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Reply [IC] Tokakinji Lands [IC]
[IC] Pride Plots UPDATE: 2/7

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:40 am
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:54 pm

The Zizihadithi family is a line of Kings, and they have ruled over the Tokakinji for generations. When the current King, Uther, was a young lion his father, Talfrid, began his campaign to expand the pride's territory into the mountain that overlooked the pridal valley.

Living in this mountain was a small group of lions named by the Tokakinji as Druids. They developed an enigmatic reputation to those living in the pride, and were always looked on with suspicion and a sense of unease. When Talfrid announced his campaign, it was met with general approval from his people.

The attack on the mountain was successful. Talfrid, with young Uther as witness, supplanted the Druid leader, Mtungi, and took control of the mountain, driving the druids down into the valley to live in the Tokakinji. There was unrest, to say the least. Many believed the mountain and the Druids, who lived far simpler lives and were much more holistic and spiritual in their habits, were cursed.

Talfrid was murdered in his den a short time later, and the murderer was discovered to be a former advisor to the Druid leader. Young Uther, barely out of his juvenile years, took the throne and his Council advised him to hunt down all remaining symbols of power from the former Druid leaders and have them killed to avoid any such uprising from happening again. This Uther did, for the good of the people he had come to love as his own.

The Druids knew then that they would never be an integrated part of the pride: they were no longer home in their own lands.

Since then, Uther has lived by his convictions and has become a strong and often violent King, seeking growth for his pride and prosperity, as well as peace through any means necessary. He developed the Ravine Prison, and personally trains the Keepers of the Peace to his ideals. His will, however, is filtered through the Council and the power fuels them as well. Their methods and execution of his laws do not always fall in line with what King Uther would have, but the King is too busy and often too detached to even notice.

For a short while, the King and his Queen went missing from the pride, leaving the Council in command and securing their lust for power as an ever present part of their existence. Once the rulers returned, the Council lost ground, and have not yet gotten used to the shift. While away, the Queen had an encounter with a former Druid that produced cubs, though his name was never given to her and she does not know who or what he was. Uther is aware that the blood in these cubs is Druidic.

Currently, the King's laws favor those of true Tokakinji blood. Second to that are those that start new lines in the pride, who join and prove themselves. The remaining Druid blood are treated as the lowest class, though they technically should have the same citizenship as the others. Uther bears a deep hatred of them and their ways, which has manifested itself in some of his people and the Council.

There are those who would have true peace, however, and they struggle to support those that need them, and defeat the forces of hatred and rebellion that stir constantly within the vast pride lands.



PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:56 pm
At Current:

The pride is in a state of unrest, but not upheaval. There are forces moving under the King's line of sight, in the shadows, but he cannot see or stop them. He has enemies on all sides, and his throne is not as sturdy as the mountain in which he has built it. The Druids are working to breech the Ravine Prison, and the Provinces are divided by beliefs as well as their locations within the massive pride.  
PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:00 pm

The royal litter has been born! High King Uther and Queen Ygraine have welcomed a brood of ten princes and princesses into the Tokakinji! Celebrations are encouraged, and a general air of light heartedness and calm has settled over the pride in the wake of these good tidings!

The Queen is doing well, and the King is very occupied with his new duties as father, though he is far from his comfort zone.

Druids within the pride may not be as happy as others about this news. New heirs of the tyrant line to take the throne after Uther, raised in his shadow and image to continue his oppression of their kind. Perhaps make it even worse...



PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:03 pm
Strange Rumblings:

Recent sightings of a familiar, yet long dead, face has disturbed the peace and happiness that has followed the birth of the royal litter, but only to those few who are keen enough to notice it. A God has descended into the Castle, and is meeting regularly with Uther. The King does not speak about it, and rumors are spreading about who this God, who looks strangely similar to the assassinated King Talfrid, really is.

And what purpose he has here in the Tokakinji. Is he here to support the Toka and drive out the last of the Druids? Or does he bear magic and a sympathy for those who are said to support the more arcane and occult ways of life?

So far, there are only rumors.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:04 pm
Caravan Happenings:

King Uther's announcement quickly spread throughout the pride, and everyone is buzzing with excitement for the quest, either to go on one or to hear back from those that do.

Caravans should be formed for travel. Merchants should bring a Knight with them for protection, or at the very least travel in numbers. There is no ruling against traveling alone, but it is discouraged if only on the grounds of safety.

So! Send your lions out into the rogue lands and have them meet others! Have them trade their wares, or recruit some new folks into the Tokakinji lands! Have your druids rally outside help against the crown: it's really up to you! Anything big should be dropped by me for approval but personal plots are always more than welcomed and allowed.

I am looking for other prides to plot with, and hoping that this event opens up room for that to happen! I will be having my characters out in groups as well! Uther will be traveling, leaving the pride in the paws of the God of Chivalry and the Queen.

Morgana will be out as well, looking to stir up trouble for the pride, and to help the Druids rise up. =]


Snuggly Knight


Snuggly Knight

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:23 pm
Things Are Changing!

King Uther is making changes within the structure of the pride! Gone are the Council of advisers, and the King himself is taking a more direct role in the day to day of the Kingdom he rules. There is a lot more change in the air, as well! The Druids are stirring. There are rumors of an uprising. At night, the pride is becoming a dangerous place. Attacks on Toka blooded homes, or in the paths between provinces, are more common. During the day, the Druids are harder to find, and it is becoming dangerous to travel to the Uliacha province at all.

The King has not made any announcement about things, but the presence of more Knights around the Kingdom is apparent, and the King is opening recruitment. He encourages trips into the rogue lands, and searches for new Toka blood.

Slayers should keep their eyes open, as well, with all these attacks going on.

The God of Chivalry is living in the Castle Mountain, and is known to be Uther's relative, somehow. Most know him as the former King, though the God himself makes no mention of it, and does not seem to be aware of these rumors. There is another Goddess in the lands, though few have seen her and none know what she stands for. She speaks to Druids in the dead of night, and has taken up the ear of Morgana, leader of the Druid uprising.

Things are changing. There is danger on the wind.
PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, 2014 2:38 pm
War Rumbles, Tragedy Strikes:

The Queen of the Tokakinji has been killed by the Druid leader, Morgana.

King Uther has declared open war on all Druids, and decreed that no Druid may leave the Uliacha province or the Ravine Prison without his permission, which, of course, he is not prone to grant. Any Druids seen within the rest of the Tokakinji lands are to be treated and violent enemies, and all Knights and strong members of the pride have been ordered by the King to use whatever method necessary to rid them from the Toka blooded provinces.

The war has begun. Stay tuned for more!

Plot RPs:

The Murder
The Discovery  


Snuggly Knight


Snuggly Knight

PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:44 am
A Call to War!

The Goddess of Villainy has shown her true colors, and is urging the Druids to join her in open war against the Toka blood.

All Druids are banded outside of the Uliacha province, and the Ravine Prison, which they have taken and made into their home and base of operations. Dens are being carved out into the rocks, and paths in and out created for their ease of use. It takes a lot of work to make this place liveable, but the Druids are determined. And they have no real choice.

Any Toka is under order to attack and drive out any Druid in the lands! While the Druids are encouraged and directed to cause as much trouble and strife as they can against the Toka. It is open war, and blood will be spilled!

Feel free to plot anything you would like with each other during this plot! I will be posting small events during its run, though nothing profoundly large. Enjoy the plotting opportunities, though!

Druid Call to War  
PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:46 pm
War Ends?

A terrible battle has taken place on the castle mountain, where the King has fallen and the war has come to a bloody, but sudden, end.

A new King, Talfrid, the God of Chivalry, takes the throne, and massive changes will be coming to the pride! Keep an eye open for them!

Read the plot here:

Coming Soon:
-Druids leave the pride, create their own!
-New rules, ranks and set up for the Knights!
-No more division between members, or Ravine Prison!


Snuggly Knight


Snuggly Knight

PostPosted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:21 pm
A Few Steps to Peace!

Lots of changes for the pride! Check out information Talfrid's reign here:


-New ranks!
-New Druid sister pride!
-No more province or blood listing on cert!
-Other stuff!

Coming up!
New Member list! -cry-
[IC] Tokakinji Lands [IC]

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