Hive World
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The "Hive World" or "Hive" is an instance; its entrance can be found in Old
Aqueduct. It is infinite and you must kill all of the enemies during the current
wave to progress onto the next, if every member in your crew gets dazed,
your crew loses and you need to start over. To gain access into the hive you
must be on or finished the "Through the Star Portal!" quest. You can also go
in if you are in a crew with at least one person who has access to the hive.

CL : 5.0 - 10.0
(The hive scales to the highest CL, therefore,
it benefits everyone if you're all the same CL.)

Waves :

The hive is set up in rounds, basically 5 waves is a round. After one round is
over it repeats itself. Random Assault, From the Flanks, Quadrant Attacks,
Surrounded, and Walker Wave.

Random Assault : Easy compared to the rest of the rounds, it is the first
wave for each round and introduces the difficulty of the enemies. It can have
any enemy, but normally starts with just shockroaches. The longer you go,
the more difficult it becomes.

From the Flanks : Medium hard and then enemies come out in two waves.

Quadrant Attacks : Also medium hard and has 4 swarms.

Surrounded : Known to have usually the most animated of the round, they
all come out at once and it can be overwhelming.

Walker Wave : Are only walkers and landstriders. Walkers only at the earlier
waves and you'll see more landstriders in these waves as you get higher and

Enemies :

There are only five types of enemies throughout the hive waves. The HP and
CL of bugs increase steadily as you survive farther and farther into hive, along
with their attacks.

Shockroaches : The Shockroach, a common enemy to hive, comes out every
wave, besides the walker wave. It is the easiest to kill, and hits the weakest.
You'll normally focus on these last during the waves with mixed bugs.

Lightning Bugs : Although lightning bugs look almost exactly like Shockroaches.
They hit stronger than a Shockroach, but rarely attack. Their main focus is to
be the medic of all the other bugs. They are a real pain if you don't kill them
first, and will suck up a lot of stamina.

Walkers : Walkers will give you more of a challenge in the defensive area.
They hit decently, and will take at least half your stamina to solo. Walkers
have two attacks: Melee, and DoT. The Melee can be protected against using
armor rings, but the DoT blocks all defenses.

Landstriders : Landstriders are deadly. They can take a whole crew to kill.
They hit hard, and have way too much life. They too, have a Melee and DoT

Deathroaches : Are much like the Cherry Fluffs in the doll shrine, only much
more deadly as their name implies. They target one person and explode.
Don't bother wasting your stamina on them, just run away until they do
explode. They normally don't appear until the higher waves (50+)

Tactic :

xxxAlthough staying close may seem helpful for hive, you will be hit with more
DoT attacks. DoT attacks are ranged, AoE. They only target one person, but
anyone near them will also get hit. Even with spamming diagnose, (a horrible
healing ring) it can not keep up with the damage lost. DoT hits 6 times and
increases its damage as you go farther along hive.
xxxWhile fighting, it helps if your whole crew focuses on one animated at a time.
xxxLightning bugs first since they will heal the other bugs, making it harder to
make any other kind of progress. It is helpful to bring a Crowd Control ring to
hive, to keep lightning bugs away from each other, since they will heal.
xxxNow, different crews have different view points on the next step. Some say it's
a better idea to kill the walkers next, as Landstriders have a ridiculous
amount of health, it drains most of your stamina to kill a single Landstrider,
and while you are doing so, you still have the aggro from the Walkers in that
wave. It is easier to kill three Walkers over one Landstrider, and doing so will
reduce the number of things aggroing you. While killing Walkers, it wouldn’t
be a bad idea to Duct Tape/Scaredy Cat/Quicksand Landstriders too,
because they hit hard, and have a large knock back.
xxxOthers say that killing Landstriders after the Lightning bugs is better,
because you'll have less damage coming after you then if all the Walkers
were attacking you. Either way, after all the Walkers/Landstriders are dead,
all you should have left in the hive is Shockroaches.
xxxBe sure to save one or two Shockroaches, then heal and buff up before the
next wave. While the roach is safe, all dazed people should awaken, and
walk back, while letting their rings unlock. (Defib is close to useless in hive,
because if you defib mid-wave they will just die again. Plus having to use
stamina to rebuff. Not to mention it takes up a crucial spot in your Ring Set.)
Even alive crew members should recover their health, stamina, and rebuff.
With your whole crew's approval, you may kill the roach.

Ring Tactics :

Rings that are an excellent choices, okay choices and horrible ideas for your
slots. Keep in mind, that close combat rings actually aren't that great of a
choice, but if you feel comfortable having one, this shows you which ones are
a good idea. Make sure to also carry your weight with heals and buffs.

Good Rings -
Close Combat - Mantis, Slash or Dervish, Hack
Ranged Combat - Shuriken, Hotfoot
Crowd Control - Quicksand, Scaredy Cat
Defense Buffs - Improbability Sphere, Pot Lid, Rock Armor, Teflon Spray
Stat Buffs - Divinity, Healing Halo, Coyote Spirit, Ghost, Iron Will, Keen Aye,
My Density, Meat
Heals - Bandage, Wish
Debuffs -

Okay Rings -
Close Combat - Bump
Ranged Combat - GunsGunsGuns, Shark Attack, Fire Rain,
Crowd Control - Duct Tape
Defense Buffs - Turtle
Stat Buffs - Fitness
Heals - Diagnose
Debuffs - Knife Sharpen

WTF Rings -
Close Combat -
Ranged Combat -Hunter's Bow, Solar Rays, Heavy Water Balloon,
Hornet Nest
Crowd Control - Gumshoe, Taunt
Defensive Buffs -
Stat Buffs - Fleet Feet
Heals - Defib
Debuffs - Adrenaline

Badges Available
All non-kill badges

Mission Badges
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Hive Refugee: Reward for completing five waves in the Hive.
Hive Survivor: Reward for completing twenty waves in the Hive.
(You must have received the Hive Refugee first.
Completing the five waves, and then continuing on to wave twenty,
it will not work.)

Hive Conqueror: Reward for completing fifty waves in the Hive.
(You must have received the Hive Survivor first.
Completing the twenty waves, and then continuing on to wave fifty,
it will not work.)