Buccaneer Boardwalk
[Map and Key]

Pirates set up their site along the shore line that leads to Gambo Island.
They, like every other area in the zOMG World, had gotten taken over
by harsh animated. Connecting Bass'ken Lake with another route to
Gold Beach is a small strip of sand. In the water lay two docks which
make the entrance to the full boardwalk, filled with animated at level 10.6.

CL : 5.0-6.0 (to kill animated, you can enter at any level)

Buccaneer Boardwalk - FULL
[Map and Key]

You've receved access to the pirates site, but find it deserted. The only
thing that awaits for you here are animated beyond the normal level of the game.
It's said that more plans to be added on to this area, but for now, it's just a
good farming place. Enjoy your stay.

CL : 10.0-11.0 (to kill animated, you can enter at any level.)
It is open to the public now.
You used to have to have
a Buccaneer Boardwalk Headstart Ticket