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PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:31 am
flower power
Are you a newbie?: Not even a little
Proposed Name: Trembling Song (also answers to Aria and Warble)
Personality: Stubborn, a little bull-headed, but that's nothing that can't be won over by a pretty doe's smile or attention. He's not exactly bitter of his position in life, it's more that he's not surprised - he isn't fleet of hoof at all, and couldn't dance if fire ants were crawling up his legs. No, his skill lay in his silken voice, though he does not share it openly outside of helping the Troupe reach their potential. He's reliable, hard working but he does like his beauty sleep and some time for vanity, plucking fresh flowers in his downtime and keeping his coat immaculate. Like his father, he does so love the delicate ladies...but unlike his father, he's not strictly to one race. No, he's seen how dainty and ethereal the Kiokote and Kimeti can be and he has a spot in his heart for them...especially one in particular.
Purpose: He's something of a guru for the tribe: he helps other kin relax and recharge themselves for their next training session, be that bringing them water, snacks, gentle pressure of his hooves upon sore spots or simply humming while they rest against him. If she asks, however, he'd do just about anything.
Prompt Response: He doesn't mind. Well -- he minds but doesn't mind mind, you know? He believes he should have a bit better treatment, being Watch Me's son and all, but...he kind of understands. If he could be surrounded by beautiful does all day - and lets face it, even not performing, he still is surrounded by them - he'd pick and choose who he'd keep in his company.

The only thing that really makes him keep his thoughts to himself and do his duties without complaint or sigh is her. Thunder. The Kiokote has the biggest thing for her that he doesn't really know what to do with himself, and thus, doing menial chores seems to be a good thing to do. She'd never need his help, of course, but that doesn't mean he doesn't watch her perform or make sure her water is fresh or...anything else...no really, anything.

(( Side note: If the BIG BREAK from Troupe ever happens, he'd totally go with Thunder. SORRY DAD. ))  
PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 3:40 pm
flower power
Are you a newbie?: noooope
Proposed Name: Under the Rose (because "sub rosa" means secret and that translates to "under the rose" I swear I wasn't confusing him for one of his pink brothers)
Personality: Meticulous and precise, accurate to a fault almost. He's extremely friendly and gregarious and loves troupe life not because of the aesthetics of it but because he gets to live in a giant family and always has somebody to talk to. He is level-headed and gives excellent advice, and he always seems to have a soft smile on his face. His is a contained joy; he's simply happy to be and to be here. He sees life as its own reward and anything extra- the privilege of knowing his kin, for instance- is a bonus. He quietly worships his father- and in this and this only does he feel slightly jealous of his acha brothers, as they do seem to be the favorites. He sometimes does feel awkward and clumsy around his light-footed tribe, but tends to bottle up these feelings to run out later. He's also incredibly awkward around attractive Totoma; he's just got a thing for all that... muscle. But that's not something he has to worry about much; generally, they just run into the beefy kin at performances, and after performances, there are rarely any eyes on him- as it should be.
Purpose: Under the Rose organizes props! He is brilliant at running totals in his head and is extremely good at doling out flowers and decorations; he knows who needs what and when they need it. He's absolutely the guy to go to if you need something special for that routine. He might not make it or know where to find it, but he can certainly find somebody who can.
Prompt Response: "Look, I- would you stop asking me that question? My answer is never going to change, no matter how... poetic you think it might be." Under the Rose snorted and rolled his eyes. "I truly, truly hate dancing. I find nothing enjoyable about it- you've seen me, I have four left hooves and no rhythm- and the attention is a nightmare. Now go on. You have to get fitted for your mask!" With a gentle nudge, the blue and green buck sent his flittery companion off to pester somebody else. The Kiokote knew that even if he'd wanted to dance, he'd never be allowed to- which was fine, because he hated dancing. It's not that he hated dancers- far from it! He loves watching his family perform and is absolutely their biggest fan. But he never once felt the desire to publicly participate; even when he played at dancing as a foal, it was only to appease his brothers and to make his father laugh. It was never his intention to make a secret of his relief at the troupe's rules; wistful questions in the direction of "Don't you wish you were out there?" tended to be answered with a snorting laugh and a witty response. "I'd rather be a turtle." "I'd rather wrestle a crocodile." "Not in a thousand lifetimes." He truly means it and is more than happy to sit on the sidelines and take in the spectacle. Grumbling a little, he took a deep breath and calmed himself. The Acha meant nothing by it; it was simply their way. They were born to perform; he was decidedly not. That's just how things were, and how he was happy to have them.  

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:10 pm
you are my sunshine
Are you a newbie?: uhhhh >>
Proposed Name: Peaks and Valleys
Personality: Judging from his name, one might expect Peaks something particular from his personality -- and they'd be entirely wrong. There are no valleys in his life, only a non-stop, sly kind of energy that he turns on all the kin around him. He is flirtatious, loudly so, but usually not to a degree that's obnoxious, always on the move, and enthusiastically willing to help out.
Role: Juggler -- kind of! After watching Catching Fire's act at a young age, it inspired him to try it out himself. Instead of contact juggling, though, his act is about balancing things and tossing them.
Prompt Response:

He has cut the flower with a long stem and a wide spray of leaves, teeth slicing through near the base to give him lots of room to maneuver. It makes the balancing that much more impressive: his head bobbing and weaving to keep it from falling over and tumbling to the ground, so that the point against the point of his own nose is far from the bloom at the other end.

It sways in a breeze and he moves to keep it in place, flashes a wide smile to a pretty pale doe near the front of the crowd: shades of pink that would certainly suit the robin blue of his prop.

"It matches you, I think." He has to speak carefully, softly, because as he does, the leaves bob and it moves sideways and he has to dance, hind legs kicking up as he resettles himself beneath it. Finally, his nose dips, rises to launch the flower into the sky, and he catches it between his teeth. There is a flirtatious sway to his body as he steps in to present it to the girl, at last, with a wink.

This is only the opening act, of course. Still to come are the branches near as long as he is, stripped of their leaves but still an impressive sight; still is the citrus fruit just on this edge of rotten that he can bounce off his nose and knees back into the air, legs whirring as he works. But the flirting, the playing the crowd, the maybe-meeting-up-with-this-gal-later -- this is his favorite part.  
PostPosted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:30 pm
you are my sunshine
Are you a newbie?: Nope
Proposed Name: Merry-Go-Round
Personality: Merry is bright, bubbly, and loves the adoration of the crowd and any groupies he can get (try as he might). He can be a bit conceited at times, as well as a poor sport when he doesn't get a desired role, but that's only because he knows what he's doing and does it well. A charmer like his father he never misses an opportunity to woo the ladies or sweet talk his way into their good graces. He takes his craft quite seriously and it isn't unknown for him to spend hours upon hours rehearsing or practicing his lines, moves, or both. You don't get this good by putting nothing in.
Role: Merry is an actor and a dancer. Often combining the two in unique and pleasant forms. He prefers dramatic or heroic roles stage front to the background and it isn't unheard of for him to cause a fuss if pushed to a lesser or undesirable role.
Prompt Response: "AND YET THIS ROSE..." Merry continued, his voice rising to a dramatic level as he gazed down upon the female Acha accompanying him, her eyes first upon a rose at his hooves then back up at him, her demeanor that of a heartbroken lover. "This rose I cast aside into the dusty earth just as I cast YOU aside, you wretched harlot! For while it too fills my senses with perfumed adoration, so too has it cut me deeply to the core as you have done! Begone... say no goodbyes. For cursed is our love and doomed is our future. Happy memories marred by the stain of your betrayal." The dramatic element was high in this scene and as Merry slowly lowered his head to one side a tear rolled onto his cheek. "Go.." He sighed, the final word lingering as her form faded into the background.

Raising his gaze to the sky, his face a perfect mask of anguish, he cried out to the the heavens and stamped his hoof upon the rose. "Never again will I let the arrow of love pierce my heart.. never again shall I feel the sunny warmth of a lover upon my soul.. For it is better to be ever alone than forever disappointed by broken promises." The scene ended and Merry smiled brightly down at his small audience of Acha's. "How was that? Good work everyone! I think we have it. All right now.. lets prepare for the next scene. You were fantastic darling! Really. Maybe we should rehearse our lines together a bit later on." He winked playfully to which the female giggled and bumped her side against his. The group of Acha's gathered around. The din of excited chatter rising as they all compared notes and moved on to act three.

flower power
Are you a newbie?: Nopenope
Proposed Name: Starving Artist
Personality: Naturally quiet and pensive, Art is a painter and a costume/prop designer and tends to come across as a bit of a tortured soul when it comes to his craft. Able to easily lose hours of the day finding mediums with which to paint and work, creating beautiful backdrops, elaborate props, and fantastic costumes he enjoys his place within the troupe helping out. Need a mask painted? He's got that. Want a better looking or sturdier prop for your next act? Go to Art. While not actually ill-tempered, in all honesty he is exceptionally shy, Art can come across as impatient or grumpy simply because he wants to know what you want, how you want it, and what colors to use. Indecisive Kin seem to get under his skin as they delay the creative process. But once you get to know him you will soon find out that he is a very kind, humble, soul.
Purpose: Creating backdrops (With what materials are available), props, costumes, and art.
Prompt Response: His fathers preference for Acha, even among his own children, never seemed to bother Art. In fact, even at a young age, he easily found his place in the background and happily settled there. He'd always had an eye for beauty and color, so it was hardly a surprise when the desire to create became his vocation. This passion is what finally drove him to the position he now holds within the Troupe creating their props, costumes, and backdrops. While it took the Troupe a while to finally take notice of his talents it didn't take long for all of the Acha to realize that they no longer had to rely on their own skills or waste precious rehearsal (or nap) time prepping their looks for the next big event and they began to rely on him for this work, especially since their requests were turning out so lovely. While his workload can become overwhelming at times, mostly during large events, he remains happy to oblige as he finds no greater joy in life than seeing his creations come to life on the stage.  

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:19 am
you are my sunshine
Are you a newbie?: Yes. I have one little bab.
Proposed Name: Break A Leg - and I'm going to be honest, it's because the name Watch Me makes me think of that whip and nae nae song which even now is stuck in my head okay? And in that song there's a part where he's like "break yo legs" but it's perfect because 'break a leg' is theatrical slang so it fits don't judge me.
Personality: Break does everything with one-hundred percent intensity. Stay in character for days upon days? Absolutely. Sob brokenly while singing a particularly sad song? Regrettably, yes. He's also stubborn, incredibly opinionated, better than you and abysmally jealous of his brother's fantastic hair. Break is, for all intents and purposes, a dramatic, theatric princess. He has been known, at times, to throw massive tantrums when faced with the prospect of not getting his way (or a role) (or the spotlight) (or anything, really).
Role: Actor, singer, dancer (though it's not his strong suit, he tries); lately he's been getting into magic tricks.
Prompt Response: He'd never been the best at dancing.

Even now, in the middle of a small routine he'd chosen to take part in (much to the chagrin of the others in this particular group), Break was doing what he usually did.

He was making everyone else around him miserable.

"This really is quite terrible," he muttered softly under his breath after tripping over his own feet for the millionth time. It was never his fault when he failed to succeed at any particular task, and this time was no different. "I can hardly keep time with this awful beat," Break continued, a bit louder this time, a bit shriller. His voice had taken on that tone that warned of impending danger.

Tripping again, Break shot a horrible glare towards the female he'd been paired with.

"I can't work with this... this... mess," he announced suddenly. "My time is very precious and I have other things I could be focusing on."

That being said, Break marched off, oblivious to the relieved sighs that swelled in his absence.  
PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:24 pm
flower power
Are you a newbie?: Newp
Proposed Name: Under the River
Personality: Quick to help, bashful with the ladies
Purpose: The decorator. He likes to set the stage for the acts and their visitors.
Prompt Response: Under does what needs to be done. When he isn't helping the acha practice, which is pretty often, he sets himself to do the decorating around the area. Under the River doesn't mind the fact his dad keeps telling about the thing he did as a foal. It keeps the rest from wanting him to do much in the way of the performances, besides setting them up.  


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 12:13 am
PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:39 pm
I just wanted to let you know that I'm no longer a babby noob after winning Aric's auction! I didn't want to edit my entry, but I can go back and do that if you'd like.  


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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:20 pm
Contest Results

First off, thank you to everyone that entered! It was a damn hard decision to make, I really loved every entry.

Second, aaaah, I am so sorry this took so long. Q___Q I thought I could get judging down BEFORE I went to Japan and then obviously I failed and Japan was very distracting...

Ahem. Anyway, on to the winners!

Scaramouche Fandango
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

We really enjoyed your entry and are considering you our newbie win! We decided it wouldn't be fair to disqualify you from that since you entered as a newbie and it was our fault it took so long to judge. c:!

Welcome to the family, Scara and Pinch! Morphy and I haven't decided our how kids names yet (*far off stare*) but when we do, our kids will all get certed! <3
PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:43 pm
*distant screaming*  


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PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 1:43 am
I’m a groupie!
Kin Name: Mare In The Moon
Image Link: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Brief Personality: Still working her out but she is Bring in the Night's daughter and will likely stick around for the foreseeable future. I see her as quiet, graceful and elegant but also strong willed and self assured like her mother.
Why they want to follow the troupe: The troupe would be her family and so despite not being able to preform (and having little issue with this) she would stay and find herself other ways to be useful and happy.

A note for just general plot things! Her sister, Stars In Her Eyes, would have also stuck around for a while into her adulthood, but with less patience and happiness being side lined for not being an acha, it wouldn't have been too long she before she had decided to leave and travel with her grandpa All at Once, who visits every so often to see his son and grandchildren.

I’m a groupie!
Kin Name: All Too Soon
Image Link: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Brief Personality: He'd once been a picture of hardened independence (with a soft side hidden underneath) but since having children his soft side has been drawn out, particularly as he had bend his ways to and submit to to tribe life (in a tribe that he wasn't even able to properly be a part of no less!) in order to have a relationship with them.
Why they want to follow the troupe: To begin with it was just his children and doing whatever he had to in order to be a part of their lives, but as time went on he came to feel a part of the tribe, enjoying the merriment and shows, even now that his children have grown, he stays.  
PostPosted: Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:33 am

Lovely! They are both very welcome. <333  


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PostPosted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:15 pm
i should have done this ages ago. sorry!

I’m auditioning for the show!
Acha Name: Waterfall
Image Link: Happy acha
Brief Personality: Waterfall is kind and forgiving. He found his destiny as a performer when he encountered the royal rainbow troupe one halloween's night while having a good scary time and mingling with the troupe members.
Proposed Role: Performer - A high jumper who is not afraid of heights and a backup dancer who dances in silence! Waterfall cannot sing even if his life depended on it, but he could perform alone or be part of an act. He is born kind and forgiving, and will help answer questions the audience throws at the tribe.

I’m auditioning for the show!
Acha Name: Remember
Image Link: Grumpy acha
Brief Personality: Remember is fascinated by things dying. Other than that he is very grumpy.
Proposed Role: Bodyguard. This acha is too grumpy to be able to perform since he constantly walks around with an irritated look on his face. Remember has no interest in showing off his talents. He has a happier time protecting the troupe members and their belongings while they are busy preparing for their show.  
PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:50 am
I’m auditioning for the show!
Acha Name: Wrap You in Stories
Image Link: uncert
Brief Personality: Awkward, sensitive, ill-fitting in her skin, and cripplingly shy. Destined to be a story-singer from her naming dream, she has joined the Troupe to find her voice and try to shed her fears.
Proposed Role: A story-singer who sings of all things - from sagas of glory to the sweetest of stories. In feathered crown or flowered mask, she gives dulcet voice to her players and tales, and invites her audience to join in the song.

I’m auditioning for the show!
Acha Name: I Do
Image Link: uncert
Brief Personality: A born socialite, witty and pretty and gay, flitting from Kin to Kin at a soirée, with an enchanting laugh and a dazzling bon mot. Completely self-possessed, with a bit of the devil in her – but sometimes she might just be a bit too smart for her own good.
Proposed Role: She may be light on her feet and bright with a tune, but, rather than reforming, she takes a more ambassadorial role, cajoling customers and potential partners alike.

*slinks in to drop these* I think Story/Teller has technically been part of the RRT for like three years now... QAQ  

Jun D

Shoujo Shounen



PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:13 am
The troupe is getting so big. <3
I think my boy might want to join in one day

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