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Once Upon A Time.... A Multi-RP Experience

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A multi-rp experience. If you want it, we have it. 

Tags: Goodkind, Sword of Truth, Role Play, Star Wars, Je'daii 

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Raven Rahl

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:50 pm
Nar Shaddaa - Sith Base

The Dark Lord was leaning casually against the wall and laughed at the woman trying to goad him with pitiful insults aimed at his subjects. "Hmmm. Which question should I answer first? Am I worried about his failure? Not at all. If he fails me, he knows what awaits him. Have I not trained my 'puppies' well as you so eloquently put it? Well I suppose you're about to find out, aren't you? Do you 'Je'daii' ,as I suppose you now call yourselves, worry me? Why should I worry about you insects that serve no other purpose than to irritate me on occasion?" The Emperor shook his head with a wicked smile, "You really are a pitiful people."

Just then, a flash of blue glanced off Rahl's phrik reinforced armor, grazing him lightly. Turning his head, but not the rest of his body in an out-right show of his indifference to the attacker, he glanced at the young human holding the blue lightsaber in a defensive position. "You insolent little dog," Rahl spat, "Go crawl back to your mother's teat before a real man shows you what fighting is, boy."  
PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:02 pm
Nar Saddaa-Sith Base

Blue icy eyes glitter with sorrowful tears that danced down her fragile-youthful-cheeks as she stood on the edge, looking down into an abyss of anguish and defeat. Her heart clenching, tightening with each short breath knowing the sacrifice he had made. Master Kraine, was more than a mentor to her in many ways. His calm exposure and strong gifted mind, made her yearn to be like him some day; but as she watched from afar holding her damaged scar that slid across her left eye, blood dripping down. She could feel her Master slowly letting the Sith have his way.

She shook her head, "Master, what are you doing?!" His blue twi'lek eyes drifted towards her direction, a smile parts from his lips as the red glowing-amber- blade buzzed with excitement feeding from its master's desire to end this pointless fight.

"There is no death, only the Force." His calm voice echoed and trailed away as the blade made hit its prey, cutting through the fabric so easily, effortlessly and effectively. His body fell down the abyss, into his final resting place.

"Follow me if you dare young Je'daii, but once you do your life will forever be mine." The Sith Lord sneered, his cold words echoing in her young ears. Cari's sorrowful and confused eyes glanced at the Sith, those same icy gaze that pierced through her master's heart, also made the Sith loose his breathe. The Force was strong with in her, and it was through this icy gaze that the Force made contact with others.

"You will never be my master." She replied steadily and calmly but her voice was filled with hurt. The Sith Lord smiled, as his red eyes glanced down into the abyss, admiring his victory, "Your master was indeed a skilled warrior, but what made it interesting was that the fact he let himself be killed." The Sith's pale lips pushed into a deadly-dark smile. "As if he wanted to die, but just know this.." His red gaze locking back up to hers. "The power you have is indeed rare, for I have never felt the Force as strongly as I sense it in you. I will be following you, child. And one day you will be calling me master." The Sith chimes laughing as he walked away savoring his sweet revenge from the Je'daii.

Cari awoke from the dream, panting and sweating. Her hands bound with force wrist shackles. The orange glowing shackles buzzed with an annoying "zzz" sound. She blinked her eyes, noticing she was crying, the pain from witnessing her master's death still fresh in her mind and heart. She lay there in a force shielded cell with two Sith guards standing on each side. Cari tried to move but her body ached and screamed with complaint. She felt cold, drained and helpless. The Force was still around her like a glowing light, but the back ground was dark. She closes her eyes, trying to sense anyone near by. The sounds of battle echoed from the hall, as agonizing screams chanting with gun shots soaring into their prey. The Sith didn't move from their post, they just glared into the direction the screams were coming from.

"We stay here, our orders are from Lord 'X" he wants us to make sure she remains here until he is ready for her."

"Why keep a padawan, she will become our enemy." The other sith snorted.
"Yes, for those who think like you do, she is a padawan not a Je'daii yet. He wants to turn her, not finish her off. Why else did he personally bring her here, she can't do us no harm just stay put." The two Sith bickered, which made Cari want to know more about this "X" Sith Lord. He was using a false name, even towards his own kind. He wanted to be kept a secret. She didn't want to stay here and wait for the Sith who killed her master, to turn her into a Sith. She gives off a sigh, calling upon the Force, ("Please is there any one here that can help me.." wink She sends through her mind, and as if the Force heard her plea an explosion came from the hall way sending back several Sith. Cari moans hearing the huge blast, as a cloud of smoke rolls into the room. The buzzing Force bars that kept lock inside her cell, dimmed as they disseapered.

("Can anyone hear me? Can anyone help me? My name is Padawan, Cari Kohai I need help.." wink She sends again, not knowing her injuries from the fight, just knowing her body ached.  

Cari Kohai

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:03 pm
Nar Shaddaa - Sith Base
250 HP

"Canis Stand Down!' you're no match for him!

"Atrure - is this the Master you serve - a creature that values you only as long as you perform! Take back the power of your own person - work with us and destroy him now - or continue to be his lapdog til he no longer deems you useful"

(Erien saw the attempt to attack the emperor and she rushed forward with both her hands on the hilt of her blade while it pointed down to the side, when she came in range she swung her blade up quickly aiming for anywhere on his arms.)

As the young Tyro jumped in Elyria turned once again to Esuritio, Canis would have his hands full and hopefully thoughts of taking on the Ruler of the Sith would be the farthest thing from his mind  
PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:57 am
Nar Shadaa - Merchant District approaching Cantina

50 HP

There's power here......numerous sources....perhaps I can find a real challenge.

A'kire quickly made her way towards the Merchant District, her lekku twitching at the energy in the air. She was honing in on what she had sensed earlier. Power beyond measure that only grew as she approached the Merchant District. It was strange she hadn't sensed anything before. Perhaps it was a weakness. She kept the thought in the back of her mind. She would deal with such things later. For now, her mission was clear. Something was to be found, and A'kire would not let it slip away.

She soon found herself near the entrance to one of the many cantinas on the Smuggler's Moon. Her heart raced as that presence from before now engulfed her. The energy seethed its way through her body as a malicious grin spread on her face. This would be her chance. With her saber secured to her side, the Twi'lek entered the cantina anxious to test her strength.

Gia the Queen of Mars

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:05 am
Nar Shadaa - Merchant District - Near Cantina

K20's sensors identified several hostiles, knowing his test had gotten harder, he readied his weapons. Seeing a Sith nearby, he took aim... ready to fight to the end.....

"Come to papa."

He readied his Sniper attachment. Aiming at the Sith's knee...

A.I: 30 sniper rounds left, 6 clips  
PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:30 pm
((I'm gonna backtrack a little here))

Sith base- turbolift

As Lowrak and K20 ascended on the lift, the Ithorian Jed'aii felt the presence of lifeforms in the main control room. He assumed they were soldiers, "What's a battle without a few casualties", he said as he pressed the button on his remote, detonating the charges, "May you see the truth in death. I am sorry", he may be part of the new Jed'aii Order but he still showed compassion.

They arrived at the top where Elyra's ship awaited but noone was there. K20 took off towards the nearby cantina where Lowrak could sense a fight going on, he was about to join his companion when he felt a faint cry for help. He could not recognize the force signature but being a Jedi, he couldn't ignore it. He made his way back into the Sith base and towards the source of the cry for help. He reached out to the individual through the force, this is master lowrak pentar, i am on my way. who is this?  

The Lone Wolf Jedi

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Canis lupus Knight

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:15 pm
How many times do I have to tell you guys...

Canis Solo

Nar Shadda - Sith Base
Health 50

Canis was surprised to see that his attack had actually landed on the emperor himself. He hadn’t expected it to land, though he had listened to the force on when to attack. ”Did someone ruffle your feathers?” Canis replied back to the emperor and grinned, one of the most famous grin’s in the universe, the one that his ancestor made famous. The lopsided grin, the one that only a Solo can do perfectly and how so many holo-actors failed to ever do correctly.

Canis was going to said something else to the emperor before Master Stone told him to stand down. ”As you wish Master Stone,” Canis sighed as he moved back half a step than felt a flicker in the force. Canis was just able to bring his lightsaber around to deflect a red lightsaber from hitting his arm and brought the blade around so it was between him and the new attacker. ”Are you impatient? I was in the middle of something you know.” He finished saying as he grinned once again. This was going to be interesting.

Canis slightly exhaled as the force filled his body. He knew at the current moment he wasn’t going to be able to fight how he normally would so he was going to have to try something new. He took a half step towards the sith before taking his lightsaber into a solid two handed grip. He figured the double faint wouldn’t work a second time, so he was going to have to pull something new out of his hat. A sensation went though his left leg and he allowed his to collapse and bring him into a battle roll towards the left of the sith. Upon coming out of the roll, his bottom hand twisted the pummel of his lightsaber.

Canis’ arctic blue blade instantly turned a crimson red as the blade length doubled from the 26 inches to 56. Using the momentum from the roll he aimed his attack to come across the sith’s torso. Keeping the movement going, he used a bit of the force to increase his abilities to backflip away. In midair he twisted the pummel again to return the blade to normal, just before he landed facing his opponent in a defensive stance.

Never tell me the odds.
PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 4:32 pm
Sith Base - Private quarters

Kixc ran a hand through the thick tentacles going down the back of his head as he crouched under the doorway from his room "K'uur!! You sith do not pay me enough to deal with this noise!" he growled as the response from being awoken from his slumber. His glowing red eyes stood in stark contrast to his purplish skin, his clothes were wrinkled and were showing signs that he had been in fact sleeping in them, with a wicked smile he let out a laugh at the fights going on around him.

Balling his hand into a fist the alien punched a random trooper in the face shattering his face mask and knocking him to the ground. "I'll take that." he said grabbing the mans rifle firing three shots quickly into his chest and grabbed all visible power cells.

His eyes fell upon the Emperor and he smirked before shouting to the sith "Copaani gaan?" he completely discharged the remainder of the power cell in the rifle towards the attacking Je'daii. He quickly slapped a new cell in and frowned at the low number on the readout "Man you guys really don't know anything about weaponry do you?" he let out a sigh as he readied the rifle "I suppose she is good enough for Tal'galar."

"So Emperor, you know saving your base will cost you triple my standard rate!" he shouted with a chuckle before sliding into cover firing four rounds into the chest of an attacker '46'. His eyes scanned the battlefield searching for the next open target, normally he would not care about who he attacked but he had neither his armor nor assault rifle, however he did have his Beskad, always carried that around sith.  


Alien Businessman

Cari Kohai

PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:26 pm
Nar- Shadaa-Sith Base

Wires lay on the ground next to Cari slashing out at each other like angry snakes hissing and waving in the air. Moans and growls rumble through the prison.In a room of darkness, pain and misery a calm male's voice whispers into Cari's mind, her eyes widening looking around trying to find the source of the voice, she didn't recognize the voice, but the Force kept getting brighter and brighter all around her like a light house out on a dark-cold-sea, as if telling her everything was going to be alright.. Her lips perk into a happy smile, even with waves of pain, she focuses her strength to the Force reaching out to Master .lowrak pentar.

(" Master, please, my name is Padawan Cari Kohai, I have been captured by the Sith, there was an explosion here in the prison cells. I am still bound and I don't know how badly I am injured from..the Sith Lord..Please help, there is a lot of smoke..I can't see clearly, only the Force is being my beckon of light..please hurry if you can." wink

Her old master's words suddenly broke the slithering-zapping wires:
"There is no death, there is only the Force. Always remember Cari, we are a part of the Force, so if by chance I am defeated, I will forever be with you through the Force."

"I hope that is true Master, because I will be needing you when I face that Sith Lord again.."  
PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:47 pm
Nar Shadaa Cantina

The togruta smiled when the new Twi'lek entered the cantina, in an attempt to draw attention from the fight "Ah someone set this lovely lady up a round." he smiled and gestured towards the woman. He gestured the woman towards an empty seat and kept a smile on his face. "So darling would you by chance have a name to match the lovely face?"  


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PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 6:54 pm
Nar shaddaa

15 HP

Erien watched as the Jedi's blade sliced through both her synth skin and her clothes revealing the mechanics inside her torso. Erien quickly covered up the injury from her hand. She then dashed towards the Jedi aiming at his right arm.  
PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:52 pm
Nar Shaddaa - Sith Base

50 HP

Jri-den heard the reassurance of Canis and saw how Canis moved to protect and help Master Stone. Suddenly, he heard a voice of an unknown girl. He looked around while keeping his guard up. "Who...? Who is that...?" he wondered as he didn't see any girl around that could be calling for help. "Master Stone! Someone's here! Someone's in danger! I don't sense a trap! I'm going after them!" He didn't wait for an answer or permission. He felt the Force very strongly in his mind, guiding him as he maneuvered past any hostiles to eventually come to a cell block, guarded by Sith warriors. Great...! Just my luck! he thought as he readied himself for a fight. "Hello! Is anyone here?!" he called out, hoping that same voice would answer him. Soon, he found himself locked in battle with multiple opponents. Were it not for his determination and training, he would surely have been killed. Still, he was not faring too well, and he was vastly outnumbered.

(Geez, you all really picked up the pace!)  

Knight Metawraith


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