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[PRP] Find What's Mine (Fiorello x Yoruhane)

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Neon Fly

Tipsy Hellraiser

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:18 pm
Yoruhane means "Night Wing". Your mother chose it especially for you, Yo. Do you know why?

Only his father called him Yo, it was the only way to know for certain that he was daydreaming, a small grin curling his maw. Barely beginning to see his mane fill in, perhaps it was the age, but his expression contained the snide all-knowing air to it. Yoruhane had heard the story a million times before, but he obliged his parent in reliving a memory he couldn't quite share. A memory of the lioness he'd never really had a chance to know.

I dunno Dad, why?

She saw that marking on your side and knew some
day you'd be...

Startled into alertness by the faltering clarity of the memory, the Slayer many in Uliacha knew only as "the Grim" shifted his weight uncomfortably. He tried to recall what it was his father had told him, disturbed by the fact that the lion who had raised him all his life could evaporate from his mind so quickly. It'd only been a few months since his passing.

With a long sigh that loosened the tension causing his shoulder blades to quiver, Stark--another nickname that had seemed to stick without warning--glanced down the back alley awaiting a certain merchant. The location was deep in shadiest part of Uliacha, but under the glow of a baleful moon the chance that anyone would manage to catch Stark unaware was unlikely.

He just didn't want his business known by everyone who happened to chance through a main thoroughfare. Even at night this province tended to be fairly active. Here's to hoping his companion would be able to find his way.
PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:41 pm
Strolling through the many alleyways that would lead him to his meeting, Fio found himself drifting off. He knew this area well, and his feet were more than capable of leading without his mind's assistance. It was an acquired skill, that had taken him years of treading to perfect. As he walked he daydreamed of nothing in particular, but today seemed different. He found his mind stuck on one thing in particular, though he couldn't quite place his finger on why. That female he'd found in the clearing a few days back. She'd been on his mind ever since, and he hadn't been able to shake her. It must have been something about her unknowing, non judgmental manner that stuck with him. He was always forced to be so serious, that he never truly got the time to be himself. That day, had been a much welcome relief.

Looking up at the sky, he noted the time. He was running late, though he could give a damn less. He was the best at what he did - and if people wanted him to do what he did, they'd wait. Or they'd leave, and have to find another. Most stayed though, and waited patiently for his entrance. As he rounded a final corner he noted the somewhat packed market. He could remember his client expressing privacy, and wondered whether he was as familiar with the scenery as he himself was. Oh well - it didn't matter to Fio whether his client was happy with their meeting place - especially when they chose the place. A quick glance down the alley gave him a familiar face, and an even more familiar coat. His client. Shaking fur mane loose, he straightened his posture and prepared to meet the client. So far he knew very little of his past, something that struck him as slightly strange. He usually went into a meeting with full disclosure, but this time - he was completely in the dark.


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Neon Fly

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:35 pm
He was late, but if the Slayer seemed perturbed by this he made no gesture of it. Despite being one of the younger members of the vigilante peace-keeping group Yoruhane was a relatively patient lion. Glowing markings revealing him against the darkness as he watched the merchant stare directly at him when he arrived. Ignoring the impertinent glance he was given Stark arched a brow and inclined his head in a come hither manner, granted without the salacious intent a female in heat might have possessed if offering the same invitation.

Not to say that the other wasn't appealing.

Waiting until the earth toned figure advanced a bit further, close enough that his voice could reach his ears and no further, Stark simply watched silently. Examining the delicate, blush colored markings without judgement.

Finally, when he'd decided his companion had gotten close enough, the Slayer rose to all four paws. Tail lashing purposefully, indicating he wished the other to follow him as he took an easy pace down along the moonlit path uncrowded by Uliacha patrons as the main roads were. Walk with me. It's Fiorello, right? I've heard you're the one to come to if you wish to obtain certain.. property.

The word hesitated on his tongue. Uncertain exactly how to say it, truthfully. Yoruhane wasn't even sure if his fellow Toka would be able to assist him at all.
PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:49 pm
He despised being paged, it made him feel as though he were no longer in control. Something he never allowed to happen, if he lost control of a situation it was time to walk away. For a moment before the male spoke up, that was Fio's exact thought process. To simply turn and walk away, pretend he had never known who this was and continue on with his night. But he was intrigued, in a very unusual way so he stayed. Firmly rooted in place, his mind arguing with his feet to stop being so stubborn.

It actually took them a while, but finally he trudged slowly behind the male. A nasty look written on his otherwise simple features. If this lion continued to boss him around, he might be up creek without a paddle.

"Yes, Fiorello." He muttered, his senses going overboard as he attempted to hold control over the private conversation. Which was difficult granted they were terribly misplaced for such a conversation. "That greatly depends on what the property might be. As I have already mentioned, I don't waste my time on ordinary items ... or remedies." His eyes glanced left and right, his paws feeling the ground for extra vibrations. So far, everyone seemed oblivious to their conversation. "But I also do not waste my time on random clients. So tell me, why is it I know nothing about you?" His words were not exactly cold, but held a tinge of sincerity in their tone. It wasn't imperative to his mission that he know all about that male. But it was his demand, and he'd just have to live with it.


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Neon Fly

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:36 pm
Aware that there seemed to be some manner of internal resistance in the merchant by the reluctance to follow and squirreled expression upon the Toka's face when he chanced a glance backwards, Stark found himself amused. Not that he expressed it or stopped to wait for his companion. If Fiorello was interested he would follow and if not.. well, then Yoru would have to seek out someone else to aid him. Perhaps it was that aloof manner that intrigued the other enough to finally concede to the Slayers invitation?

The soft sound of accompanying footsteps drawing a dark ear to flip backwards attentively. He listened, uninterrupting despite the tight strings of syllables he was accosted with like vines around his neck which lead the young male to believe the one in his company was a temperamental sort. When the sour faced merchant was finished and the hostility had been given enough time to dissipate in the air, only then did Yoruhane speak. His voice smooth and leisurely despite the nature of their discussion, I've never really had a need for someone with your skills.

The answer was purposefully vague. Not as much for the sake of secrecy as it was simply to rib Fiorello a little longer. When a lion was easy to goad into a state of irritation Stark had a hard time resisting doing just that. It was a flaw his father had scolded him for numerous times but also a habit he couldn't seem to break. Adding slowly to salve the soreness he had intentionally caused in a mild gesture of apology. I'm not originally from the Tokakinji. I arrived here with my father when I was still fairly young, but I lost him... I'm a phantom within the pride.

Reluctant to say much more than that without clear confirmation that the merchant wouldn't take his name to the council and have him thrown in the ravine as a traitor, Stark turned the conversation about face again. Heading back in the direction of Fiorello's purpose for meeting him as he cleared his throat and paused on the narrow track. Turning to face the other with imposingly squared shoulders there was no way another lion would have been able to pass him. I want my father's bangle back.

Pausing to let the demand sink in, his quiet stare had hardened quick and fierce with the intensity of his anger. I don't care who stole it. Toka or Druid. Whether a lowly thief or the King himself.. it belongs to me.
PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:08 pm
Fio listened intently to the male's words. So far this male had his interest peaked .. if for nothing else but to determine exactly who he was. It had been quite some time since he'd found someone he could find no information on, and the idea of it intrigued him. So he had followed, reluctantly at first but soon with renewed excitement. This male was hiding something ... or rather everything, and he needed to know what.

"Yes well, as true or untrue as that may be, it intrigues me that you were able to escape my investigation so thoroughly..." Fio continued with his footsteps, still keeping a careful ear open for eavesdroppers. They were unwelcome in this conversation and should the need arise he would gladly prove it to them. The male in his presence was driving him insane, being impossibly vague and possibly purposefully so. It was unacceptable! Sheathing his claws into the dirt beneath his feet, Fio practiced his mental relaxation exercises. He had to remain calm, though his exercises were not helping.

"Even as a cub, you should have left traces behind. Unless your father were the protective type ... if so I commend him for his superb abilities." Fio nodded his toward him as if to allow him to continue.

Ah finally the reason for his calling had become clear, and Fio's eyes lit up with the excitement within him. He stood there for a moment, silently allowing his client to fret over his decision. But he was never one for patience and this was no different.

With a snort, Fio jumped into the conversation. "I'm glad to see you have no restrictions on your prejudices. I feel now is as good a time as any to let you know, I waste no time with the politics of the pride. Regardless of what you choose to share with me, it stays solely with me." Fio nodded solemnly, "With that being said, I feel more of an explanation is necessary. About yourself, about the bangle ... I do not work well under a veil of darkness. I much prefer to be fully informed." Lowering his own stance, and fixing his eye contact, he returned the intense stare he received.


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Neon Fly

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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 9:05 pm
Half a grin forced its way into the corner of Stark's maw in amusement. Given his trade--which likely required proper timing and patience to acquire much of the merchandise he peddled--Fiorello seemed to have none of those necessary traits when it came to dealing with clients. Or maybe it was just the mysterious Toka he was having a difficult time with. Either way Stark didn't express any sympathy, whether he was feeling it or not.

Ignoring the fact that the merchant appeared as if he were standing on an anthill, almost painstakingly anticipating answers to questions he had been unable to locate himself, the Slayer went on at length. Good to know, the last thing I need is to be thrown in the ravine like my father for treachery I have not yet committed.

The way the words were placed in Fiorello's path as well as the expression on Yoruhane's face certainly would have lead most to believe he was capable of treason. Yet likewise, the breadth of his shoulders and power in his long limbs--tested daily by regular skirmishes--certainly suggested that this peace keeper could not be kept under lock and key for long. No ravine would cage him the way it had his father.

Difficult though it was the young son finally relaxed the tension in his stance. Settling on his haunches like an old story teller prepared to regale a crowd of young cubs. It wasn't too far from the truth as an unsheathed claw drew the shape of the bangle that had once belonged to Safi'umbele. It's a gaudy piece of s**t, honestly...

Spoken with a fond chuckle that masked a deeper pain, he continued lightly. A snake shaped out of gold with some ugly brown gems engraved in it, but my father never took it off. It was a gift from my mother who crafted it for him long ago. The only piece of her he had left.. now it's all I have left of them both.

Forcing himself to keep from drawing a sharp breath to ease the pain that sat beneath his ribs, for a brief minute the flashy, sable lion was certain that Fio was intentionally trying to torture him. Why did talking about all of it hurt so damn much? ...my father went into the ravine with the bangle, but when his body was removed it was gone. That's as much as I know of it.

With another long pause that presented clear reluctance, Yoruhane finally caved. He wasn't sure what the merchant wanted to know of him and certainly wasn't going to go baring his soul like an idiot fishing around in the dark for whatever it was the strange male wanted to know. I'm not all that interesting... I'm not sure what to tell you, but you're welcome to ask what you like.
PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2012 8:17 pm
The male's words intrigued him, though not nearly enough to deflect him from his original train of thought. He would stash away the comment, and think back on it, should be choose to accept the job.

"Treasonous or not, I am not here to be the judge of your actions. I am here to retrieve. Your words, are safe on my ears." Fio nodded, through his whispered comment, his eyes giving the male a look over. From experience, he didn't look like much of a challenge. But also from experience, he knew you should never judge a book by it's cover.

As the other bent down and began to etch into the sand, Fio padded over lightly still on alert. He stood close enough to see the image for what is was, but not to interfere with the other's task. "Hmm, doesn't look like a piece of s**t to me.. and it can't be all that shitty if you yearn to have it returned.." Fio's eyes grew bigger each time the item was described, he nearly began to drool for a second. A priceless item like this... what real value did it have? None he would wager.

"So this item is more a sentimental keepsake than something that would be considered valuable correct? I ask, only for myself. I have to get into the mind of thief ... why exactly was it taken? What was their purpose?

You understand yes?

Another hint about his Father's imprisonment. "Then that's where we'll have to look first isn't it? If you're lucky it never left the Ravine, but hardly anyone ever gets lucky these days." He shrugged the comment away and listened once more as he offered up for more information.

"No, I think you've given me a bit more than I need to go on at the moment. Are there any other specifics you would like for me to know about? Does your bangle have any identifying marks to it? Y'know things that can't be replicated with simple acts? That sort of thing..."

Stepping closer to the male, Fio rose a paw awkwardly to the air, and pat it roughly against his client's back. "I'll find it you know. It might take a while, but I always find what I want."


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Neon Fly

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 8:03 pm
Arching a brow at the merchant Stark wondered what sort of wars he sold if he thought the bangle described was a prize worth coveting. Clearly it wasn't likely to sell wares he would have desired if this thing appealed to his sense of aesthetic. Ehh.. yes. Sentimental.

Reluctant though he was to admit it, if his answers would help locate the keepsake, the young Slayer was willing to reveal that he did, indeed, have a softer side.

Snorting at the thought that the bangle might still be in the ravine--if one of the guards hadn't taken it, then one of the other prisoners surely would have stashed it away--Yoruhane simply nodded. Yea. I get it. Look if you want, maybe you'll have better luck than I did.

Of course, Fio had said it himself. Hardly anyone gets lucky these days.

Nothing I can think of, there wasn't much need to mark it for identification. Never thought anyone'd ever take it. Lifting his shoulders at his parents lack of fore-sightedness Stark tensed uncomfortably beneath the paw that came down on his shoulder, finding the shady merchant a hair unpredictable. At the other's reassurance he nodded slowly. This lion was probably the best in his business, but that still didn't keep the Slayer from having his reservations. Maybe he would find it. Maybe he wouldn't. Time would certainly tell.

[ FIN ]

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