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[LittleLilyKitty] LLK's Quests [EVENT QC DONE!]

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Cuddly Wife

PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 3:11 pm
Here you can see all my precious quests. OCs, finnish themed or whatever I come up with.

Warning: There might be plenty of quests in the future.

1. Coral Heart <-- I choose this phony for Lua Event Customs!
2. Shuriken  
PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2012 3:12 pm
I choose this phony for Lua Event Customs!

Name: Coral Charm
Gender: Female
Type: Pegasus
Body Deep peach (hex code: FFCBA4)
Type: Lean and graceful.
Eyes: Fashion fuchsia (hex code: F400A1)
Expression: charming, like a cute princess
Hair: Very long (Brush 'N' Grow) and wavy. She carries her tail high, in a bit cat like curve.
Color: Creamy blonde (hex code: FFFDD0)
Cutie Mark 8D: Coral-colored heart with white lace decoration around it.
Brief Character Description: Coral Charm has princess-like attitude. She likes attention and often tries to get it by chatting, flirting and singing. She enjoys pampering herself, taking hot baths, body wraps and other spa treatments. She is also curious girl who loves adventures. Too bad she deals tight spots poorly, either panicking and acting without a thought or getting paralyzed and unable to act at all.
+ Ref pics where possible: She is based on my ItNotM-character/OC Cora. I would love love if she could (at least) have the capelet/collar she wears in the ref pic.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Fireflight: The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due to Brush ' Grow & capelet [which will be simplified if picked].


Cuddly Wife


Cuddly Wife

PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:44 am
Name: Shuriken
Gender: Female
Type: Unicorn
Body Alice blue (hex code: F0F8FF)
Type: Slender and athletic. She is slightly smaller than an average phony.
Eyes: Dark sienna. (hex code: 3c1414)
Expression: Serious
Hair: She has tied her brush'n grow-length mane in complex japanese-styled updo. Shuriken/Star-themed hairpins keep her mane and tail (that is partially tied, following the same style as the mane) together.
Color: celeste (hex code: B2FFFF)
Extra: Maybe also some kind of belt/harness where her shurikens are kept ready for use?
Cutie Mark 8D: A medium turquoise star with a shuriken inside of it. (hex code: 48D1CC)
Brief Character Description: When night falls over the Phonyland and most phonies are asleep, a lone phony wanders in shadows. She is Shuriken, the mysterious unicorn, ready to fight any crime she sees with her glow-in-dark shurikens. She is said to never give up in a fight and to be kind and polite to those she helps. Yet still, it is rare to see smile on her lips which is why rumors tell she is lonely. Rumors also tell that she loves green tea.
+ Ref pics where possible: Shurikens (choose your favorite!) Hairstyle reference (feel free to interpret as any way you want!)

Fireflight: Everything sounds fine, just need some clarification about her hair. smile Could we have a picture reference of the 'complex bun', please? Otherwise, the artist's intepretation of the hairstyle may be very different from what you're thinking of! Also, I noticed you referred to hairpins in her tail - is it also tied up? Might there be a specific style you'd like for it?
Once you've added to that, please mark your thread for event QC again and I'll come by once more! Thanks!

I edited her hairstyle description a bit to more specific. I changed the bun word to updo in hopes to avoid confusion. I honestly don't mind artist's interpretation with her hairstyle. It is actually interesting to see what the artist comes up with my vague description. XD
But sure, I can doodle a pic (a warning though, I'm not good at drawing ponies) for you and/or hunt down some interpretations of her in other B/C shop (as she is character that I have recycled a lot).

Fireflight: Thanks for clarifying! This vagueness is fine with Luafien, but in the case that you don't win her Summerfest 2012 custom contest and would like to continue questing, please provide some reference! Jun prefers working with specifications. You don't have to go down into super-specific detail, but a graphical example would be great - eg. you can provide one of her other B/C versions and say 'please intepret her hair however you like from this version'. Thanks!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
This is specifically EVENT-approved for Summerfest 2012, Lua's custom contest. The current design is approved conditionally, which is to say only for special customs [auction/RLC or where stated], due to her shuriken hair accessories and belt harness.

Thanks for the stamp. heart Most likely I have posted some references by the end of the contest. 3nodding  
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