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Invisible Loiterer

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:13 am
This part of the guide gives a list of terms you would normally hear around the
world of zOMG as well as a list of rings and their abbreviations.

I also decided to add small tips for crewing. Things that I think you should
do to be a well liked and successful crew member, and as a leader, things you
should look for in people you're crewing.
PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:14 am

xxxxxxxNormally used in the phrase 'pull aggro'. Once a player attacks an Animated,
xxxxxthat Animated will become aggressive towards that player. Certain Animated
xxxxxautomatically Aggro a player when any Animated near them is attacked or if
xxxxxa player gets too close to them. The more damage done to an Animated, the
xxxxxmore aggro a player garners from that Animated. Though Medics tend to
xxxxxgarner the most Aggro without ever attacking an Animated. Think of it as a
xxxxxmost hated list and the one on the top of the list is the Aggro.

xxxxxxxThe bane of zOMG. The Animated are objects that have been infused with
xxxxxGhi energy and have been granted a kind of pseudo-life. Not all enemies in
xxxxxzOMG are Animated, though all do seem to be effected by Ghi energy in
xxxxxsome way, shape or form.

xxxxxxx"Area of Effect." A term describing an attack or action that covers an area
xxxxxrather than aiming for a single target.

xxxxxxxThe term for any effect used by a player to increase any of their stats for a
xxxxxshort period of time. Usually mentioned to have players in a crew use their
xxxxxbuffing rings.

xxxxxxx"Crowd Control." A term used to describe how a group of opponents can be
xxxxxcontrolled by one ring.

xxxxxxxA generic MMO term. Referring to a player or group of players staying in one
xxxxxspot to kill a certain monster as it re-appears.

Cap (C.L)
xxxxxxxA C.L. cap is put in place on all instance areas, mini-events and chests. So
xxxxxhigher C.L players cannot swoop in and steal rewards or easily waltz through
xxxxxboss fights.

xxxxxxxThe shortened form of the term 'Charge Level'. This being the defining point of
xxxxxhow strong your currently equipped rings are in zOMG. See also T.C.L.

xxxxxxxA term for when a players health reaches 0. This causes all rings a player
xxxxxhas to be locked an unable to be used until the player returns to the Null
xxxxxChamber, has 'Defib' used on them or uses the Gaia Cash revival item on
xxxxxthem self.

DC'ed (or just DC)
xxxxxxxStands for "Disconnected". Users use it when their computer loses an
xxxxxinternet connection.

xxxxxxxA status effect that hinders a player in some way. From causing them to
xxxxxsleep to lowering their resistance to being knocked around by Animated.
xxxxxThere is a large range of Debuffs.

xxxxxxxA shortened term for 'Damage over Time'. The better a rings DoT, the more
xxxxxdamage it can dish out.

xxxxxxxA shortened term for 'Damage Per Second'. Used to denote the average
xxxxxdamage a ring can do within a certain time.

xxxxxxxCan be used in place if the term 'Grinding'. When farming, a player stays in
xxxxxone area killing certain monsters for loot or other kinds of drops.

xxxxxxxA generic term with varied uses dependant on the situation. Normally used as
xxxxxa show of great surprise.

xxxxxxxAreas of the game set aside for specific boss encounters such as Duneslam
xxxxxor OMGWTF. Each instance is separate for each user, so it is never
xxxxxovercrowded inside the instance. When in a crew, the entire crew may enter
xxxxxthe instance together to try and take down the area specific boss on a harder
xxxxxsetting for greater rewards.

xxxxxxxSlowdown or freezing of a game due to high latency, although often used for
xxxxxany slowdown at all (e.g. graphics lag, memory leak lag, etc.)

xxxxxxxA term for players who join a farming crew only to sit and watch the other
xxxxxmembers do all the work while doing nothing themselves. Highly frowned
xxxxxupon by other players.

xxxxxxxA term meaning any item gained from killing enemies or opening chests.

xxxxxxxA term used to describe a member of a crew going on ahead of the group to
xxxxxgain the agro of a smaller group of Animated and bring it back to their waiting
xxxxxcrew mates.

xxxxxxxA tactic used to defeat as many enemies as possible within an area. For
xxxxxinstanced runs such as Dead Man's Pass, Shallow Seas/Underwater Ledge
xxxxxand Sealab Compound, players usually defeat all of the animated on screen
xxxxxbefore moving to the next.

xxxxxxxThe powering down of an item/ability/effect/etc for game balancing reasons.

xxxxxxxA player, old or new, unwilling to accept help or look into information able to
xxxxxhelp them. People that are Trolls also fall into this category of player.

xxxxxxxAbbreviation of the term Non Player Character. Used in reference to the characters
xxxxxaround the zOMG world who don't fight or the ones who give quests

xxxxxxxThe act of returning to the Null Chamber when dazed.

xxxxxxxThe leveling system of zOMG. Orbs are the crystallization of Ghi energy and
xxxxxused to power up a players rings. Each time a ring reaches a new level, it
xxxxxtakes more orbs to level it up again.

xxxxxxxThe abilities of zOMG. Each Ring has a unique effect. Though Rings tend to
xxxxxfit into three categories: Healing, Attacking and Buffing.

Ring Set[s]
xxxxxxxRing sets are a set of four specific rings used on one 'hand' to give a player
xxxxxa passive stat boost towards one or two of their stats. Each ring set gives
xxxxxdifferent stat bonuses.

xxxxxxxThe shorthand form of 'Rage Rank'. Normally followed by a number denoting
xxxxxwhat level of rage a skill should be used at. Sometimes, just one R is used.

xxxxxxxThe term describing the destruction of a ring for a portion of the orbs it
xxxxxcontained. If a ring is salvaged, the player that salvaged it can not get that
xxxxxring back without finding it as a random drop from the Animated or asking an
xxxxxNPC for it when part of the main storyline quest is completed. A player
xxxxxsalvaging a ring is given a warning that they are doing so, so that they do not
xxxxxdo so by accident.

xxxxxxxUsed to describe when players in a crew are looking for more members. The
xxxxxnumber of slots corresponds to how close to the maximum number of players
xxxxxin the crew is.

xxxxxxxThe small lock symbol on Rings (and some other non-zOMG related items)
xxxxxobtained after a certain date. Stops trading of the locked item between users.
xxxxxWas put in place to stop rich players buying their way through the game as
xxxxxwell as stopping a giant Gaia-wide economy crash.

Stamina (Mana)
xxxxxxxThe limiter for zOMG. Using rings tires a player so they can not just pack
xxxxxtheir hands out with attack rings and bash their way to victory.

xxxxxxxUsually mentioned when a player will swap their rings CL. This can be done
xxxxxin the null chamber using the swap button on the right hand side of your
xxxxxinventory bag. What it does is take the CL of one ring you choose and
xxxxxswitches it with the CL of a second ring you choose. So if you have a CL 10
xxxxxTurtle and a CL 3 Hack, you can swap to get a CL 10 Hack and a CL 3 Turtle.

xxxxxxxThe term for a player who's playing style revolves around being able to take
xxxxxdamage. Lots and lots of damage. Best suited to group play, for distracting
xxxxxmonsters from more vulnerable members of the crew.

Total Charge Level (T.C. // T.C.L.)
xxxxxxxTotal Charge is the total amount of charge orbs a player has collected,
xxxxxthough this doesn't include orbs obtained from salvaging rings.

xxxxxxxThe game. Which you have lost.

**See these definitions and more by
Clicking Here


Invisible Loiterer


Invisible Loiterer

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:15 am
This is a list of abbreviations for all rings in the game. If something has
unknown next to it, it means there's no known abbreviation for it.

Coyote SpiritCoy
DiagnoseDia // Diag
Duct TapeDuct // Tape
Fleet FeetFleet
Fortune's FavorFF
Fire RainFR
Guns, Guns, GunsGGG // GGGuns // Guns
Heavy Water BalloonHWB // Balloon
Hornets NestHornets // Net
Hot FootHF
Hunter's BowHunter's // Bow
Healing HaloHalo
Improbability SphereImprob // Sphere
Iron WillIron // Will
Kamilia's CurseAbuse
Keen AyeKeen
Knife SharpenKnife
My DensityDens // Dense
Pot LidPot
Rock ArmorRock
Scaredy CatCat // Kitty
Shark AttackShark
Solar RaysSR // Solar
Sugar RushRush
Teflon SprayTef
PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:16 am
Just a small list of tips for people who want to crew. These are things
I think would make a good crew member.

Tip I
[xxxxxxx[For experienced players]
xxxxxFor easy buff checking, leave your ring slots empty where you normally keep
xxxxxbuffs so you don't have to run all the way back to the null.

Tip II
[xxxxxxxListen. Listening is a must no matter who you are. Even if you know more
xxxxxabout something then the leader, then bring it up and discuss it, do not just
xxxxxrun ahead and do what you please.

[xxxxxxxBe semi-literate. Nothing annoys some people more then typin lyke dis. It
xxxxxreally isn't too hard to type out full words is it?

Tip IV
[xxxxxxxTry not to be caught with zero stamina. You should try to always keep
xxxxxenough stamina for emergency healing.

Tip V
[xxxxxxxAlso try not to be caught with full stamina for a long amount of time. People
xxxxxwill think you're leaching. Leaching is not tolerated with most people. If you
xxxxxplan on having to be away from the screen for a moment, announce to your
xxxxxcrew that you're going on brb.

Tip VI
[xxxxxxxMake sure you have time for the instance you're wanting to be crewed for.
xxxxxNothing is more annoying then spending time trying to get a crew together,
xxxxxthen someone saying they have to go.

[xxxxxxxTry to joke around with your crew. Some of them can feel awkward with you
xxxxxin their crew if you're completely silent. However if you talk and no one
xxxxxresponds or prompts you to continue then take the clue and hush.

[xxxxxxxDon't constantly shout for a crew every five seconds. It gets annoying and
xxxxxmakes people want to crew you even less.

Tip IX
[xxxxxxxDo what you're told. That should be pretty self explanatory. Try not to make
xxxxxsomeone tell you to do it twice.

Tip X
[xxxxxxxKeep your buffs up. This doesn't mean wait for you buffs to fall. It means keep
xxxxxthem fully casted. If you think something is about to run out, build up your
xxxxxrage and cast them again. There's no such thing as being too buffed.


Invisible Loiterer


Invisible Loiterer

PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:05 pm
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