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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:48 pm
Here is how the system will work.
For every post you make will be 20 exp.
When buying, selling, or trading item's that's 5 exp.
And when you are fighting, every hit you make will not count, but again, your posts will. In this case, do not count fighting posts as normal ones.
Every paragraphs you make (with decent 5 length sentences) is 8 exp. In addition to the winner of the fight adds 1,000 exp.
You can Use Exp to buy rare items or to learn new Skill Traits. depending on your occupation, you will be limited to learning few skills.

Look at the list below and read the item's description. You are only allowed to post ONCE, if you didn't get the item you want, you can trade it or sell the item. However, if you won a SKILL you cannot trade it for its an ABILITY not an ITEM. Remember, If you already post, you CAN'T come back to this page.

Do not mistake Exp Gain for Gold.
You earn gold by completing active quests and selling items.
PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:47 pm
You will post a reply generating a random number 1 - 20. If the item you wanted is already taken then you may re-post to get an item that isn't already taken. Once the list is clear, and all item's are taken, then i will resubmit new items and skill's. Remember to read the description Some Item's and or Skill requires you to be a certain race and or Class aka Occupation. If you're not that Class or race then you can't use item or skill. Look at the list below and good luck.

You do not gain Exp posting in here.

1. Cure of Poison Potion. Can use only once: 10,000 exp

2. Strength Potion, 10% stronger. Can use only once. Last 1 Post: 15,000 exp

3.Potion of Sight. Allows you to see in the dark. Can use only once. Last 1 post: 20,000 exp

4. Call Of the Beast. Leather armor for Barbarians, Shamans, Mages, And Beast Tamers. Must be Human, Elf, Orc, Untamed, and Venomancer. 25,000 exp

5. Heavenly Light Mages Robe. Requires you to Be a Mage and Cleric. For human and Elf kind only. 30,000 exp

6. Dark Brother Hood Enchanted Armor. Must be in the Dark Brotherhood, All Races, Must be an assassin.
35,000 exp

7. Elvaan Aquatic Heavy Armor. Requires you to be a Knight or Warrior. 40,000 exp

8. Enchanted Sword. The sword has a bonus of defense at 10%. Duration only lasts for 3 Posts. 45,000 exp

9. Staff of Evergreen. Allows the user to control earth elements. Last for 2 posts. Requires to be a Mage. 50,000

10. Animal Companion Monkey 55,000 exp

11. Animal Companion Fox. 60,000 exp
http://www.wild-life-rehab.com/Education Page Photos/Red_Fox_Adult.jpg

12. Animal Companion Hawk. 65,000 exp

13. Animal Companion Ferret 70,000 exp

14. Skill Trait Shield Bash. Break your enemy's block, stance, or ever Push them back. Last for 1 Post. Must be a Templar, Warrior, Knight, or Champion. All races. 75,000 exp

15. RARE Tamed Animal Companion Karnicore. 80,000 exp

16. Mount Horse White Steed. 85,000 exp

17. Mount Horse Black Stallion. 90,000 exp

18. Skill Trait Familiar. Be able to Summon a familiar, be it beast or elemental. Lasts 2 Post. Must be Mage or Sorceress. exp 95,000

19. Skill Trait Restoration. Be able to cast Healing spells on yourself and part members. Last one post. Must be a Paladin or Cleric.

20. RARE Cure all Ailment Potion. Breaks any Curse or Ailment you might have. Can use only once. 100,500 exp.


8,650 Points
  • Citizen 200
  • Treasure Hunter 100
  • Forum Explorer 100
Runs like Clockwork

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