaps secretly glad for the distraction. "When the fawn hunts the lion, Nuri, you may become a Warlord. Not before." Her mouth curled up into a smile and she turned back to look at Mkhai, Rapha and then her son. "I think our new recruits will need some better inducting."

Above, Moma felt her heart pounding wildly. "It's okay, Joka. It's okay." Although, in truth, she did not feel like anything was okay. These lions were so volatile she felt as if any moment death might come for them. "Zizima is a good lion. If you stick with him you will be safe. I'm sure of it."
PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:18 pm
The grey pelt's words only sought to further raise the hackles of the pale lioness. For a moment, it would seem that she was prepared to make well on her previous threats.

But Mchawi had been her superior not long ago, and though she held a position just below her now, Rapha knew there was still much to learn from the Kaar Oma. The lioness seemed to pet Rapha's ego now, soothing out and explaining matters to the 'Grey Warrior.'

"The Kaar Oma sees promise in you," Rapha whispered out as she calmed.

"But should you give even a hint of defying our Graos Oma, I will be the first to slit your throat." She flashed him a pair of sharp teeth.

"Unfortunately, I cannot daly here with discussions of rank." Rapha gave an upward bob of her head and then slipped away from the group. She paused by Mchawi to whisper only a few words into the female's ear, "Meet me in my quarters at sunset. I want to hear your thoughts on our 'Grey Warrior'."


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wooga Paes

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:47 pm
Though living with lions like these meant Drogon wasn't exactly unfamiliar to tension, lions who had tempers, or even physical altercations, the young male couldn't help but be surprised. Some of the conversation did go over his ears, and he didn't understand it all entirely well.

But he did understand Zizima had apparently offended Mkhai and Rapha, and next thing he knew the Visionary was going for the Grey Warrior's nose. Drogon laid his ears back and took a step closer to his mother. He sort of hoped for a fight, then, because it made more sense to him than a lot of talking.

His mother was smoothing things out now, and though Drogon had understood Visionaries were powerful, he'd never felt quite so impressed with them before! It was the very best he could do not to stare at the pale lioness as she made her exit, now that he knew more about just how powerful she was. He almost strained to listen to her words, but feared being caught. Perhaps he could ask his mother later, then.
PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:44 pm
Nuri gave a bemused snort. "Oh, please do learn to understand when one is JOKING!" She offered a smile to the Kaar Oma and Zizima, eyes and body not betraying a thing. "Do you really think I'd try to be a WARLORD..?" She gave a little wave of her paw. "Let the males have it, I could always just try to find the honor of being the Warlord's mate, since the gods didn't feel me worthy of the Gift." As she'd seen it in some prides, behind every great king, warlord, captain, or otherwise high-ranking male, there was a female. The same, she'd seen, applied to wild dog packs... And something of the opposite in hyena packs, with a male behind a high-ranking female. As far as she cared to observe, the Nergui were no different.

The dark lioness looked down at the dark cub, as if she were noticing him for the first time. Her ears suddenly went back, an involuntary movement. Cubs... She could do without them. But she'd make no move to swat the little ball of fur and flesh across the ground while Mchawi was there. Mothers were volatile creatures, and she'd rather not have word handed down by Graos Oma of her execution. If he even existed.. Was he just a fanciful character created by someone somewhere along the way? For all the time she'd been amid them, the Nergui still left her wondering...


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PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:28 am
Mchawi was certainly a strange one, as she sounded of yet another name for him. She seemed intelligent though, and rational, despite apparently having Seer powers. Whilst she did approve of his plans to become a Warlord, she felt the need to inform him of how important the Visionary was. He still found himself struggling to care, as one can only make one first impression, and he didn't like or trust Rapha one bit. If she or her father were expecting an apology, they would have a long wait.

It was surprising then for her to acknowledge that Mchawi saw something in him. The threat that came afterwards wasn't quite as surprising. "Thanks for the warning." He answered, doing his best to hold back any hints of sarcasm. He didn't catch what she wqhispered to Mchawi, although he was quite sure that it concerned him. Zizima frowned lightly. He was beginning to realise that nothing was ever going to be straight forward with the Nergui.

When Nuri spoke up again, he rolled his eyes. Why would any female seek to be mated with a Warlord, when it most likely meant an end to their freedom? He planned on freeing Sarangerel, not taking her as his mate. He doubted that he would ever have another mate for as long as he lived.

Frustration threatened to overtake him as he considered this. Zizima quickly shook out his mane, and once again turned to Mchawi. "So, what must I do?"

Joka chirped and nodded. She could tell that Zizima was good. She had known it ever since the day that they had bonded. He would keep her and her mother safe. "Just like you and Mchawi?" She cooed happily, blissfully unaware of the not so good relationship that Moma had with her bonded lioness.  
PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:11 pm

wooga Paes


Excited Apathy

[[Quoting you all because it has been so long since the last post. Apologies for the delay. Between moving house and no internet I had no time to get online - pretty much back to normal now, though. If anyone would like some more Nergui RP, feel free to ask <333 ]]

Mchawi gave a short nod. "As you wish, Xakaav." She replied, using the Nergui word for 'Visionary'. That would be an interesting conversation - something to look forward to, no doubt. Rapha had quick claws and a quicker mind. It was something to be respected. And feared. Mchawi would need to be careful. Her eyes lowered to peer at her son, smiling at him where she would smile at no other - save her children. "You would be wise to treat that particular lady with respect, my son. There are few higher in rank than me here in this pride but she is one of them."

To Nuri, Mchawi gave a slow blink. She was never much one for joking and didn't return the smile. Nuri was a female that she did not know very well but if she fought as well as she spoke then perhaps one day she could fulfill her ambitions - even if it was only temporary.

It was also wise that Nuri did not go for young Drogon. Mchawi was a manipulative, spiteful creature but those of her own blood were another thing entirely.

To Zizima she gave a short nod and said: "Best we not speak of things here. Find me tomorrow and I can give you the information you seek. Perhaps I may even have had a vision in my sleep that might offer you some support in your attempt." For now, though, she wanted to go and prepare for her meeting with Rapha. "Here I will take my leave."

To Drogon, the Kaar Oma gave a toothed smile. "Go hunt the ravens, my son. Chasing them will make you swift and cunning. Enjoy it now whilst work is play." It would be harder and less fun later once he was bigger. Becoming a warrior was not a simple thing and would not come without bloodshed.


The raven, Moma, huddled her daughter close and murmured. "Mchawi is a different sort of lion from your Zizima. A female has a different sort of strength from males in the feline world."

Or so it seemed to her...


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PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 2:05 am
"Very well." Zizima replied simply, submitting to the fact that their meeting had been somewhat hijacked, despite the fact that he hadn't been the first to meet up with Mchawi. He would indeed find her tomorrow, as the sooner he got this Warlord business sorted out, the better.

"Joka, are you coming?" He smiled ever so slightly as he peered up into the tree. His little bird friend was cuddling up to her mother. With Mchawi's son still here though, he would rather Joka come with him, which he was sure she would. With that in mind, he walked off, not bothering to say anything to the others as he left.

Joka smiled and ruffled her feathers as she hopped out from under her mother's wing. "See you later Mother!" With that, she hopped off the branch and took flight, before swooping down to land right on top of Zizima's head. She cooed contentedly at him, before nesting into his mane once more.  
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