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: : A literate roleplaying guild based on One Piece by Eiichiro Oda : : 

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--- The Bureau of Warrents & Commissions --- * Prototype*

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Mountain Shark

PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 8:16 pm
* As First Said, and said correctly by Reaper Elyse*

* This is the first draft, and it will not be the final draft, so expect changes.*

The bounties
of this One Piece guild Grand Voyage are decided primarily by
your Rp skills and the general league of chaos you're working on.
The more serious the offense the more you raise in ranking and bounty.
Yet to truly out do your self time and time again is more difficult than many people can imagine.
So surpassing or defeating a character above you is a great thing also the “fashion” you perform this task can take many avenues, such as directly taking them on or just doing far worse terrors in your region of terror or adventure.
To defeat someone above you is to gain just about a percentage their bounties to your own.

* The size of your own bounty is inversely related to how much you will earn,
If your bounty is at 0, and you defeat a Supernova of 100,000,000. You will gain a bounty of 150,000,000.
This represents the potential for unbalancing the Three Great Powers, The Marines, the Yonku, and the Shichibukai.
If you just sprang out of the blue, you'd be more of a target.*

You will get chances to prove you guts out there and the
GV’s will be working hard to make you guys work for it.
As well a we try our hardest to keep you in check as the apposing force or your competition.


I've color coordinated to help ease the distinctions.
Black for Pirates
Blue for Marines.
Red for Bounty Hunters.

However, since there are no Bounty Hunters. I'll skip them for now.
Fore this the levels are compare parallel to that of the Marines.

* v *Marine Rankings * v *
Fleet Admiral
Vice Admirals
Rear Admirals
Lieutenant Commanders
Lieutenants Junior Grade
Warrant Officers * Branch Choice, office job away from fighting*
: Works directly under the Bureau

Master Chief Petty Officers
Chief Petty Officers
Petty Officers
Seaman First Class
Seaman Apprentice
Seaman Recruit
Chore Boys ( not an official rank)

The World's Most Wanted:

The Pirate King:


New World Pirates:

* One of the Three Great Powers. *
Pirates who have sold their services to the World Government in exchange for amnesty for their actions as pirates.

Super Novas:

Super Rookies:

Grand Line Pirates:
Tambourine Dayes: Master of Music Kenpo

Sky Island:
Kero Kokoro

North Blue: Drial Unkur

West Blue:

South Blue:

East Blue:

* Defeating anyone of higher rank automatically grants you their rank with a residual increase.*
PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 8:54 pm
* Progression Sheet or Reference tool.*

Initial Infantry Ranks and progression:
Chore Boy > Seaman Recruit > Seaman Apprentice > Seaman First Class>
Petty Officer> Chief Petty Officer > Master Chief Petty Officer >
Warrant Officer

* These are Ranks based on overall fighting prowess.
If a character is powerful enough, they can be quickly promoted to a Commissioned Rank.*

Initial Commissioned Ranks: Ensign -> Captain:

This isn’t to be confused with being the leader of a crew.
It’s at this level create your own crew at any time.
This is a level everyone starts at and can claim the title at any time.
Marine Captains may leave a stationary Island when a pirate is in a close proximity of their designated territory.
*ex. blues, entrances/exits to the Grand Line.

* Infantry Ranks progress much more quickly than Commisioned Ranks, because Commissioned Ranks rely mostly on capturing any enemy of justice than on fighting potential.

Pirates: Initiation Felony: Declaration of Piracy:
Blue Pirate > Grand Line > Super Rookie.

The first step for all is too wage a big middle finger to the laws of the World Government and wave a black flag with a Jolly Roger.
This removes any and all protectorate laws, and immediately brands you as an enemy of the World Government.

First warrant is given after you've committed actions that would endanger or otherwise infringe upon the rights of law abiding citizens, defeating Marine Captains whom are pursuing you, as well as overstepping boundries and defeating fellow pirate crews. ( Dog eat Dog so to speak.):
1 million beli to 50 million.
(If you start to go over ten million as a beginner it starts to become impressive.)

Marines: Intermediate rank :Commodore > Rear Admiral:
Accessible after you've either assisted in the capture or have captured over five pirates over 10 million beli.
As well as uncovering anti-governmental plots, defeating a rogue Shichibukai.
It grants, a brand new Sea-stone layered Galleon from the hands of master class shipwrights. *Galley-la Company or rivals.*
The ability to cross Calm Belts, the privileged use of the gates of Justice, as well as a beginner's class in Rokushiki.
* Learning up to 4 of the 6 art forms.

Pirates: Intermediate Rank:
Super Rookie > Super Nova.
Obtainable after five measurable actions, ( perhaps one of each), defeating fellow pirates with bounty of 25-50 million, destruction of towns (plural), pillaging, stealing government property, causing chaos in WG affiliated countries.

(From here you reach a level where you become a bit of a problem and can possibly take on a CP9 member, but be sure they are varied in skill.
Meaning you can battle against fruit abilities with this, yet it’s not capable of stopping every type of fruit ability ( Thing that are beyond a physical battle. It still will be a struggle.)

Bounty range: This is a intermediary point so it’s from the top of 50+ to 100 Millions.  

Mountain Shark

Open Ocean

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