Name: Stargazer Lilly
Gender: Female
Type: Earth
Body Normal body type, with perhaps a tad longer legs. Body color Mane and tail color With a lilly in her hair. Freckles across her nose. A ****eating grin on her face.
Eyes: Neon green
Hair: Insanely fluffy. Along the lines of a fro for the mane and puffy tail. Similar to pink pies only larger, and fluffier. x
Cutie Mark 8D: A large bundle of Stargazer Lilies with a few green leaves.x
Brief Character Description: She is sort of a bad a**. Though her appearance is that of a pink fluffy cuddly lady, she is pretty bitchy and sarcastic. And sort of a flirt.
+ Ref pics where possible:

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Fireflight: Just edit 'lily' to be as it's correctly spelt please, thanks!