Zen Gardens
[Map and Key]

To the west of Barton Town lie the sculpted and manicured Zen Gardens,
tended by a family of resident botanists and horticulturists. Koi ponds,
bamboo trees and groves of lanterns surround a central contemplation
shrine. Famed throughout Gaia, these Gardens are a well-loved tourist
destination. The woods they border to the west are dense thickets that few
people have a reason to brave. The road leading west is the way to Durem.

CL : 2.8-4.0 (to complete quests, you can enter at any level)

A list of NPCs needed to complete quests
and where they are on the map.

Old Man Logan
Uncle Kin
Wish Tree

Speak to Katsumi
• Speak to Rubella
• Head up to Zen Gardens and speak to Katsumi who is in the shrine
where the null chamber is.
• Return to Rubella

The Wish Tree
Details -
• Speak with Katsumi
• She wants you to pin her wish to the Wish Tree, north of the three
• The tree will also give you a quest (explained further down)
• Return to Katsumi

Find Uncle Kin
(Prerequisite : The Wish Tree)
Details -
• Speak with Katsumi
• She will want you to find her Uncle Kin.
• With the glass rod you can now click on the Ninja bell and enter
• Talk to Kin
• Tell Kin you’ll help Katsumi
• Return to Katsumi

Katsumi’s Kokeshi Doll
(Prerequisite : Find Uncle Kin)
• Speak to Katsumi
• She will ask you to find her Kokeshi Doll, and destroy it.
• Enter the doll shrine, and complete the waves. Her doll is the boss.
• Return to Katsumi

Kin’s Trials (Part 1)
(Prerequisite : Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll)
Details -
• Speak with Kin
• Kin will want you to find out more about the animated in Zen Gardens
• First he wants you to go against the Taiko Drums
• Kill 20 and return to Kin.

Kin’s Trials (Part 2)
(Prerequisite : Kin's Trials (part 1))
• Speak with Kin
• Now, he wants to know about the lanterns.
Ghost Lanterns only appear at night (from 6pm – 6am Gaia time)
• Kill 20 and return to Kin

Kin’s Trials (Part 3)
(Prerequisite : Kin's Trials (part 2))
• Speak with Kin
• He now wants you to spread the word of the things you’ve learned about the animated.
• He wants you to speak with Old Man Logan in Bass’ken Lake.
• Logan then wants you to talk to Agatha in Barton Town
• Return to Kin with more information.

The Battle of Three Bridges
(Prerequisite : Kin's Trials (part 3))
• Speak with Kin
• Walk to the first bridge, the one all the way to the right, where you’ll fight the Kokeshi Dolls
• Next, walk to the left bridge and fight the Takio Drums.
• Last, is the center bridge which is the Ghost Lanterns.
Again, it needs to be done at night.
• Return to Kin and pick a ring.

Dream Weaver Quest ►Repeatable◄
(Prerequisite : Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll)
• Speak with Katsumi
• She will ask you to collect 15 mystic weaves from the Kokeshi Doll.
• Return to Katsumi
• This quest is repeatable, your level must be under 4.0.

The Drums! The Drums! I can’t stand the DRUMS!
Details -
• Speak with Trip, next to the Durem blockade
• Trip can’t stand the sounds of the Takio Drums and he wants you to
take care of them.
• Kill 20 of them and return to Trip

Gimmee A Beat (Down) ►Repeatable◄
(Prerequisite : The Drums! The Drums! I can't stand the DRUMS!)
• Speak to Trip
• Kill 20 Takio Drums
• Return to Trip
• This quest is repeatable, your level must be under 4.0.

Dimming the Lanterns ►Repeatable◄
(Prerequisite : Find the Girl
• Talk to Arnold by the Barton Gate
• Defeat 20 Ghost Lanterns before dawn. (Around 6am)
• Return to Arnold before dawn.

Wish Trees Vision
(Prerequisite : The Wish Tree)
• Speak with the Wish Tree for the quest.
• Area one : The wind {We love the wind} blows giant leaves around on
a giant tree (not a tree) =must be a tree= not made by the world (ancient
ancestor) {GAIA!}, but by those that live on it. [feeble frail things] {YOU!} :
Walk to the windmill in Bass’ken Lake [Map]
• Area three : “We see a high place =we see for miles!= near old stone
where water once ran {the fighting!} where now only strife flows. [the strife
tastes like FOOD].” : Walk under the stones in Old Aqueduct [Map]
• Area two : We will tell one more. A lance of light {so bright!} stabs out
over a grey pond with no shores =big, big, BIG= bellowing out at the
darkness. : Walk to the lighthouse in Gold Beach [Map]
• Return to the Wish Tree and tell them the places

Badges Available
All non-kill badges

Mission Badges

User Image User Image

Durem Blockade: Discover the Durem Blockade in the Zen Gardens.
Ninja Trials: Complete all of Kin's Trial.

Event Badges

User Image -image unavailable-

Fly By Intruder: Defeat 100 Clutch Infiltrators during the Fly
By mini-event.
(Points are cumulative.)

Clutch Infiltrator Assassin: Defeat 1,000 Clutch Infiltrators
during the Fly By mini-event.
(Points are cumulative.)