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Shallow Seas and End Boss

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Invisible Loiterer

PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 8:47 pm
**Please note :
This is for a regular EB run. Not speed.
We take the time to kill everything.
This is how it used to be run back
before people created smob and smeb.


I have a specific ring set, that,
unless you’re incapable of getting the rings I require,
I have no tolerance for you giving me a hard time on this.

I ask that you have:

A healing ring (Bandage, Wish or Diagnose)
Three attacks (At least ONE of them has to be a ranged attack)
Two slots for buffs (which I will assign when we have a full crew)
Extra Slot (Which you can fill with anything else you like.)

The ring set I normally have:

User Image
(it would be a smart idea for lead to carry fleet)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSHALLOW ╺ SEAS
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Map and Route Shown]
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Video Run]

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIt is required, that right before entering the whirl pool
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand starting your fight towards the EB, you gather full rage.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIt is smart, to gather full rage, cast your meat,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand gather full rage again, for buffs.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOnce you enter the whirlpool, buff all your buffs.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAs a friend of mine likes to say : “r1 > r0”
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOnce your leader say’s they’re ready, fleet.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(Me being the lead, I typically lure, and appoint a leader.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFollow the leader at all costs. Don't ever follow me.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUnless the leader does so.)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[1] Run to the first chest, full of barnacle fluffs.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDO NOT DRAW ALL THE FLUFFS AT ONCE!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAfter everything is killed, have the leader open the chest,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand wait till everyone’s stats are set before fleeting again.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[2] Run to the second chest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKill everything, and wait for stats before opening this chest,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxas barnacle fluffs pop out of it.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKill the fluffs, collect the gold.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOnce everyone is ready, fleet again.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[3] Run to the neck of the seahorse, kill
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand then walk out just before the neck, to let your stats raise.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[4] Walk over a screen, and kill all the fluffs
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxthat appear as well as the sea sprout.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLet stats raise and fleet again.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[5] Run along the back of the seahorse,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStop in the center of the shell and kill the brain clams.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[6] Go onto the Sea Bug infested green thing (That I like to call a lilypad).
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKill everything, rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[7] Run to the right of things, and go over two screens.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLet the leader lure. Kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[8] Run back to the lily pad, go left this time,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxup to the little crevice in the Sea Bugs, [Map]
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[9] Run to the area with three chests.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKill everything you can. Now would be the time,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyou’d start resetting your buffs as well.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWait for lead to open chest and rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[10] Run to the eye fluffs. Kill them.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIt’s just fun to taunt them. Rest. Fleet if you want.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[11] Run to the area just before going into the Undersea Ledge.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKill the Queen as well as other named sprouts. Walk into the Ledge.

[Map and Route Shown]
[Video Run]

The area where Marshall starts to rape you!
There’s actually a secret to getting Marshall off of you…
But I don’t feel like telling you. Hehe.

By now, you should have your two buffs r4ed once again.
(As well as your meat. Very important)
Don’t ever let your buffs fall.
Feel free to cast them every time you have full rage even.
You can never have enough buffs.

xx[12] Once everyone is rebuffed, your lure-er will go up a screen,
and lure the clams and everything else,
while you go over a screen and kill the things in front of the chests.
Have your leader open the chests, rest, and fleet.
xx[13] Run to the clam camp [Map]. Kill the clams. Rest.
xx[14] Run over to the chest. Again, Kill and rest.
xx[15] Run to the actual ledge part of this area.
Walk over the right, wait for everyone to be there,
have your leader open the chest. Continue.
xx[16] Run to where the entrance is to the Sealab Compound.
Kill the Grunny Subs. During that fight,
you should once again, start to recast your buffs.
xx[17] Walk down a screen to the chest, and the commander.
Kill the commander.
Open the chest and walk into the Sealab Compound.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSEALAB╺ COMPOUND

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Video Run]

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOnce you enter the Sealab Compound, you map goes black.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe route is easy to follow, since there’s only one way to.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBut be careful when rebuffing,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxstopping to make sure everyone is on screen.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIt would be smart to announce you want to rebuff.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[18] Kill all the robofish. Rest when needed.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[19] Walk into the actual compound.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[20] Kill the few things there. Walk to where you get your map back.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Map and Route Shown]
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Video Run]

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThis area requires sticking together and slight strategy.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThere are three switches that have to be thrown
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxat the SAME TIME in order for the EB door to open.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMake sure to assign these switches.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[21] At the door, MAKE SURE all your buffs are r4’d
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand ready to hold. Run north, two screens,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand kill the Grunny subs. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[22] Run north another two screens
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand kill all the animated while running though the dialogue.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYou MUST complete the dialogue in order to continue.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(You will also notice that there is a switch here.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMake sure not to touch it. That’s for later use)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[23] The dialogue takes a very long time,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxso once everything is killed, your lead will lure the next screen over,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand the screen down, back to the group.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKill. Rest. Wait for the dialogue to be over.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[24] Run over to the next two screens, kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[25] Run down a screen, kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[26] Run down to the southernmost screen.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThere will be four enemies here.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMake sure to NOT attack the Security Chief.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(Again, you will notice a switch. No touchy.)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[27] Run back to the north part of the map.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWait for your crew. Run down the area
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyou skipped past and over one screen. Kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[28] Run back to the screen above where you started.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWalk over a screen. Kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[29] Move down a screen. Kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[30] Move left a screen. Kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(this area is also referred to as the ‘X’)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[31] Move up a screen.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThere will be an enemy there called NeXus. Don’t attack him.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAnd, don’t touch the switch.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYou’re now in front of the EB door. Kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[32] Move left a screen again. Kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[33] Move down a screen. Kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[34] Move left a screen. Kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[35] Move down a screen. Kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[36] Move up a screen. Kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[37] Run through the little ‘S’ and up a screen. Kill. Rest.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[38] Run to the switch. Again, make sure not to
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkill the Security Chief. And not to touch the switch.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMAKE SURE TO BUFF.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[39] You’ve now cleared out the switches.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMake sure that those assigned to a switch,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxrun to the ones they need to.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThose who don’t have a switch, run, and wait by the door.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[40] Set a clicking time. (normally on 1)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDo the count down, click the switch.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEver since the new changes, once you click them,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxit says it was successful, but enemies still come.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJust, kill them and redo the count down. It should work.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[41] The three people run back to the EB door.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxClick the last switch to open it. And enter.
PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:21 am

Once you enter the door, a very very long winded speach starts.
This would the the time to cast rage building buffs, or heals to get rage up.
The way we run, We have two people stand on the glass before it starts.
Everyone else stand in the bottom left corner.
The just crack jokes, and wait for it to begin.
This has three parts to it. I'll break it down.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTHE╺ TAIL
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Image and Rules]
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Video Run]

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIs the first part of the instance.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAlso the easiest.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRules :
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx► Do NOT walk onto the glass for any reason.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx► Only range attack it
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx► One to Two people can attack the tail with melees,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxjust make sure to stay behind the tail
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx► Three waves of Grunnies will come out.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAttack them first, the tail isn't going anywhere.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx► Halfway though the tail, make sure to rebuff
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxevery buff, even if you just had.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx► After the tail is done, missiles will come.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxStand till they land near you, then run away from them.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx► Meet in the middle for the body

[Image and Rules]
[Video Run]

Is the second part, and the most difficult in my opinion.
It has the ability to put you to sleep, which is highly annoying.
Plus, it attacks hard, and has missiles to protect it.
You can target three things on it, Two arms and a body.
The body is what you want.

Rules :
xx► Spam heal. Pay attention to the crew pane.
xxxxHealth can go down very quick.
xx► Poke and run. Hit the body,
xxxxbut try to stay out of it's way.
xx► If people start t die, whoever the body is followng,
xxxxneeds to run. Keep it away from everyone else. Defib, rebuff.
xx► Try to stay away from the missiles.
xx► Once the body is dead, someone will stand at the top,
xxxxwhile everyone else goes to the bottom right corner.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTHE╺ HEAD
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Image and Rules]
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Video Run]

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe thrid and final part. Which, it's actually very tame compared to the body.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBut it can be dangerous if your person doesn't do their job with mines.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe person at the window, should attack the mines, run before they explode.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxKeep them away from the group at all times.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAlso, sometimes, the Head doesn't like to cooperate,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand will target the person doing the mines.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNot come down into the corner. If that happens,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxjust attack the head, and spam heal.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRules :
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx► One person will Range attack the mines.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx► Attack the head. Literally, thats it...
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx► When you finish, you will be transported to the bar in Barton Town.

You've just ran SS/EB


Invisible Loiterer

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