As you wander around Dead Mans Pass, you should notice a
graveyard. You'll get a badge just for finding it, and you can get two more
for playing songs on the tombstones.

**Remember, you need to stand next to the tombstone that you are touching or it won't work.

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Hallowed Ground: Discover the cemetery in Dead Man's Pass.
Musically Gifted: Play one song on the tombstones in Dead Man's Pass
Virtuoso: Play the scale and all seven songs on the tombstones in Dead Man's Pass.

How they're numbered:
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Known Songs
Scale: 12345678

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star: 55⋯22⋯33⋯2⋯11⋯77⋯66⋯5⋯22⋯11⋯77⋯6⋯22⋯11⋯77⋯6⋯55⋯22⋯33⋯2⋯11⋯77⋯66⋯5

Mary Had A Little Lamb: 7656⋯777⋯666⋯722⋯7656⋯777⋯766⋯765

Funeral March: 1111⋯322⋯1111

The Saints Go Marching In: 5712⋯5712⋯5712⋯7576⋯7655⋯7221⋯7127⋯565

Beethoven's 5th Symphony: 5553⋯4442⋯5553⋯7776⋯8887

The Hearse Song (Worms crawl in): 2323⋯2323⋯2355⋯4323⋯5

Camptown Races: 1161⋯216⋯6565⋯1161⋯216⋯5654

[Note, you don't have to play the songs, in that order.]