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Cinkel Anon

Romantic Genius

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 6:52 pm
Here're my characters. Enjoy yourselves. :3

Cinkel and Malphas
Cleo Veandetta
Natoe Von Windguard
PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 6:54 pm
Cinkel and Malphas
Race: Human/Demon
Age: 18 ((Has stopped aging)) ((1220))

Weapon: Cinkel uses a jagged blade. Malphas uses dark energies to create the weapon to his liking, usually dual swords or a scythe.

Personality: Cinkel is very laid-back to the point of being thought as lazy, but, for the fact, he is dependable and loves to poke fun at those full of energy and Malphas. He is continuously yawning. He is honest about everything. He will never tell you a lie and will give you his opinion on anything.
Malphas considers himself of a higher race but refrains from saying so. He is constantly aggravated by Cinkel's personality and the way he goes about things. Loves the taste of darkness and is able to absorb the souls of his enemies. Prefers the souls of the evil.

Background: As a human, during the age of five, Cinkel came down with a lethal sickness. His father searched the forest near their small, tribal village for the legendary fairy who is said to heal any sickness, even death, once every year for one person. Djian, the previous form of Malphas before his evolution, tricked the father into believing he was this fairy. The father returned with Djian and was told to fuse his son with the demon, thought to be the fair. An explosion erupted during the process and killed off half the village, which then, Cinkel was chased from.

Thirteen years later, Cinkel has been living in the forest alone with the demon, Djian, within him. At this point, Djian told him the reason why he wanted to fuse with the human that day. Djian was on the verge of death himself and planed to use the boy to continue living and take the world in his claw. A dark dragon attacked the forest. Cinkel took it upon himself to protect this forest and went to slay this beast. At one point, Djian took control over Cinkel's body and destroyed the beast, absorbing the dark energies with in it and evolved into Malphas, Demon King of Ravens and Speed.

Cinkel's Spells:
Blink: Teleports a short distance
Air Torrent:"Show my enemies the feel of true flight." Shoots out a blast of wind towards a close range opponent. Takes the shape of wings
Winds and Storms: "Sparks of lightening, take form. Blades of Winds, take aim. Surround my foe and teach them the meaning of fear." Lightening blasts from one hand and wind flies from the other, surrounding the foe in a pincer attack.
Sync: Let's both Cinkel and Malphas to occupy the body, increasing all states and gives new abilities.
Air's Claw: "Wind, use the ability of the earth to bind my enemies." Uses air pressure to hold the opponent.
Hurricane Cross: "Spiraling winds smite the wicked." Two hurricanes form and spiral towards the enemies.
Storm Lightening: "Feel the judgment of lightening." A cloud forms above the foe then lightening strikes down from every inch of the cloud.
Lightening Shoes: Gives a temporary boost in speed.
Lightening Gloves: Gives basic attacks wind elemental damage.
Kiss of the Winds: "Please, genital kiss, heal their wounds." Heal external wounds.
Lightning's Blessing: "Please, return the breath of Life to my comrades." Revives a fallen comrade.
Madness: Uncontrollable of when activated. Loses all sense of self. His very mind and body rots away. Is able to use any move, even those he doesn't know of. Will attack anyone be they friend or foe. In the end, his body dies, and he is sealed within his sword. Given time, he'll be reincarnated.

Cinkel's Special Attacks:
Crescent Slasher: Slashes his blade towards the sky, leaving a image of a crescent moon.
Air Swipe: A horizontal slash that is followed by a blade of wind.
Lightening Daggers: Multiple stabs each followed by a shot of lightening.
Hurricane Spin: Spins in a circle, drawing enemies near and damaging them. Leaves a small hurricane in his wake.
Thunder's Song: Thrusts both hands towards his foe, knocking them away with the sound of thunder.
Lightning's Dance: Stabs his blade in the ground, sending a wave of lightening towards his foes.

Malphas's Spells/Curses:
Dark Poison: Poisons the foe causing periodical damage.
Death to the spirit: Has a slight chance of knocking out the opponent.
Spirit Drain: Decreases a foes strength, accuracy, and speed.
Lust: May lose the will to fight temporarily.
Drain: May half a foes health.
Shred: Causes a bleeding wound
Blind: Drastically lowers an opponents Accuracy.
Swamp: Drastically lowers a foes speed.
Brain Dead: Drastically lowers a foes Intellect

Malphas's Special Attacks:
Full Slasher: Spins his weapon around himself horizontally, leaving an image of a full moon.
Three Complete Blows: Slashes his twin blades horizontally up three times, knocking the foe into the air.
Raining blade: Multiple swords strike.
Dark Slasher: Brings his scythe back, gathering energy into the blade of it. Then swings the weapon, sending the gathered energy in the form of a sphere towards the opponent.
Vital Strike: Aims his sword to strike for a vital organ.
Grim Reaper: Attempts to behead the foe with his scythe.

Sync Spells
Half Blood: "This is the true blood." Heals self and increases attack speed.
Strength of Two: "And we are now fused as one." All states increase.
Full Attention: "Darkness, help me strike. Wind, help me evade." Chance to dodge and hit increase.
Two on One: "Multiply." All single attacks are treated as two attacks
Switch: Switches weapons during battle
Desync: Reverts back to Cinkel
Dark Winds: "I'll show you the dark side of the wind." Attacks the foe with a sphere of dark wind
Black Lightening: "Death, strike at my foes." Black lightening rains from the skies
The Undead: "Come, servant of the Demonworld." Summons an Undead to fight by his side
Heart and Knife: "Demon of Pain, strike." Sacrifices half their current health to decrease all opponents states by half for the entire match.
Sin: "It is too late for you to repent." Large blast of wind and darkness that does large amounts of damage to everyone on the field.

Sync Special Attacks
Deathly Crush: Stabs his sword into the earth causing lightening to rain down, wind to blast from him, and darkness to strike from the ground towards his foes.
Unforgiven: Stabs his blade into the target and ingulfs the foe in darkness where they suffer multiple slashing wounds from the wind. Leaves a bleeding effect.

Finishing Attack(Any form)
Blood of a Demon: Malphas enters Cinkel's Jagged Blade, turning it into the Demonic Katana. He stabs the blade into the chest of his foe. A second after, multiple blades thrust out of his/her body.

Coming Soon

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Cinkel Anon

Romantic Genius

4,625 Points
  • Person of Interest 200
  • Statustician 100
  • Informer 100

Cinkel Anon

Romantic Genius

4,625 Points
  • Person of Interest 200
  • Statustician 100
  • Informer 100
PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:08 pm
Cleo Veandetta
Race: Elf
Age: Looks 24 (96)
Alignment: Protagonist
Weapon: Six short swords. Personality 2: Spear
Personality: Mean. Superior. Has a reputation of not getting along very well with others. She hates doing work especially if it is more than necessary. Not afraid to speak out her opinion. Every once in a while she'll act kind depending on the group she’s with. Over- confident.
Personality 2: Her personality seems to change daily. She becomes lovable and flirtatious. She'll mostly flirt with anyone with a pulse. She has a fiery personality. Very protective.

Background: She was brought up in the forest area outside of Meltokio by a human. She has no memory of her parents and doesn’t have any idea as to what happened to them. Her father taught her how to hunt and survive in the wilderness, but he died when she was 16 years old. Killed by a group of humans because of him raising an elf. It was frowned upon by both elves and humans, and the elves secretly asked for the humans to kill him. Whatever she hunted she would sell the pelt or meat and use the money to buy the things she needed. She has spent most of her time in the fields and forests of the world.

Wind Blade
Air Thrust
Storm Wall: Enemy is caught between two cyclones.
Healing Wind
Crushing Wind: A large burst of wind smashes her enemy into the ground and holds them in place.
Personality 2 Spells:
Fire Ball
Flame Lance
Meteor Storm
Spiral Flare
Dimensional Suns: Fires six, explosive orbs of energy.
Dragon's Breath: Adds the fire element to a comrades weapon.

Sonic Thrust
Hurricane Thrust
Super Sonic Thrust
Tiger Blade
Sextuple Tiger Blade: A six strike Tiger Blade.
Tornado Blades: Her six blades spin around her body.
Wind Bite: Her swords gather into a formation resembling teeth and they bite down on the enemy.
Personality 2 Artes:
Light Spear
Light Spear Cannon
Hell Pyre
Fiery Beast
Demon Spear
Hell Pyre Rain: 2nd level to Hell Pyre. Send a rain of fires balls down instead of the one.
Dimensional Burst: Slams her spear down in three quick strikes on top of her opponent ending her final strike with an explosion.

Mystic Arte:
Eärlindë Calmcacil: Enemy is caught in a ball of wind and is carried up into the air. Taking her five of her six swords, she throws them, one at a time, into her opinion. Once the last one hits, she jumps into the air with her last blade and jabs it into her targets chest.
Personality 2 Mystic Arte:
Indis Meneldur: Cleo stabs her spear into the ground, creating a chasm. From the chasm, a volcano rises spewing lava and a dragon of flame. The dragon flies forth striking the target, spins around, and shoots flames at it as a final attack.

Cooking, blacksmithing, leatherwork, singing, and hunting.
She has long blue hair past her shoulder blades tied into a ponytail. It’s kept blue by her, own personal magic. She wears a long black dress with green lining that looks similar to priest robes. She kinda stands out in a crowd. Ample bossom. Beautiful. Her swords are sheathed to her sides, three on each side. Each sword looks identical with green hilts except for two which have hand guards.

Victory: ”It was to be expected.” “Of course I won. I’m better than you.”
Low Health: “Will you idiots help me?” “I don’t have time to sit around her all day!”
Repeat Battle: ”Let’s try actually killing them this time.” “I didn’t like you the first time.”
Dying: ”Do not…get…in my way.” “I hate you.”
Strong Enemy: ”I’m still better than you!” “I’ll push you over!”
Weak Enemy: ”Ha hahhah ha.” “Pfft, can’t I just let you handle it?” “Worthless.”
Killing an Enemy: ”I knew it.” “Hehheh, they always go away.”
Fleeing: ”Don’t touch me!” “More exercise. –mouns-“
Resurrected By Another: ”-mumbles- Thanks.” “I do not need your help!”
Being Healed: ”Do not touch me!” “Whatever.”
Personality 2:
Victory: (If someone else deals the final blow) "Oh, you looked amazing~" "Another victory for me. ~<3"
Low Health: "A lovely maiden here needing healing." "Could you help a girl out, darling?"
Repeat Battle: "You were adorable the first time, too." "Be a doll and just run away this time."
Dying: "Ugh, damsel in... distress." "Death... isn't... beautiful."
Strong Enemy: "Oh~ Look at those muscles." "This will be fun. ~<3"
Weak Enemy: "Oh~ Aren't you just the cutest." "Adorable~"
Killing an Enemy: "Poor baby." "-giggles- One down."
Fleeing: "Hm, you made my dress dirty." "Graceful retreat."
Resurrected by Another: "The beauty lives again." "And like the Phoenix, I rise. Thank you."
Being Healed: "Beautifully done." "You're just the sweetest."  
PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:04 am
Priest Natoe Von Windgaurd


Personality:Natoe's loving and caring. He believes that all life is sacred. He is a bit aloof and easy to panic when someone even seems to be in trouble. He will give his life to protect anyone from evil whether it's from monsters or other beings. Aside from someone being in danger, there is little that will disrupt his calm demeanor.

Background: Natoe speaks little of his history. Mostly because no one ever deems it necessary to ask. He has been friends with Cinkel for decades, and with his help, has opened up a small home for orphaned children.

Before this, Natoe spent his time traveling the world spreading the teachings of Martel. The children he took in where mostly the offspring of people victim of the Desian's human ranches. A few elves and half-elves can be found among the children. Some lost their parents to monsters, accidents, and various other reasons. Natoe is content in spending the rest of his days protecting these children.

Arcane Artes:
Helle Mond-Explosion: Natoe draws a moon in the air in front of him with his rapier, and from it, a blast of light fires forth knocking his target away. "I dink hyu vould lofe a valk in dee moon light."

Mildern Sie Glanz: A bright light forms in Natoe's hands which then floats to a friendly panicked target, calming them down and filling them with hope.
"Shtand toll ant keep hyur mint klear."

Die heiligen Bell-Gebührn: I bell of light forms over Natoe's head. As it begins to ring, the attack and defense of his comrades strengthen.
"Heer zee rink of zee bell ant be filled viz figor."

Crescent Heal: A crescent moon appears under his target which heals the for a large amount.
"Vee vill hafe hyu feelink better in no tieme."

Special Attacks:
Crescenk Shlasher: Slashes his blade towards the sky, leaving an image of a crescent moon in its wake.
Moon Beam Thrust: Thrusts his blade forward that is followed by a blast of light.
Light Touch: Lightly stabs a weak point in his targets defenses which paralysis them briefly.

Defensive Abilities:
Stärke-Halt: Basic defensive ability. Reduces physical and magical damage.
Leben-Schutz: Uses an enemies spell targeting him to heal himself.

Mystic Arte:
Schutzengel: Brings all comrades back to life with full health and mana.


Victory: "I am sorry." "Zis iz for zee besht."
Low Health: "Zis pain I vill endure."
Repeat Battle: "Unce again." "Zis iz ridikulous."
Dying: "I musht safe zem all." "Go on vizout me."
Strong Enemy: "Vee musht shtand tall." "I vill protekt hyu."
Weak Enemy: "Vee need not fight zis une."
Killing an Enemy: "Martel, please forgife me." "Forgife me."
Fleeing: "Zis vay no une dies." "Zis vay vee may lefe."
Resurrected By Another: "Bless hyu." "I zank hyu."
Being Healed: "I feel better." "I vill be okay."  

Cinkel Anon

Romantic Genius

4,625 Points
  • Person of Interest 200
  • Statustician 100
  • Informer 100
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