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Faung Mei's RP Character(s) Thread

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Faung Mei

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:06 pm
Nepheus Osla

Character Gender: Female
Character Age: Looks about 15 or 16
Race: Half elf
Occupation: Mainly a traveler, she knows how to use a sword properly, and can use magic, but can be afraid to battle.
Alignment: Neutral good

Description/Picture: Looks about 5'1"
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Fighting Style: Spell knight

Weapon(s): Uses a Long sword that any guard or traveler would use,
Sometimes carrys a buckler as well

Skills/Magic: Mainly fire and light. Sometimes has trouble controlling any other element.

Air Thrust
First Aid
Crimson Riot - A normal fire attack. Nepheus creates a huge orb of fire to imprisson the enemy in.

Demon Fang
Crimson Thrust - A fire powered sonic thrust.
Raging blast - A move where she strikes her opponents chest with her palm and channels a large blast through her palm.
Fang Blade
Lightning Slade
Shadow Blade - A dark-based Tiger Blade.

Mystic Arte: Crimson Chaos - Nepheus channels a large orb of flame in both her palms and smacks her hands on the ground causing a large explosion. Takes a bit of damage from it as well.

Personality: Nepheus Can be really nice. Very hyper, gets angry easily, cries a lot, and can sometimes be a coward. She's a very loud person who likes to run around a lot, and well, just all around be crazy. She does have a point where she can get serious though. She is very protective over her friends, however keeps to herself most of the time.

Nepheus may not be able to lay down her life for anyone, but she does her best to protect them.

Fave Food Type: Likes anything sweet, or that has fruit in it.

Bio: The daughter of a traveling mercenary, her father was a human and her mother was an elf. Nepheus was only just born when her mother and father were still living in the village of Ozette however they were soon cast out of the village because of Nepheus' mother being an elf and Nepheus being a half elf, her father then decided he would go to different towns and look for jobs he could take, Bounties, Escorts, Nepheus wanted her father to stay with her, however he had no choice. They then set up a camp in the outskirts of Gaoracchia forest. Nepheus would never be aloud to leave the camp because of how dangerous the forest was, Her big brother would always catch her trying to sneak off and grab her by her arm and take her right back to the camp. While Nepheus began to grow up her mother died of a disease that could not be cured. Nepheus was mostly left alone with her big brother, which she didn't mind; she loved her brother unless he caught her trying to sneak off and took her back, but she was still happy to have him around. After years of aging, her father finally started teaching her how to use a sword, Nepheus was really bad at it at first, but got better the more she pushed herself, she then finally after another year of training, fully knew how to swing her sword and how to use it effectively. Nepheus finally decided that she wanted to see the world out there, while everyone was a sleep she snuck out of the camp site with her weapon and a few supplies she left her home and traveled to the capital of Tethe'alla, Meltokio.

She came to the city, however noticed how people would look at her strange. Finally she realized the rank that the Half elf race had become. Nepheus was shocked and upset that nor her father or mother ever told her about it. she then decided to head out for a different town, one that didn't despise half elves so much. After leaving the capital of Tethe'alla, Nepheus set out for a lonesome village known as "Ozette". She then decided she would settle down there and decide what she would do next. However she will soon find out that is where she was born.

Victory - "Yay we did it!"
Low health - "I will not lose...!"
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "Oh hey! I remember you!"
Downed - "No waaay..."
Revived - "Thank you friend!"
Strong enemy - "Umm.. can I go hide in the back?"
Weak enemy - "Oh Practice!"
Killing an enemy - "Yay one down!"
Fleeing - "Run Away!!"
Just for fun~ ______________________
Hit by a critical strike - "OW! that hurt..."
Attack does no damage - "I give up"
Being hit constantly - "Wahh!! STOP picking on me!"
Ally down - "Now im mad!"

Appears in: Tales of aftershocks  
PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:36 pm
Character Name: Ryu Hayabusa
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 21
Race: Human
Occupation: Leader of the Hayabusa clan/ Antique shop owner.
Alignment: Protagonist
Description/Picture: User Image

Canon: Ninja Gaiden/ Dead or alive
Canon Point: While he was still seeking vengeance for the death of his clan.
Means of Arrival: He was sucked into a portal, by breaking a giant stone in his village that opened a portal to Sylvarant

Fighting Style: Ninjutsu
Weapon(s): The Dragon blade, Claw gauntlets, Nuchaku, and a Scythe.
Skills/Magic: He controls elements by using scrolls, and Elixers
Scroll of inferno: Ryu uses the power of fire to attack his enemies.
Scroll of fire wheel: Ryu uses the power of fire to create a ring of fire around him.
Scroll of wind: Ryu uses the power of wind to attack his enemies.
Scroll of water: Ryu uses the power of water to attack his enemies.
Elixer of life: Ryu pulls an elixer out to recover some of his health. He can also give it to others.
Elixer of the devil way: Ryu pulls a red colored liquid out to recover some of his Ki power. In this case: TP. He can also give it to others.

Personality: Always serious, keeps to himself for the most part, but is still nice to others.
Fave Food Type: Sushi
Bio: Son of Jo Hayabusa, Ryu Hayabusa now carries the Hayabusa clan after the death of his father. It is not known who first uttered the phrase, but people have come to know Ryu as "Super Ninja" he is the lone surviving ninja of the Hayabusa clan, a lineage that traces its roots back from ancient times. He is the bearer of the Legendary Dragon blade, a katana carved from the fang of a dragon.

Ryu, after the fall of the Hayabusa clan, set out on a journey for vengeance for his comrades.

Other Notes: His hobbies are mountain climbing, and fishing.

SECTION 5: QUOTES (optional)
Victory - "I have no weakness" "Nothing can penetrate the pureness of my soul!"
Low health - "This is a dangerous situation..."
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "Very well, shall we spar once more?"
Downed - "Uagh!"
Revived - "Much appreciated"
Strong enemy - "I can feel a storm brewing..."
Weak enemy - "Prepare to face me!" "If you will not move, I must take you down"
Killing an enemy - "Rest in peace"
Fleeing - "We must retreat for now"  

Faung Mei

Faung Mei

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:36 pm
Shin Fencer

Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 28
Race: Human
Occupation: Wanderer/Assassin
Alignment: Neutral Bad
Description/Picture: Stands at about 6,5 and wears a dark coat decorated in armor. When he triggers Carnage sword the left part of his face turns metal, and his eye turns Cyan. When hes normal his eyes are dark gray.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Carnage sword:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Fighting Style: Expert Lancer, Carnage sword,
Weapon(s): Black Lance, and Cruelty Sword,
Skills/Magic: Lightning, and darkness.
Thunder blade.
Dark sphere.
Bloody lance.
Spark wave.


Lance artes:
Piercing line. Shin throws his Lance at his opponent.
Sonic thrust.
Darkness shock. Shin thrusts his lance into his opponent and sends shock waves through it.

Carnage sword artes:
Cruelty Rush. Shin runs at his opponent delivering blows, then finishes it by slamming them on the ground with his sword.
Cruelty Banish. Shin smacks his opponent with the side of his sword.
Cruelty Beast. A darkness based beast, except shoots out dark bullets as well.
Cruelty Smash. Shin jumps high into the sky and smashes his sword on his opponent, also creating a small quake.
Cruelty cut. Shin swings his sword wildly at his opponent, has a chance of lowering defense on his opponent.
Mercy. Shin creates a field of light through his sword, healing everyone on the field, including him, and his enemy.

Mystic Arte:
Cruelty: Fatal end. Shin channels all negative energy into his sword, and unleashes a barrage of attacks on his opponent, then driving his sword into the ground, and creates a field of darkness on the field, damaging anyone near him.

Personality: Quiet, Laid back, and impatient. Shin never really wants to engage conversation with anyone, anyone who tries is usually ignored, or maybe even attacked if hes in a bad enough mood.

Shin doesn't really care for his allies, but will still protect them and keep them alive. Strangely Shin seems to have a soft spot for children, and will act very polite and kind towards them, Unless hes using Carnage sword.

Shin, is a person who prefers to be alone, and not be approached, and who also prefers violence then talk it out. He also HATES to wait.

Fave Food Type: Meat, spicy food. Although his absolute favorite is Pizza.

Bio: Shin, son of Merric Fencer, and Asmerelda Fencer, His father was a guard in the city of Meltokio, and his Mother was a Store owner in Sybak, Shin would often leave Sybak allot and go out to the field and practice his lancing skills, his lancing skills were self taught. At this time he was 13. Shin would sometimes help out at his mothers store, mostly lifting and cleaning, he would sometimes take over the store when his mother was out. A suspicious looking man entered the store one time and threatened Shin for the antique lance in their store, which was going to be given to Shin once he became of age.

Shin didn't budge and told the man: "Hell no I'm not giving you that!"
The man attempted to stab Shin with a small knife, however Shin, having good reflexes quickly ducked, punching the man in the face, knocking him out, "Hmph you're way to weak" Shin then noticed a small red sphere fall out of his pocket, Shin grabbed it and immediately felt a huge surge of power, afterwards a large blade coated in black appeared before him on the ground. Shin knew if his parents saw it they would take it away from him, so he hid it in a chest in his room.

After many years had passed, Shin's parents had finally died of old age, leaving him by himself. He decided he would take up the job as an Assassin, and travel the land, Who knows, maybe he'll even find treasures?
He left Sybak, and decided he would head to Meltokio in search for Jobs.

Other Notes: Seems to really like animals, and children. His current title is "Assassin of darkness"

Victory - "You lack any real power" "Be forever consumed in darkness maggot" "I don't hold back on my enemy"
Low health - "You're pissing me off..."
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "I guess you didn't learn on lesson one"
Downed - "You will pay..." "Dammit!!" "Tch...don't think this is over, fool..."
Revived - "I am grateful" "Thanks"
Strong enemy - "Are you trying to intimidate me?" "Hmm..."
Weak enemy - "It'll be over in a flash" "Be with you in a second"
Killing an enemy - "Done?"
Fleeing - "Okay time to flee"
Just for fun~ __________________________________
Hit by a critical strike - "Ugh! What's your PROBLEM!?"
Attack does no damage - "That sucks"
Being hit constantly - "Hey, dammit BACK OFF!"
Ally down - "Now, why did you go and do that?"

Appears in: Tales of aftershocks  
PostPosted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:43 pm
Character Name: Kireek
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: Unknown
Race: Hunter Cast (Like an Android)
Occupation: Hunters guild crew
Alignment: Protagonist
Description/Picture: http://fav.me/d1288ny (Picture is NOT mine!)

Canon: Phantasy star online
Canon Point: Around the time of the investigation of the whereabouts of Pioneer 1
Means of Arrival: A teleporter on Pioneer 2

Class: Hunter
Fighting Style: Reaper
Weapon(s): Soul eater, A beam scythe
Due to Hunter casts lack of TP, Kireek has no magic.
Special attack: Kireek deals major damage to his foe, along with using up some of his own HP

Personality: Loner, quiet, and has allot of patience.
Fave Food Type: Unknown
Bio: Kireek, Also known as Black hound, He is an executioner of a twisted organization known as: "Black paper" Supposedly behind the disappearance of the hunters.
Despite Kireek being part of this team, he still fights for the good side, however becomes possessed by Dark Falz, causing him to freak out and want to kill anyone in his way.

Its hard, but he manages to fight it off sometimes.
Other Notes: Known to laugh to himself quietly allot.

Victory - "We are the victor..." "The usual result, heh"
Low health - "You're good...!"
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "I don't have time for this"
Downed - "Ughh..." "Gahhh!"
Revived - "Thanks"
Strong enemy - "Hmm this could be rough"
Weak enemy - "Let me devour your soul..." "This should be easy"
Killing an enemy - "I appreciate your attempt to survive"
Fleeing - "Ill finish this job later"  

Faung Mei

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