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The agenda for his latest request was to seek out the fallen corpse of a kudu and return with its tail, its skull, and at least one of its hooves. Lazarus quietly grumbled over the difficulty of the task given to him but at the very least, his mistress had requested parts from all the same animal. It would likely take him days of traveling, still, which meant he'd be living off of whatever he could manage to catch for himself. Birds, hares, perhaps he'd luck out and manage to poach off a few kills along the way, it was hard to say.

He had secured a carrying satchel to himself and had taken a few short moments to groom out his mane. He wasn't the most clean of pride members, nor did he particularly care about his appearance, but he'd been scolded for his upkeep in the past. Even then, he was more aggravated by the time it took to listen to the elder's sharp words than the actual reprimand. In the end, it was faster to brush himself up and go on his way than it was to stand and stare as he was given another long lecture.

Leaving his den behind him, he padded deeper into the pride's territories. He'd often make a short round before setting out towards the free lands beyond their boarders- just in case someone else needed him to fetch something on his way. Might as well, it saved them some time.