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It had been a few days since the first silent meeting between Lilit and the ashen coloured lion, questions plaguing her every day when she passed through the thicket on her way to her daily prowls in the fog. No knowing anything further was like an itch, deep within her neck, where it was hard to reach and relieve - but she was determined, and knew exactly who to go to . . . she thought.

Going through a brush of vines, she found herself in the little clearing that she had taken partial control of, she wandered over to the smooth rock that she had deemed her perch, lazily watching in to the shaded area that held her accidental neighbour, the Medsen Fey who had originally claimed the small clearing . . . but he was warming up to her. He really kind of had no choice at the get go.

Clearing her throat, she waited patiently to see if there was to be any stirring by the old brute, only to be put off by his silent mulling over whatever horrendous concoction he was working on today. Keh. "Medsen Fey, Medsen Fey, may I talk to you today?" She sang out, leaning on her sides as the teeth around her neck clinked and chittered, as if they still held voices.

After a moment, the dark brute raised his eyes, peering at her through the white mask that adorned his face. He knew she was there, but never initiated conversation, not one for talking much since he had finally come home. "Depends on the conversation." He answered quickly, not one for words.

"Nothing much, mindless blathering." She started, before flicking her tail once. "Curiousity begets me, so I figured someone who's as wise and versed in this pride as you would know about a certain resident." She wasn't as lucky as the old brute, and hadn't lived side to side iwth the pride mates until recently, so names still were a mystery to her at times.