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PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 10:17 am

Character Name: Veig Arelius
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Race: Human
Side: Neutral
Class: Heavy Blade
Weapon(s): Broadsword

Demon Fang
Fierce Demon Fang
Grave Blade
Rending Drop: Jumps into the air and slams down to the ground with his blade. If missed his blade will get stuck in the ground.
Heavy Tiger Blade
Smashing Blow: Grabs an enemy off the ground that has been downed and smashes it into the ground

Mystic Arte: Gáe Bulg: Veig fills his blade with the power of darkness, filled by rage as an act of desperation. He performs a few powerful slashes before finishing off with a powerful thrust which blasts energy out of his blade.

Quote: "I won't let anyone die again! Go to Hell where you belong! You don't have the right to exist! Gáe Bulg! Life is something you have no right to take..."

Appearance: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Personality: Veig is very quiet, not liking to interact with other people. He is kind, but hides it behind a cold exterior. This is so he won't make friends which won't put people at risk because of his job.
Bio: Veig was born and lived in Triet for most of his life. He began to work as a mercenary, taking out bandits in the desert that bothered the town for money. Though because of him taking out these bandits it led to him becoming the target of bandit attacks. One day his family's home was raided by bandits during the night, which led to his family getting killed and him almost losing his life. This led him to want to destroy all bandit groups across Aselia. He currently travels the world, taking jobs to eliminate bandit threats.

Victory - "How did you think this would end?"
Low health - "I won't let you take me down."
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "Didn't the last time teach you anything?"
Downed - "I... Won't repeat this mistake again..."
Revived - "I didn't need your help..."
Strong enemy - "I can't lose... not again."
Weak enemy - "I'll take you out in one swipe!"
Killing an enemy - "One more payment for me."
Fleeing - "I'll be back again."

Fave Food Type: Steak  
PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 7:41 pm
Character Name: Dave Strider
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 13
Race: Human
Occupation: Knight of Time
Alignment: Protagonist
Description/Picture: User Image

Canon: Homestuck
Canon Point: In between Future Dave prototyping and >Jack killing him in the battle against him and Jade<
Means of Arrival: During one of his trips back in time he was suddenly thrown off by some unknown force and instead of ending up in the past he ended up in Sylvarant.

Fighting Style: Quick swordplay mixed with time bending.
Weapon(s): Caledscratch. Can switch forms between it's 1/2-Blade form and normal Blade form. Also uses his Timetables.
Physical Artes:
Time Change: Changes the current form his blade is in. When in 1/2-Blade form his attacks are stronger and faster, but his range is much smaller. When his blade is at it's normal length his attacks are slower, but have much longer range.
Double-Take: Two quick slashes, first slash can knock an enemy of guard
Brutal Thrust: Swift thrust, can only be done when sword is at full length
Beatdown: Kicks an enemy into the air, appears above it and sends it crashing back to the ground with an axe kick
Cross Fade: Delivers a vertical slashes, and then with flash-stepping, slashes through his afterimage with a horizontal slash
Flash: Disappears and deals a quick slash to an enemy. Weak, but hard to block
Feint: Blocks an attack, flash-steps, and slashes through his afterimage. Hard to block

Time Skills: Can only be used once per battle as to not cause damage to the timeline (Only exception is Sick Fires and Mad Inferno)
Accelerate: Slows down time around him, giving him the appearance of moving faster than everyone. Can only be used for a short amount of time
Lag: Slows down an enemy's movement for a short time
Skip: Skips time in an area backwards by about a minute. Can be used to throw off an enemy
Rewind: Moves time backward around an ally, healing them by taking away wounds
Sick Fires: Scratches across his time tables, generating small flames that strike enemy's around him
Mad Inferno: An upgraded form of Sick Fires. Generates a large flaming tornado around him.
Recurring Blasts: Dave charges his sword with energy and smashes his sword into the ground in front of him, sending forth small blasts of energy. Has a chance to freeze time on an enemy

Personality: A really cool and calm guy. Keeps his emotions sealed away behind a cool and stoic demeanor. He seems to be the most level-headed of the kids, allowing him to stay calm in most situations. Can be a bit forgetful at times. The only thing that can really break his cool kid demeanor are puppets and his own mortality.
Fave Food Type: Unknown?
Bio: All here!
Other Notes: Upon entry into Aselia he can no longer access his Sylledex or use any of his tech.

SECTION 5: QUOTES (optional)
Victory - "And you really thought you could win?"
Low health - "You're starting to piss me off."
Repeat battle (same enemy) - "I warned you about messing with me again bro."
Downed - "Not cool..."/"Is this a doomed timeline?"
Revived - "Thanks bro."
Strong enemy - "This is complete bulls***."
Weak enemy - "Do I even have to fight you?"
Killing an enemy - "Step off!"
Fleeing - "This isn't time for running away!"  


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