Gaia Username: Collectively Carson

══════════════════════[ Personal Information ]═══════════════════════

Name: James Quincy
Desired Name: Never given it much thought...
Gender: Male / Female (Underline one)
Birth Date: 28 Mar. YY
Birth Place: Pittsburgh, PA
Ethnicity: Bi-Racial, Asian / African American
Age: 26
Blood Type: A-

Grade Level: Teacher

══════════════════════[ Physical Characteristics ]═══════════════════════

Height: Slightly above average
Weight: Average
Build: Slim muscular
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Tattoos or Scars: A few tattoos but they always change because of his powers
Left or Right Handed: Ambidextorous
General Appearance: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. No description availiable.

══════════════════════[ Supernatural Information ]═══════════════════════

Desired Affiliation: Hero / Undecided (Underline one)
How power was obtained: Genetic Evolution.

Superpower 1: Ink Manipulation
Superpower 2: Ink Constructs

Battle Preference:
Speed-Based / Strength-Based / Mentally Based / Elemental Based (Underline one)

Age when power became noticeable: 18

How does your power reflect your desired name?: . . .

══════════════════════[ Biographical Information ]═══════════════════════

Personality: James is very respectful, honorable, and loyal. He's also creative and estranged. James can be a bit reluctant to change, but that's because he's used to routine. He has OCD to some degree but he's never been diagnosed with it.
Personal Likes: Work, People, Chess
Personal Dislikes: Rudeness, Betrayal, "Love"
History: James was born into a very mediocre life. He was Joe Everyman. James had no way of expressing himself due to his self-pronounced OCD. When his powers appeared he found an outlet. He made a career out of it. Until he met a certain gal, Danielle Powers, who he helped create Power House.

How will you make a difference in the future?: I will continue to help create that perfect future, Danielle saw. And raise her son like he was my own.